Undefeatable – Ch781

Chapter 781 – This Daddy Is Going To Explode Him

The speed became faster.

The surrounding rocks merged together at crazy speeds and sounds of the rocks banging together was heard.

A normal Lava Beast was already ten meters tall, so what kind of concept was it to have ten thousand of them combined together?

One was an elephant and the other an ant!

“Goddamn, what is that thing?”

“It’s huge! So huge that I can’t see the top!”

“Boss, are you sure that’s a monster? I feel like it’s more like a God of this place.”

“Boss, what are we going to do?”

Everyone looked up at the Lava Beast King that started standing upright. This was truly a huge existence as they couldn’t even see the top of its head. It was almost as if the head was sticking out into space while its body contained the power of ten thousand Lava Beasts!

It was strong to a complete mess!



The sound of thunder exploded in the void high up ahead.

The entire flat plain started shaking.

Luo Tian frowned as he summoned out his Annihilate blade. He immediately activated the critical strike mode while the corner of his mouth curved into a smile. His face clearly showed his excitement as he said: “It’s good that there’s a boss. This daddy was afraid there wouldn’t be one, so now I can f*ck it over!”

Luo Tian still felt a trace of fear a few minutes ago.

The reason was that the timer set by the system was still counting down. This meant the quest assigned by the system hadn’t been completed yet. His life would really be taken away by the system if he really couldn’t complete his quest within ten hours.

Now he wasn’t worried.

This Lava Beast King was a boss that was glowing purple. This was the same colored glow that the Soul Sovereign had inside the Sky Palace.

The loot exploding from a boss like this…

Luo Tian excitedly exclaimed: “Fellow brothers, wait for my command!”

As his voice faded, Luo Tian released all the powers he had before charging toward the Lava Beast King.

“Be careful boss!”

“Big brother Luo Tian, you need to be extra careful!”

At this instant, everyone had focused their spirit as they entered their battle mode.

“Breaking Moon!”

“Lunar Steps!”


A few meters away from the Lava Beast King, Luo Tian gave a heavy stomp before leaping up. His body was like a rocket that was launching straight into the sky. “Holy crap, this guy is big! Big to an outrageous level!”


Keep flying!

But Luo Tian could only see black colored rocks continuously. It was like a mountain of rocks that he couldn’t fly over!

Nearly a full minute later, Luo Tian finally saw the head portion of the Lava Beast King. It looked like it was made up of a single large rock while its eyes had a blue glow containing endless power.

Luo Tian was similar to a dust particle beside it.

So tiny…

“Damn it!”

“This amount of health is going to take my life!” Luo Tian said to himself. He didn’t have time to care anymore and just shouted: “Level 9 Berserk; Nine Dragons and Elephants, level 9; Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, all bloodlines come out for me!”

“Critical Strike Slash!”

The sound of Blade River King roaring was heard coming from Annihilate.

Luo Tian clenched the blade tightly before chopping down.

The slash started at the Lava Beast King’s head before going down.




Wherever Annihilate went through, fiery sparks blasted outward. It was like a meat cleaver chopping onto an electrical wire. Luo Tian’s arm almost turned numb from the impact. With all his powers combined, he was only able to leave a shallow line on the Lava Beast King’s body.


The funniest thing about this attack was that a solitary red number appeared above the Lava Beast King’s head.

One of Luo Tian’s most powerful moves only caused one point of damage!

This f*cking…

Isn’t this too ridiculously strong?

Even a Profound God Sovereign expert would suffer around ten thousand points in damage from this powerful slash. But this demonic beast only suffered one point in damage! This was an insult! A huge insult! Ever since Luo Tian transmigrated to this foreign world, he had never caused such a low damage to all the demonic beasts and experts he had ever met!


“How the f*ck am I supposed to fight this?!”

Luo Tian felt annoyed but said bitterly to himself: “Could it be that I need to use magic damage again?”

Its physical defense was too strong so he couldn’t kill it with his blade.

Luo Tian’s power was considered the peak out of everyone. Since he couldn’t kill it, then there’s no way the others can either.

“Watch out boss!” Eggy soundly shouted.

Luo Tian’s eyes turned serious as he heard the sound of space breaking apart. It was a powerful and fast sound that made him look up. His back was immediately drenched with sweat and he almost pissed his pants in fear. There was a large rock similar to a meteor coming straight toward him!

There was a long line of flames trailing behind it!

This was the flames caused by air being compressed to the point of heating up the rock!

If he was to be smashed by it, he will only have half his life left even if he manages to survive!

Luo Tian shouted: “Shadow Clone, Flashback!”


He instantly avoided the large rock as he wiped away the sweat on his forehead.

At this time, the Lava Beast King spoke out: “You despicable humans, go to hell for me!”

His voice was loud and powerful.

“Boom~, boom~, boom~…”

“Run!” Luo Tian shouted before raising his speed to the max and running from the area.

The sky lit up.

A huge meteor was flying down toward them. This Lava Beast King was capable of summoning a meteoroid from outer space and it was a little different from the Meteorite Array that Luo Tian created by himself. The Lava Beast King had used his own personal powers to summon the meteoroid through space, so it was larger and stronger than the one from Luo Tian’s array. They weren’t comparable at all!

Moreover, Luo Tian’s Meteorite Array could only summon a single average-sized meteor. The meteor that this guy summoned looked like an entire mountain! It was so scary looking that it could definitely take the life of whoever gets smashed by it!

Everyone’s countenance turned pale from fear.

“What kind of thing is that? Does the Tianxuan Continent have such a strong demonic beast? Surprisingly, it can speak the human language and it actually had a look of disdain in its eyes. His granny, this daddy is getting pissed off from seeing its gaze!” Eggy said in an aggressive manner.

Everyone started looking for a place to hide.

Jingang hurriedly said: “Second brother, quickly run away first. Look at what’s above your head!”

Luo Tian also shouted: “Quickly run! This meteorite is very strong so your fleshly body may not be able to resist it!”

This Lava Beast King wasn’t a creature of the Tianxuan Continent.

It was definitely a demonic beast from a higher plane!

It might even be a demonic beast from the Ancient World.

Luo Tian started getting excited. “The world outside of here is truly colorful. This demonic beast might be considered a low-ranked demonic beast in the higher worlds, right?”

The ten of them ran off in an embarrassing manner.

The impact of the meteorite caused dust to fly ten thousand feet into the air. The shockwave was like a wave from the ocean surging outward. The entire flat plain was ravaged to the point that it looked even more tragic than the end of the world.


But Luo Tian became even more excited as he grinned, “This daddy has to explode it!”

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