Undefeatable – Ch852

Chapter 852 – Killing A Nightmare

The stone door opened.

Streaks of power visible to the eyes were flowing out while the surrounding area started shaking.



Explosive sounds came from below the stone door like a mad bull was headbutting the door frame. The impact reverberation entered Luo Tian’s heart, mind, and sea of consciousness. He almost fainted from the sound waves it produced.

Feng Lei resisted for less than three seconds before looking like he was dizzy and was about to faint.

He was stunned into unconsciousness!

Xuanyuan Yi, Wild Blade, and Blindman Liu instantly fainted without being able to react.

“Fainting just like that?!”

“Is the power too strong or is this a martial skill that can cause people to faint?” Luo Tian tried to calm his mind but the power was too strong. It was like a ferocious beast that kept attacking his mind.

“Level 9 Berserk!”


After that shout, his body seemed to have turned into a huge glowing figure. He then continued shouting: “Fatty! Xuanyuan! Blindman! Wild Blade! Wake up! Don’t completely faint or else…”

“Damn it!”

“What kind of power is this? Isn’t it a bit too malevolent?!”


Luo Tian roared out as he released all his powers.


All three energy pillars from the Arcane Dark King exploded forth.

The power of his four divine beast bloodlines exploded forth.

Nine Dragons and Elephants power exploded forth.

At this time, the power from the stone door was partially blocked by Luo Tian’s effort. Fatty Lei shook his head and muttered: “His granny, this sound wave attack is too fierce.”

Fatty Lei then screamed into Xuanyuan Yi’s ears: “Aggghhhh~!”


Xuanyuan Yi woke up.

Blindman Liu and Wild Blade also woke up.

They felt like they had been sleepwalking in another world and couldn’t control themselves. A voice was telling them to go ahead and fall asleep. They desperately tried to open their eyes but it felt like something weighing tens of thousands of pounds was keeping their eyelids down.

“Blindman Liu, where’s your ancient devil Erhu?”

“Start playing it now. I’d rather hear your Erhu instead of listening to this sleepy sound!” shouted Fatty Lei. If he really fell asleep from this hypnotic sound, he was afraid that he might never be able to wake up ever again.

Blindman Liu didn’t respond and transformed into an ancient devil. His Erhu appeared in his hands as his long bony fingers started strumming the strings. The sound of a windmill struggling to spin was immediately heard.

Blindman Liu was playing for less than ten seconds when he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. The ancient devil kept shrinking before disappearing back into his body.

Complete suppression that forced him to transform back into a human! Blindman Liu’s face was pale white as he said through his bloodied teeth: “B, b, boss, it’s a Nightmare! It’s a Nightmare! I, I, I just saw it!”


A Nightmare was a powerful devil that was capable of entering one’s dream and killing them.

Moreover, you cannot see them because their spiritual senses were powerful beyond imagination.

Luo Tian’s expression changed, “Mount Hua’s progenitor, you lied to me again! I haven’t even found Devil Monarch Veil yet and out comes a Nightmare! Motherf*cker, you have majorly screwed me over!” He vented out his irritation but understood it was useless to blame Mount Hua’s progenitor at a time like this.

Fatty Lei cursed out: “Come out here for this daddy if you have the guts! Watch how this daddy beats the shit right out of you!”

When Fatty Lei shouted those words, a cold sensation swept past his neck.


Luo Tian’s pupils changed to multiple rhombus shapes. The whites of his eyes turned red and the corner of his eyes had blood-colored tears. He then sent out his spiritual senses and locked onto an extremely ugly-looking creature known as a Nightmare.


“Target locked!”

“Smash for me!”

There was no pause in the sequence of events. As long as Luo Tian could see it, the system can lock down on it and have the heavenly flames attack.

The original twenty-six heavenly flames were still on cooldown but Luo Tian gained four new heavenly flames after killing Devil Monarch Flame. The damage output of the heavenly flames Luo Tian received were continuing to increase in the order he obtained them so these latest four were extremely powerful.


A powerful flame came smashing down from high above.

It then exploded right above Fatty Lei’s head.

Fatty Lei’s expression darkened as he almost crumpled to the floor. He looked over at Luo Tian without any doubt but had cold sweat drenching his back. A long thin knife barely visible could be seen being lowered.


“You can see me?”

“Your eyes!”

That so-called Nightmare smashed half to death by the heavenly flame was staring at Luo Tian with shock.

Luo Tian didn’t give it any chance, “Shadow Clone, Shadow Shift!”

“Hino Bird Zap!”

“Three million volts, die for me!”

“Bzzzt~, bzzzt~, bzzzt~…”

Lightning was the bane of all demons and devils. The half-dead Nightmare was killed off by Luo Tian’s attack, but the second before it died, it had a vicious grin: “You will die too, hahaha! I can already see you die!”


The body exploded and the system gave off an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Nightmare. You have gained 10,000,000 experience points, 1,000,000 profound energy…”


Luo Tian was somewhat puzzled why nothing else exploded out. After collecting his thoughts, this meant Nightmare wasn’t a boss nor an elite mob and was only considered an ordinary small monster. But the experience from an ordinary monster like that was already pretty awesome.

They were worth ten million each. If there were ten million of those Nightmares below the stone door, then there was hope for him to level up!

Luo Tian was only given one month’s time.

He was going to be obliterated by the system if he couldn’t make a breakthrough in one month.

In other words, it will be game over for him.


The streaks of power coming from the stone door pulled back and reverted to a calm state.




“You are Luo Tian, the disciple that the defeated old ancestor of Mount Hua sent?”

“A piece of trash from a lowly realm wants to kill me? This is exactly the definition of overestimating your own strength!” A powerful voice came from below the stone door containing a sense of insurmountable power. This kind of power was something Luo Tian had never encountered before.

Very strong!

After the unknown entity spoke, Luo Tian’s chest felt like he was struck by a power. His blood roiled and sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

It was the same with Fatty Lei and the others.

“Damn it, this guy’s strength is too great! I couldn’t resist it!” Luo Tian muttered to himself.

“Boss, what should we do now?”

“What should we do?”

“We wait!”

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