Undefeatable – Ch826

Chapter 826 – Miracle Descends

“You want to fight back?”

“Lie down for me!”

The pressure spun 720 degrees and did a back flip before crashing down in all 360 degrees of area.

Murong Wanjian was on his hands and knees and couldn’t get up!

This was exactly what Luo Tian planned to do today.

The moment Murong Wanjian released his true dragon’s sword spirit to slash apart the four divine beast pressure, Luo Tian released his Hegemonic Blade Spirit and shouted: “You think your true dragon’s sword spirit is very great, huh?! Lie down lower for me!”


The true dragon’s sword spirit roared as it charged out of Murong Wanjian’s body.

Everyone had a look of joy on their faces.

“A true dragon’s sword spirit cannot be restricted by bloodlines. It’s a super strong sword intent comprehended from a true dragon’s might. A single sword strike is capable of instantly killing all opponents. Let’s see how Luo Tian is going to block this move!”

“There’s no way he can block it!”

“Murong Wanjian is the real deal, it’s just that he hasn’t exploded forth with his real strength just yet.”

Words of disdain sounded off from the allied army of the ten great immortal sects.

This pissed Fatty Lei off.

His anger instantly flared up as his violent aura surged out of his body. He wanted to charge straight into the crowd to stop the loudmouths from making noise.

But Luo Tian stopped Fatty Lei before sneering: “They are just a bunch of dogs finding a reason for their existence. Why are you bothering with these dog things?”

A huge blade spirit suddenly charged out of Luo Tian’s body containing a proud dominating aura. “Go ahead and keep mocking. What this daddy likes the most are people mocking me. Let me give each and every one of you a slap, hahaha…”

Once a blade spirit appears, all blades will ring in unison!

With a thought, the blade spirit chopped right at the true dragon’s sword spirit.



The true dragon’s sword spirit instantly shattered.

The aura coming from the sword spirit was once more crushed. Murong Wanjian tried to desperately get back on his feet and his knees rose up off the ground for a tiny bit before Luo Tian harrumphed: “Kneel back down for this daddy!”


The ground beneath Murong Wanjian’s knees cracked apart. Blood seeped out as his flesh and bones had been shattered.

“Does it feel good?”

“Bullying my woman?”

“Messing with my brothers? Does it feel good kneeling on the ground? This daddy is going to ask you one more time if it feels good?!” Luo Tian was acting arrogant and unrestrained. He forced Murong Wanjian back down to the point where he couldn’t speak and looked like a piece of garbage.


Arrogant to a complete mess!

Comparing the number of people? Luo Tian crushed him!

Comparing bloodlines? Luo Tian crushed him!

Comparing weapon spirits? Luo Tian still crushed him!

Crushed in all aspects!

The domineering aura coming from Luo Tian’s body oppressed the surrounding area. It was as if he was an overlord, a God who governed all living creatures. The surrounding people including the Profound God Sovereign experts didn’t dare to breathe loudly because of it.

A sense of fear arose in their hearts.

This included a sense of regret.

They regretted coming to Shattered Sky City and regretted standing in opposition to Luo Tian.

This guy was a lunatic! Whoever provokes this lunatic will definitely end up dying!

Murong Wanjian provoked this guy and now he was on the ground unable to stand up.


An eerie silence throughout the area. No one would’ve imagined that Murong Wanjian would be crushed to this magnitude by Luo Tian. He didn’t even have the strength to fight back. He was weak to the maximum when compared with Luo Tian!

This was the son of a true dragon?

This was the dragon amongst men of the Tianxuan Continent?

He had become a pile of turd at this moment!

Luo Tian swept his gaze around as his aura suppressed the crowd. “Motherf*ckers, anyone else?! Weren’t you guys very talkative just now?! Weren’t you guys very good at laughing?! Go ahead and laugh once more for this daddy! Go ahead and try it for me!”


This was another round of cursing to vent the anger inside him.

The surrounding area was crushed to a standstill.

None of his opponents could move!

The people behind Luo Tian were all excited!

Too awesome!

Who in the Tianxuan Continent can act this crazy in front of the strongest experts of this world?

No one!

Only the lunatic Luo Tian was capable of this!

“This feels great!” Fatty Lei started laughing in excitement. “This kind of feeling is simply too great! Hahaha… Boss is too awesome! He is trampling on everything! Hahaha…”


Too refreshing!

Fatty Lei and the others felt indescribable joy inside them when they saw how so many people looked like they had just eaten a pile of shit. What is considered awesome? This was considered awesome! Crushing the strongest experts of this world all at once!



Murong Wanjian suddenly roared into the sky and then sprayed out a mouthful of black colored blood. “Luo Tian, I’m going to kill you!”

Blood sprayed into the air and looked like a blooming blood flower.

At this moment, Cang Tianlong suddenly shouted: “Soul King!”

The Soul King was prepared from the beginning. He sent out his spiritual senses and drilled it into Li Xue’er’s sea of consciousness. He then revealed an evil grin, “I’ve been itching to do this… hahaha…”


Li Xue’er’s body slumped over as her sea of consciousness instantly went into turmoil.

Large beads of sweat rolled down her forehead and her face turned extremely pale.


A trace of blood spilled out from the corner of Li Xue’er’s mouth. A drop of essence blood then came out from between her brows and flew directly toward the blood Murong Wanjian sprayed out. Two drops of essence blood then merged together.

“Soul King!”

“F*ck your ancestors!” Luo Tian was enraged as he glared at the Soul King. When he saw how painful Li Xue’er looked, his heart felt like it was being torn apart. He wanted to immediately rip the Soul King into pieces but…

Before Luo Tian could make a move, Cang Tianlong started laughing like mad. “Hahaha… Miracle! My miracle! Please descend for me!”

A true dragon and phoenix blood had fused together.

A beam of light shot straight up into the sky and broke the invisible spatial laws around the Tianxuan Continent. It then continued shooting off into the void of space.

In an unknown higher realm, the true dragon and phoenix power shot into it and drew on its power.

Eleven powerful energy pillars beamed down from the sky. In the center of the eleven energy pillars was an energy that was more powerful than the rest, crushing everything around it and turning everything it touched into ashes.


Incredibly powerful energy!

Everyone looked up at the sight while Luo Tian’s expression sank.

Cang Tianlong started laughing in excitement, “Hahaha… Hahaha… the miracle is here! The miracle is descending!”

At this time, Murong Wanjian stood up and closed his eyes. He spread his arms apart, raised his forehead up, and started chanting something silently.

An extra two powerful energy pillars came down – one of them went straight into the center of Murong Wanjian’s brow.


“What should we do?!”

“We only have a tiny bit of time left! No matter what, we cannot allow them to absorb this energy pillar, or else we will be dead for sure!”

Luo Tian’s expression turned serious!

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