Undefeatable – Ch784

Chapter 784 – Dead!

An icy aura covered the sky and caused the surrounding area to become extremely cold.

The hot lava that met the cold frost started solidifying rapidly.

At this time, a bunch of red numbers appeared above the Lava Beast King’s head.

“Not enough!”

“Do it again!”

“Everyone protect Leng Hanshuang!” Luo Tian shouted. The damage this caused was terrifying, but they couldn’t give the Lava Beast King any chances of finding a way out. It would be impossible to kill him once he breaks free from this plan.

Moreover, Luo Tian used up most of his profound energy and he didn’t have enough to use any other skills.

If he couldn’t kill the guy this time, he will be the one to end up dying.

Time kept decreasing.

If the Lava Beast King isn’t killed soon, Luo Tian is going to be eliminated by the system!

He was gambling right now!

Gambling with his life as the stakes!

The Lava Beast King’s body was being hardened by the sudden heat and sudden cold. His face revealed the panic he was feeling and he started struggling. The blue heart of lava within him exploded forth to give him power.

“You lowly creatures, die for me!”

His sticky lava fist blasted out toward Leng Hanshuang. He knew very well that Luo Tian’s lava power couldn’t kill him in a short time while he was sure that he could kill Luo Tian within half an hour. But Leng Hanshuang was releasing an ice power that made his body solidify and he would eventually be completely frozen. He would eventually crack and shatter into powder if this wasn’t stopped.

This was what he was most worried about.

Therefore, he had to get rid of Leng Hanshuang first!

The fist blasted forth and looked like a meteor streaking through the night sky.

Jingang stomped down and leaped into the sky with a shout: “I’ll do it!”


Fiery light and hot lava splashed everywhere. Jingang had used his body to resist the blow and his body was similar to a kite with its string cut – he was sent flying tens of kilometers away!

“Let’s see how many times you guys can block!”

The Lava Beast King pulled back its fist before smashing forth once more.

Big Mustache leaped up, “I’ll do it!”


Big Mustache sprayed out a mouthful of blood as he was smashed flying.


“What a bunch of trash! Do you guys think you can stop me based on yourselves?!” The Lava Beast King shouted arrogantly. He slammed forth another punch while shouting: “Come block this again!”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi looked at each other before saying: “We will do it!”

Murong Bai flew forward ahead of them and said with a smile: “With me here, it’s not time for you girls to make a move. Big rock monster, I will block you!”


Murong Bai couldn’t resist the strike and was smashed flying.

The power of the Lava beast King was so strong that it reached an irresistible level. A higher plane demonic beast that was somehow not bound by the laws of this lower plane was exceptionally powerful.


Yun Ling and Yun Yi were eventually smashed flying as well.

It was nearly a complete loss!

Even though they didn’t die, they had basically lost their ability to fight.

It was extremely difficult to handle a punch by the Lava Beast King. They were on the ground trying to stand up but couldn’t no matter how hard they tried. Big Mustache’s injuries were the most serious as he had directly fainted as a result of the strike.

Jingang roared out through clenched teeth: “Aggghhh~!”

He climbed back onto his feet and took two steps forward.

The Lava Beast King harrumphed: “So what if you inherited the bloodline of the mysterious bone race? In this lower realm, I am the king! No matter what mysterious race you are, you can forget about making any big waves in front of me!”

“Just go and lie down for me!”


A powerful oppressive pressure smashed forth and forced Jingang down when he had just gotten up. He went directly into the ground like there was an invisible force holding his head down.

He was pressed into the dirt ground!

“Roar~!” Eggy widened his eyes and roared in anger.

Several of his dragon bones were broken while he watched those people being smashed flying. Some were unconscious, some were spitting blood, and Leng Hanshuang was the only one left standing alone in mid-air.

Eggy let out a dragon roar before flying to the front to block.


“This Tianxuan Continent is really strange. There’s someone of the bone race and a descendant of a Dragon God. Who would’ve imagined this kind of lowly realm would have so many races from the higher realms? But in front of I, the Lava Beast King, you special races and descendants are nothing more than ants! Go to hell for me!” The Lava Beast King punched out.

Eggy clenched his teeth to block it head-on.



“You can still handle that? Hahaha… I really want to see how many punches you can take!” The Lava Beast King threw another punch out.


Fire splattered everywhere. The golden dragon scales on Eggy also shattered and scattered about. Eggy’s body didn’t move but blood was seeping out of the corner of his mouth. He continued to stay there in order to block other strikes. He then looked over at Leng Hanshuang and said: “Sister-in-law, I can still hang on. Don’t worry about me and do your thing!”

Leng Hanshuang hadn’t stopped using her powers since the first punch.

She was continuously releasing the ice qi from her body and the effects had reached her chest.

Everything below her chest was encased in ice!

She couldn’t move!

The Lava Beast King started panicking and became even more agitated. His fists were like rain as they struck out like crazy.

Luo Tian’s heart sank down to the abyss.

He never expected the Geocentric Tower quest would be this difficult.

Apart from being limited by time, he was under the pressure of being killed off by the system. Most importantly, his brothers and his women were seriously injured because of him. His heart was feeling extremely uncomfortable as he shouted: “Grandson, come over and fight me if you have the guts!”

“Are you scared now?”

“Your life is rapidly depleting!”

“Acting against my women? Acting against my brothers? This daddy will make you pay your life as the price!”

“Hanshuang, don’t worry about me and just release all your powers!”

Leng Hanshuang was apprehensive because she knew what would happen when the heat was rapidly cooled down. Luo Tian and the Lava Beast King might shatter into powder! But she had no other choices so she clenched her teeth and roared out: “Agggghhh~…”

It was as if she was venting her emotions.

A sky full of ice qi came down and the rest of the Lava Beast King’s body was covered. Lava was quickly condensing and hardening at an alarming rate!

“You despicable lowly humans…!” The Lava Beast King roared out before lava poured into his mouth and solidified.

Luo Tian shouted: “Explode for me!”


“Give it one more strike!”

Eggy used all his strength and viciously whipped out his tail.


At this time, everyone was staring at the huge Lava Beast King. They watched as it shattered bit by bit. Their hearts felt like it was suspended in midair, “Boss, you have to be okay!”


“Crack~, crack~…”

The Lava Beast King’s body shattered and rocks tumbled down.

There was no sign of life anymore.

It was the same with Luo Tian.

But the moment he was done for, an alert tone sounded off in his mind.


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