Undefeatable – Ch780

Chapter 780 – A Boss Appears

On the tenth day.

The entire flat plain was filled with rocks and there weren’t any Lava Beasts left alive. Based on the system prompts, the quest should have been completed by now.

But the system didn’t give an alert tone.

Luo Tian was confused as he said to himself: “What’s going on?”

He opened up his system interface and noticed the timer was still counting down. He had about twelve hours left and it would be turning into eleven hours soon. This was his life we’re talking about and there’s also the grade for his completion!

If Luo Tian didn’t complete the quest within eleven hours, he was going to be killed off!

Not to mention an S grade for his quest, his life would be gone at that time so who cares about any grade?!

“Boss, I’ve looked all over and there’s really not a single demonic beast left.”

“Today is the tenth day and this flat plain is considered all cleaned up. Boss, your mission should be done with, right? You’re not going to die now, right? You were probably just trying to scare us by saying that.” Eggy was panting as he landed close by. He had flown all over the flat plain while activating his Dragon God’s senses that was capable of covering a million kilometers. He didn’t detect any living auras of a demonic beast.

Jingang, Murong Bai, and the others also returned. “Nothing was found. There are only piles of rocks everywhere and nothing else. Boss, did something go wrong somewhere else? We’ve already cleaned up this place and your mission should be completed.”

Yun Ling’s expression became anxious as she asked: “Big brother Luo Tian, you were just messing with us and scaring us, right? You’re not really going to die, right?”

Everyone looked at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian smiled and replied: “That’s right, I was just kidding with you guys.”

He didn’t want his people getting overly worried.

He will truly be eliminated by the system if he doesn’t complete his quest.

Luo Tian was quite annoyed as he was on guard against the system for the very first time. He then secretly thought to himself: “If I don’t die today, I must find a way to repair my crippled dantian. Others can cultivate so I should be able to as well. There’s no need for me to keep relying on the system.”

Even though leveling was fast and he could level up by killing people and monsters, Luo Tian still didn’t like the feeling of being in control by the system. And how did this undefeatable system get inside of him? Even though he had the knowledge of two lives, Luo Tian still couldn’t figure this out.

In his previous life, there were only online games and no virtual reality systems that could be implanted into human brains. There weren’t any games that were designed for players to kill NPCs and monsters to level up either.

The system was going to kill him if he didn’t complete the quest.

This made him feel that he had to get rid of the system if he was given the chance!

But he didn’t have time to think about those things right now. He had to stop his brothers from worrying about him so he sent out his spiritual senses as far out as he could. “What exactly is the problem?”

“Tick tock~, tick tock~, tick tock~…”

Seconds disappeared slowly.

Luo Tian couldn’t find the problem. He looked at the rock forest and said to himself: “All the Lava Beasts are dead so why haven’t I heard any system alerts? What went wrong? There are a million of them, not one less and not one more. And I’m only 1% away from leveling up.”

“You damn bastard system, what the hell are you doing?” Luo Tian started scolding in a bad mood.

“Tick tock~, tick tock~…”

Time continued to disappear.

Jingang and the others started chatting. They were relieved once Luo Tian told them there was nothing wrong now.

“There’s still about two months before the wedding of the true dragon and the young phoenix. At that time, we will follow the boss to kill our way over there and mess that Murong Wanjian guy up. Who told him to f*cking snatch a woman from our boss? I’m starting to get impatient just thinking about it!” Eggy said in ferocity like he couldn’t wait to kill his way over to Shattered Sky City.

Murong Bai frowned as he said: “Murong Wanjian isn’t that simple to deal with. We haven’t heard of any news about him after such a long time. And he always travels to other realms to train. Most likely his true dragon’s bloodline might be at the great perfection realm on the day of the wedding. At that time, the power he holds will be beyond our imagination. Plus, there will be over a dozen Profound God Sovereign experts there so I’m afraid the battle at Shattered Sky City will be very tough.”

Eggy immediately retorted unhappily: “Little Whitey White, how can you speak like that? You are boosting the morale of others while destroying your own prestige. I believe in the boss. Boss is the strongest. When the time comes, Murong Wanjian will be trampled to death beneath the boss’s feet. As for those Profound God Sovereign experts, this handsome dragon will swallow them with a single bite. I just found out that I can raise my cultivation by eating people. Heh heh…”

Jingang added: “That’s right, eldest senior brother. I have never seen anyone stronger than our boss. Even a Profound God Sovereign expert is not as powerful as our boss. With the boss around, there is no problem that cannot be solved. Whoever dares to touch the sisters-in-law, Jingang will be the first person to not spare them.”

Big Mustache grinned, “This one will be the second one to not spare them.”

“We will be the third ones!”

Those guys started joking around.

Leng Hanshuang walked over to Luo Tian and said softly: “Miss once told me that Murong Wanjian’s true dragon bloodline is at a higher level than her young phoenix star bloodline powers. His talent and potential are indeed number one within these tens of thousands of years. In addition to that, the Imperial God Immortal Sect has poured the majority of their cultivation resources on him so he would most likely be able to break into the Profound God Sovereign realm in these two months. You need to be extra careful.”

“Moreover, Murong Wanjian is supported by more than ten Profound God Sovereign experts. We are facing the peak forces of the entire Tianxuan Continent this time so you need to be mentally prepared.”

Luo Tian nodded without saying anything.

His gaze had been focused on the piles of rocks all this time.

He understood that Murong Wanjian was very strong, or else he wouldn’t have given Luo Tian so much pressure.

From Jade Mountain City to this place, Murong Wanjian’s name was equivalent to a large mountain that was sitting on top of his heart. A fiery raging blaze was ignited inside Luo Tian when he thought of what happened that night in the past.

It didn’t matter who it was! As long as they dared to touch his women, they would only have one ending – death!

Even the Heavenly Emperor will have to die!

Luo Tian frowned as a cold killing intent surged out of his body.

Leng Hanshuang’s expression changed as she looked at Luo Tian. She then leaned up against him and said: “I know you are very tired. You have been trying your hardest all these years in order to fulfill your promise. If the young miss knew how tired you were, she would definitely feel heartbroken.”

Luo Tian was smiling and just when he was about to say something, his brow instantly formed a frown.

Luo Tian released his Profound God 8th rank powers before shouting: “Watch out! Eggy, protect them!”

“Jingang, Little White, Big Mustache; attack together with me!”

“I knew it!”

“I knew there would be a boss amongst so many Lava Beasts! How can there not be a boss in an army of demonic beasts? I kept wondering what kind of problems I hadn’t solved yet and now it has finally appeared.” Luo Tian started smiling in joy.

A million Lava Beasts had been killed.

The piles of rocks left behind all started moving and converging together. They gradually formed a super Lava Beast the height of a skyscraper!

A super strong boss has appeared!

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