Undefeatable – Ch783

Chapter 783 – A Fight To The Death

Lava covering the sky cascaded down like liquid fire and created a scene similar to a sea of lava.

The ultimate esoteric of Magma Fire!

Burning Heaven!

Luo Tian turned his entire body into a body of boiling hot lava. He used up a hundred million profound energy for the skill and pushed Magma Fire to its peak power. A sea of lava capable of burning the heavens was created and poured straight onto the head of the Lava Beast King.




The lava was similar to water splashing down all over the place.

Red floating numbers above the Lava Beast King’s head kept flashing and his health went down at crazy speeds. But its health bar was simply too large so it still wouldn’t reach the end after ten hours of this.

Luo Tian would be the one dying at that time!

The Lava Beast King became angry and his voice tyrannical: “Such a lowly realm and a lowly human, what can this skill do to me?! Even if this king stood here for you to kill without doing anything, you still won’t be able to kill me!”

“I am a Stone King from a higher realm!”


The Lava Beast King was laughing like crazy before shaking its body. The rocks from its body flew all over the place before he shouted: “Disassemble!”

“Damn it!”

“It can fuse together and disassemble itself?”

“Your sister!”

Luo Tian cursed in his heart before shouting: “Murong Bai, smash all those stones falling off from the guy into powder! I want to see if he can still fuse the powder together to reform his body!”

Luo Tian clenched his teeth when he took a glance at this profound energy. “Whether we can succeed or not will be up to this move. There’s no way I can afford a battle of attrition with him, so I can only throw my life on the line!”

A high amount of health but a slow depletion rate.

Luo Tian had to find a new method.

The angry Lava Beast King also started pounding the lava covering his body. There would be a large splash of lava splattering about each time. His tone was filled with disdain as he said: “Your incarnation of lava is still your fleshly body. I want to see how many times you can withstand my attacks. We’ll see whether you will die first or I will die first. You guys are nothing but lowly humans! Hahaha…”




Just like what the Lava Beast King said, the lava was connected to Luo Tian’s fleshly body.

Each time the Lava Beast King struck out, Luo Tian would be injured. He was enduring immense pain but he had no other choices. He could only suck it up and take it head-on and use his life on the line to endure.

“Eight hundred million profound energy!”

“Come out for me!”

Luo Tian only had about 1.1 billion profound energy in total. He already used up a hundred million prior, so he was practically using up all the rest of his profound energy now. He poured it all into his Magma Fire skill and caused it to gush out at a crazier pace.

This was like a lava tidal wave.

It kept flowing around the Lava Beast King’s body.

The Lava Beast King kept attacking itself but there was a faint shock on its face. But he still said with disdain: “It’s useless even if you have more lava. You are unable to kill me. How can a lowly creature be capable of killing me?”

“I’m not capable of killing you?”

“I want to see how long you can still f*cking talk tough to us!” Luo Tian scolded. Lava covered the entire body of the Lava Beast King and turned him into something like a stone statue.

The Lava Beast King struggled and smashed around with all its might.

Lava flew everywhere like fireworks shooting out.

Luo Tian was in pain!

Extreme pain! He had used up all the powers he had in order to push his Magma Fire skill to its peak!

He had to endure this pain in order to level up!

In order to trample on top of Murong Wanjian, in order to make those supreme experts at the Profound God Sovereign realm tremble below his feet and sing Conquered, he had to endure!

Luo Tian had to use his life as a gambling stake!


“Luo Tian!”

Everyone felt like their hearts were being constricted.

They felt like their hearts had risen to their throats once more when they saw the condition Luo Tian was in.

They didn’t know what to do.

There was a voice in their heart saying: “Get stronger! Get stronger! Only then can you share Luo Tian’s burden and not let him put his life on the line. Only then can you follow Luo Tian and walk further with him!”

Everyone stared at the huge lava ball that was the current Lava Beast King. They didn’t know what they could do as they stared at the lava flowing all over. This kind of feeling was very uncomfortable for them.

Jingang crawled out of the pit and currently resembled a hedgehog. His body was filled with long bone spikes sticking out of him.

In fact, this technically wasn’t a bone spike but a special characteristic of a mysterious race.

The Lava Beast King had never seen it before and only heard of it. He started feeling fear when he saw the bone spikes appear on Jingang’s back.

Jingang’s expression was pale as he took a step forward. He then shouted: “If you dare to touch my boss, this one will rip you into 18,000 pieces!”

A shout that was domineering and filled with arrogance!

There was a brief flash of a chilling aura coming from the bone spikes.

The Lava Beast King wasn’t afraid of the threat and sneered back: “It’s very surprising to see the mysterious bone race here on the Tianxuan Continent. But since this is the Tianxuan Continent, there’s no one here capable of stopping me. Everyone must die!”

A powerful force exploded out from the Lava Beast King’s body as a blue substance erupted in the area of its heart.

Luo Tian’s gaze turned serious as he clenched his fists. He pulled back his powers and the lava on him started tightening like a rope being twisted. He then shouted to Leng Hanshuang: “Use your Ice Sword and release all the powers of your Frozen Ice Technique on him!”

Cool it down!

Cooling it down when it was at high temperatures!

It should be able to create a one-hit instant kill effect under such circumstances.

Even a piece of steel would shatter into pieces.

This was Luo Tian’s plan.

Using nearly 1.1 billion profound energy on Magma Fire to trap the Lava Beast King. Then using Leng Hanshuang’s ice powers to quickly cool the lava down so that the Lava Beast King will be instantly killed.

Leng Hanshuang’s face turned gloomy, “You will die too!”

Luo Tian looked at Leng Hanshuang and replied: “Believe in me. Nothing bad will happen to me. Use all your ice powers for the attack. I definitely won’t die.”

“Enough talking!”

“Just do what I’ve said! Murong Bai and Big Mustache, make sure to protect her!”

There was no time for hesitation.

Luo Tian will really die if they continue to hesitate.

Murong Bai looked at Big Mustache and nodded to each other. “Miss Leng, please listen to the boss.”

Immediately after, those two appeared to the left and right of Leng Hanshuang to protect her.

Leng Hanshuang stopped crying and looked at the Lava Beast King coldly. There was a flash of coldness from her sword before a cold aura surged out. A thin layer of snowflakes started dancing around her hands.

In order to resist, the Lava Beast King started attacking.

Murong Bai and Big Mustache suffered serious injuries in order to stop the attacks.

Leng Hanshuang then leaped into the air before chopping down with her Ice Sword.

Luo Tian smiled in excitement, “Die for me!”

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