Undefeatable – Ch78

Chapter 78 – My Name Is An Chunchun

In the Tianxuan Continent, there were many races abound.

Tens of thousands of year ago, there were disputes amongst the various races which resulted in the biggest and most tragic war of the Tianxuan Continent.

In the end, the humans won and took over the biggest portion of the Tianxuan Continent.

All the other races retreated and hid themselves.

The Undead Race at the Extreme Yin Lands of the North; the Sea God race at the Nether Sea territory; the Half-beast race of the Wild Lands… and the Temple God race only heard of in legends.

The tragedy of war that happened tens of thousands of years ago caused those races to remain in hiding. And it was only now that the continent was somewhat peaceful on the surface where each race wouldn’t bother the other, would there be sightings of them.

There were actually a plethora of conspiracies going on but that will be glossed over for now.

The Fox Demon race, one of the myriad of races in the continent.

They were usually hidden within the depths of mountain forests. They were naturally born with the ability to charm others; they were peerless with singing and dancing; and every male that sees them will be enchanted by them.

Apart from this, their most amazing ability was being great in bed.

Their bodies were so soft and flexible that it allowed them to be perfect in any difficult positions. One could describe them as knowledgeable in all one hundred and eight karma sutra positions – giving you complete ecstasy.

It was also this reason…

The Fox Demon race were cruelly hunted down and captured by humans. Each female Fox Demon race was worth up to a million taels of gold. If the female had a little bit of cultivation in her, she was worth upwards of tens of millions of gold.

Once at the royal capital of the Heavenly Sword City, an adult Fox Demon was auctioned off for the horrifying price of twenty-seven million gold.

An adult Fox Demon was mature and full of charm, but was difficult to subdue.


A juvenile Fox Demon was different in the fact that they can be trained and groomed. When they became an adult, they would be capable of rendering the perfect service.

That’s why the price of a juvenile Fox Demon was even more terrifying.

Upon arriving in this new world, Luo Tian had read some books that spoke about the Fox Demon race. When looking at the girl pouting with her adorable gaze, it was difficult for Luo Tian to not have some evil intentions.

Wait until she grows up, matures, and becomes more beautiful… then we’ll do several difficult postures in bed… too awesome!

He almost couldn’t control himself!

When thinking about it, something started dripping out of Luo Tian’s nose…

It was a nosebleed!

Luo Tian’s imagination had become very impure, and naturally started thinking of those Japanese AV action movies of his past life.

She was a lolita that hadn’t even reached ten years old yet!

How can your imagination be this disgusting?!

A beast! You’re a complete beast!

Luo Tian started scolding himself. Upon seeing how cute the lolita was, he squatted down with a friendly smile: “Little girl…”

With his nosebleed, eight days and eight nights without rest, disheveled hair, and a weird look in his eyes; Luo Tian looked the exact image of a perverted wretch.

He was the stereotypical look of those perverted uncles!

The Fox Demon lolita’s eyes trembled as she stared at Luo Tian. She then forced herself to say: “You, you, don’t come over. I, I will really hit you!”

“Hit me?”

“Little girl, this big brother isn’t a bad person.” Luo Tian smiled.

His smile looked a bit frivolous, kind of like those scumbags that catcalled girls walking by on the streets.

How could this image not make a lolita scared?

The lolita took half a step back while clenching her two small pink fists. She had the look of “if you dare come near me, I will definitely hit you.”

She was extremely cautious.

There’s no way that Luo Tian would harm such an adorable lolita.

Luo Tian didn’t bother saying anything more when seeing her act like this. There’s no way he could use force right?

If he did force her to calm down, he would even look down on himself.

“Whoosh~… whoosh~…”


A huge Green Eyed Python searching for food shot out. Luo Tian’s eyes widened in surprise and loudly shouted: “Watch out!”

The target of the Green Eyed Python was the Fox Demon lolita.

Luo Tian’s body was still in a weakened state but he didn’t bother with it, he used whatever strength he had left to activate Shadewind Steps and shot out.



The lolita jumped up in fright as her face turned pale.

Luo Tian grabbed onto the Green Eyed Python and instantly threw it away.

