Undefeatable – Ch782

Chapter 782 – Burning Heaven

The stronger they were, the stronger his excitement.

Luo Tian couldn’t hold back his excitement when he saw the purple glow around the Lava Beast King.

But the excitement was one thing since he was practically running away in shame.

His fellow brothers were the same.

“Little White, watch your left side!”


“Boss, there’s a huge rock coming from behind you!”

“Damn it, what kind of scene is this?! I’ve seen rain, snow, and hail, but I’ve never seen it raining rocks before! This is going to take our lives! Boss, how are we supposed to fight this guy?!”

“That thing is annoying the crap out of me with its disdainful look! We’re being played like a ball by him! This is pissing me off just thinking about it!”

They were jumping around dodging left and right.

Luo Tian was trying to come up with a strategy. “Physical attacks are useless so I need a magical attack. But this guy’s health bar is too sturdy so there’s no way to kill it in a short time. I have less than ten hours right now and I will be killed off by the system if I can’t kill this Lava Beast King.”

“There’s no way I can exhaust it to death.”

“We can only fight with all we’ve got!”

“This is the only road we can go down!”

Luo Tian finalized his decision and said: “Black Widow, use your strongest poison. Eggy, protect her while I’ll take care of the rest myself.”

Murong Bai’s eyes went blank, “You want to fight him yourself? You don’t want your life? This guy’s strength is at least in the Profound God Sovereign realm, so how can you deal with him? Boss, don’t be stupid and quickly find a way to leave this place!”

Big Mustache added: “What Little White said is correct. This guy is not a demonic beast from the Tianxuan Continent. This place is too sinister and actually has such a strong demonic beast living here. He isn’t something we can handle. Boss, we should really leave this place as soon as possible.”

Jingang asked: “Boss, are you really going to die if we don’t kill it?”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi both looked over at Luo Tian blinking their large eyes. There were traces of tears in them as they asked: “Big brother Luo Tian, it can’t be true, right?”

Leng Hanshuang looked at Luo Tian without saying anything.

At this time, Black Widow’s figure was like a poisonous scorpion blending in with the darkness. There was a faint green glow coming from her body as a surge of power burst forth. One could easily sense a strong aura of venom coming from her.

She only bothered to listen to Luo Tian’s order!

Black Widow dodged several rocks falling from the sky as she got near the Lava Beast King. She turned her head around and gave Luo Tian a charming smile, “Sire, we will be together when we leave this place, hee hee…”

She has always had this evil seductive charm about her.

She will always be this alluring.

She will always act like a slut only to Luo Tian.

Luo Tian’s brow furrowed as he shouted: “Eggy, protect her!”


Eggy’s body seemed to turn into golden lightning as he flew off.


“With just this little power?”

“You want to poison me?” The Lava Beast King harrumphed as he revealed a look of disdain. His eyes shifted to Black Widow and his arms started moving.

“Whoosh~…” The void was ripped apart by his moving arm.

The spatial laws of the Tianxuan Continent couldn’t handle his powers.

Space was distorted.

And it wouldn’t recover for a very long time.

Strength like the sea and speed like lightning. Fast and fierce!

Luo Tian’s heart felt like it had risen to his throat. He stopped breathing and didn’t dare to speak.

Black Widow didn’t dodge. She had always been a good observer and knew Luo Tian would somehow die if he didn’t clear out all the demonic beasts here within ten days. She knew Luo Tian wasn’t lying about it. If they weren’t able to kill this Lava Beast King in the remaining ten hours, Luo Tian would be done for.

Although she didn’t know why this was the case, she still chose to fight with her life on the line!

There was no defense.

She continued charging forward without lowering her speed.

“Eggy!” Luo Tian roared out.

Eggy’s body released a golden glow as he roared out: “Understood!”

His speed was even faster.

He blocked in front of Black Widow and took the Lava Beast King’s attack head-on. His body sank and the sound of bones breaking was heard. Eggy’s figure then fell down from the air.

Black Widow didn’t hesitate at all. The moment Eggy blocked in front of her, she was already very close to the front of the Lava Beast King. She revealed a gloomy smile before saying: “Poison Sea, come out for me!”

“Blub~, blub~, blub~…”

A large number of toxic substances blasted out into the dark sky.

This was the poison that came out of Black Widow’s body!

The substance fell onto the Lava Beast King’s body and seeped into its rock body. His body was being eroded and green smoke came out. His body became hot and his expression instantly changed.

The Lava Beast King then shouted: “Die for me!”

The other arm came smashing over.

This was an attack filled with rage, so it was even more fierce than the previous attack.

At this time, Black Widow had finished using her poison skill. She closed her eyes and her body lost its balance before falling down from the air.

“Aggghhh~…” Jingang gave a mournful scream.

The power within him surged out and a red light flashed from the area of his heart. His body created a blurry red line as he flew out to catch the falling Black Widow.

Jingang then tossed Black Widow back and Leng Hanshuang caught her.

“Watch out, Big Cow!”


The Lava Beast King’s huge fist descended.

Jingang looked up as his arms raised to defend. His back was bent as his clothes were suddenly torn apart. A row of long and sharp bone spikes instantly grew out from his back.


Jingang roared out: “Come!”


The Lava Beast King’s fist landed.

The ground where Jingang was standing collapsed.

A shockwave rippled out and cracked the ground. Everything then turned silent.


“Crack~, crack~, crack~…”

The sound of glass breaking was heard. The Lava Beast King’s rocky expression changed. His gaze turned serious as he muttered: “You are… you are…”


The Lava Beast King pulled out his fist. Jingang could be seen with blood seeping out of the corner of his mouth. His face was a bit pale but he still shouted from the deep pit, “I’m fine!”


Jingang sprayed out a large mouthful of black blood.

Bone spurs were sticking out of his arms. Jingang clenched his teeth while a wave of pain wracked his body. He endured it all before looking up at the Lava Beast King and saying: “I will not let you take away anyone around me! This, I swear on!”

At this time, Luo Tian came from high in the sky. His whole body was covered in hot lava as he shouted: “Die for me!”

The Lava Beast King was staring at Jingang while thinking about something. His face then revealed a horrified expression before a sense of fear rose up from the depths of his heart. He then looked over at the descending Luo Tian and said with disdain: “A human like you needs to scram aside!”

The lava on Luo Tian’s body exploded, “Magma Fire, great perfection realm, Burning Heaven!”

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