Undefeatable – Ch850

Chapter 850 – Explode!

“Why is the boss not back up yet? Could he have encountered some sort of accident?”

“You damn jinx, you’re the one that’s going to have an accident!”

“Uncle Wild Blade, how about we go down now?”

“I think we should be able to handle this magma for a short time. It shouldn’t be able to immediately take our lives.”

“Seeing how you guys are so impatient, how about I play a song for you all to calm down?”

“Scram!” The three of them yelled at Blindman Liu in unison.

Fatty Lei then muttered: “You guys can keep waiting. I’m not going to wait anymore…”

“Berserk Transformation!”


Fatty Lei quickly transformed into an ancestral demon and dove into the magma. The hot flames burned his fleshly body and caused immense pain, but he didn’t even frown as the dove down deeper.

Xuanyuan Yi, Wild Blade, and Blindman Liu followed him.

Blindman Liu was a bit depressed as he transformed into an ancient devil. “You guys are really too much! You don’t have any patience at all. I was going to let you guys listen to a new song I’ve created yet you guys aren’t giving me any face at all.”

The magma was like water except for this kind of water would instantly take your life.

Their cultivation methods had exceeded some normal experts at the Profound God Sovereign or else they wouldn’t be able to resist the magma for long.

“Boss!” shouted Fatty Lei.

Luo Tian’s expression instantly paled, “What the hell?!”

“They really came at a bad time.”

On top of the stone door, the red-browed and red-haired old man opened his eyes and looked at Luo Tian. His eyes were filled with disdain as he said: “The lowly creatures from the Tianxuan Continent? Since you guys have come here, it looks like that Divine Origin Celestial Venerable has died by your hands.”

“That’s fine too.”

“I will kill you all here so that you don’t disturb the cultivation of Devil Monarch Veil.

As his voice faded, a third golden eye suddenly opened between the brows of the red-haired old man. The pupil of the eye spun and a powerful flame suddenly shot out. The speed and strength of the attack were simply too fast for one to react to!

He was someone from a higher realm and also a clone of an expert.

This was an origin continent that had a very large amount of origin essence. This kind of spiritual essence was something even Gods needed. In order to cultivate, Gods would absorb this origin essence to increase their cultivation realm.

“Kid, you can go to hell!” The old man shouted.

The flame instantly arrived.

But at this moment, or accurately speaking, one second before the old man attacked, Luo Tian had already made a judgment.

His body moved and easily dodged the attack.

There was an expression of shock on the red-haired old man’s face. Seeing how Luo Tian easily dodged his attack, he asked: “Haki? It looks like you managed to absorb Divine Origin Celestial Venerable’s skills. Does that mean you know his thunder skills as well?”

“But kid, do you think learning two low tiered God skills will allow you to kill me?”

“You want to enter the molten rock level?”

“Hahaha… you seem to be looking down on me, Devil Monarch Flame!” After laughing, the aura coming from Devil Monarch Flame instantly changed. A power surged out from his mind and destroyed Luo Tian’s Haki.

“Let me see how you dodge now!”


The flames and magma in the area became more intense like a pot of boiling water.


Extremely hot!

The alerts Luo Tian was getting had changed.


“Your health has decreased by 200 points. Cannot be healed…”

“Your health has decreased by 200 points. Cannot be healed…”

“Your health has decreased by 200 points. Cannot be healed…”

The damage had instantly doubled.

Luo Tian wasn’t that anxious when he saw his life continue to go down. He stared at the health bar above Devil Monarch Flame and muttered to himself: “The amount of health on this guy isn’t that high. If my calculations aren’t wrong, then I should be able…”

But Luo Tian wasn’t completely sure.

He was basically calculating how much health the guy had based on how long his health bar was. This was a very technical subject matter.

Luo Tian noticed his own health was dropping quite fast.

At this time, Feng Lei, Xuanyuan Yi, Wild Blade, and Blindman Liu had just arrived. How could they tolerate the arrogance that Devil Monarch Flame was showing?

“You old thief!”

“Quickly open the door for us or else I will take your old senile life!” Fatty Lei yelled at Devil Monarch Flame the moment he got there.

Xuanyuan Yi’s Giant Fault Sword directly chopped at the guy. “What are you bothering with talking nonsense with him? Do you think he would really open the door? We should just kill him!”

Wild Blade was swinging his Blood Devouring Blade as he said: “Your words are correct.”

The ancient devil that Blindman Liu had become said: “Old man, do you want me to play you a song for your death?”

“Do it!”

“You should definitely play that song!”

“Blindman, I would be ashamed on your behalf if you don’t play it.”

The four of them were similar to four lunatics.

Luo Tian was dumbstruck by their actions. When he saw them rush forth, he shouted: “It’s too dangerous! Do you guys not want to live anymore?!”

Before Luo Tian could say any more words, Devil Monarch Flame sneered: “Five pieces of trash. I will let you guys…”

Luo Tian instantly became enraged when he heard the word “trash.”

“Trash your ancestors!”

“You have successfully pissed off this daddy, you motherf*cker!”

After cursing out, Luo Tian no longer cared about the calculations. He then shouted: “Green Lotus Core Flame, blast this dog thing to pieces!”


The first heavenly flame descended from above.

Devil Monarch Flame laughed, “I am the God of Flames yet you want to use flames to attack me? Hahaha… What a joke! I will let a piece of trash like you witness the true powers of fire!”


Before he could say anything more, the Green Lotus Core Flame smashed into him and made him off balance.


“Keep acting arrogant for me!”

After laughing out loud, Luo Tian shouted: “Purifying Lotus Demon Flame, smash for me!”

Devil Monarch Flame’s face turned pale.

He looked like someone that had been molested by a bunch of muscular guys. He had cultivated the power of fire his entire life. He was actually a cluster of flame ten million years ago who cultivated to this humanoid state. But he was actually being smashed down by flames now?

How could he tolerate this?

Just when he straightened himself, another heavenly flame struck him.

He was smashed to the ground once more.

“Trash, was it?”

“Why don’t you keep calling us that?”

“Call this daddy a piece of trash again if you have the guts!” Luo Tian spat a glob of phlegm at Devil Monarch Flame before saying with contempt: “This daddy hates the word trash the most. If you like saying that word, keep saying it to me!”

“Broad Ice Flame, smash!”

“Nihility Devouring Flame, smash for me!”

“Twenty-six heavenly flames, come out and smash him for me!”

“Smash that motherf*cker to death!”

The other four guys there were dumbstruck.

Fatty Lei stared at Luo Tian with a dumbfounded expression.

All twenty-six heavenly flames smashed down.

Devil Monarch Flame’s body was smashed into powder and the system gave off an alert tone.


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