At the same time, Feng Lei stomped down and leapt up to receive the Green Eyed Python. His hands pulled away and directly ripped the snake apart into two pieces – instant death!

Fresh blood splattered the area.

The lolita jumped up in fright again and directly leapt towards Luo Tian. Her legs were tightly wrapped around Luo Tian’s waist and her head buried in his chest. She then said in a shivering voice: “Snake, there’s a snake! Chunchun is very scared.”

Seeing how truly scared she was, Luo Tian felt his heart ache. He then gently patted her back and whispered: “Don’t be scared, big brother is here.”

Immediately after…

The lolita raised her head to stare at Luo Tian before her little mouth pouted. She then jumped out of his embrace and clenched her two little fists while angrily shouting: “Who says I’m afraid of snakes? Humph, don’t come over or else I’ll really hit you.”

Luo Tian shook his head with a smile as he was quite amused by her cuteness.

Her facial expression and her tone of voice was simply irresistible, causing anyone to enjoy her adorable attitude. It was even capable of temporarily throwing out all the worries Luo Tian had of the future.

Luo Tian seriously said: “I won’t go over.”

“Gu~… gu~…”

The lolita’s stomach gave of some growls of hunger. The lolita’s face changed slightly as she blinked a few times. Upon seeing that Luo Tian seemed like he was laughing at her, she said: “I’m not hungry, humph.”


“Go open up the snake and clean it out.” Said Luo Tian.

Feng Lei picked up the Green Eyed Python and trundled off.

Luo Tian went to collect some dry wood to set up the fire. Once it was lit, he would occasionally glance at the lolita while the lolita would glance back at him.

The lolita’s eyes showed curiosity as she didn’t know what Luo Tian was planning to do.

Not long after…

Feng Lei returned. With these series of events, Luo Tian didn’t have time to look at the properties of the successfully refined Tang Blade. He then tossed it over and said: “Here’s your new weapon.”

Feng Lei grabbed it with his hands and shouted: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

He cried out in surprise, managing to give Luo Tian and the lolita a scare.

“You damn fatty, are you going to die if you don’t act that shocked?” Luo Tian glared at Feng Lei.

Feng Lei started wiping away the dust from the Tang Blade. His heart was in ecstasy as he almost kneeled down at Luo Tian’s foot. “Boss, are you really giving me this?”

He almost couldn’t believe it.

This huge Tang Blade was simply too beautiful and too powerful.


This was a Grade 2 weapon. This too was outside Luo Tian’s expectation since he never imagined the first profound weapon he refined successfully would turn out to be a Grade 2 one.

While starting to grill the snake meat, Luo Tian said: “If you don’t like it, give it back to me.”

“I like!”

“I absolutely love it, thanks boss!” Said Feng Lei with a cheeky grin.

The lolita glanced at Feng Lei with disdain as she mumbled: “He was immediately won over by a piece of trash weapon, what low standards.”

Not long after, the snake meat started giving off a delicious barbecue smell that was extremely enticing.

The lolita’s stomach started growling even louder. Her pitch black eyes were staring motionlessly at the grilled meat while drool started coming down her chin.

“Do you want to eat?” Asked Luo Tian.

The lolita nodded quickly but a few seconds later, she started shaking her head like crazy. After swallowing a mouthful of drool, she then said: “I’m not even hungry one bit.”

“Fine then.”

Luo Tian faintly smiled before grabbing a skewer of meat and eating it. After much slurping, “This smells and tastes soooo good.”


The lolita’s little tummy started growling again as she swallowed back her drool.

Seeing that half the snake meat had already been eaten by Luo Tian, the lolita couldn’t handle her hunger anymore and looked at Luo Tian with a glimmer in her eyes. She then made a pitiful looking face and said: “Big brother, can, can, can you give me a little bit to eat?”


“But first, you have to tell me your name.” Luo Tian asked while he stopped eating.

The lolita leapt forth in joy and arrived by Luo Tian with two strides. She grabbed a skewer of snake meat and her little face started eating like a kitten. In-between her eating and giggling, she replied: “My name is An Chunchun.”

T/N: The breakdown of her name is An – Peace, Chunchun – Pure Pure.

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