Undefeatable – Ch864

Chapter 864 – Moving Forward With Blood Boiling

The sound of Mount Hua’s progenitor laughing.

It came out from the Xumi Ring, and the tone was vicious mixed with excitement.

There was no need for Luo Tian to enter the ring because the figure of Mount Hua’s progenitor flew out of the ring.

This time, Mount Hua’s progenitor looked full of spirit, and Luo Tian was shocked to sense the flow of divine might flowing out from him.

“Good kid!”

“Not bad! Not bad at all! I didn’t choose the wrong person!”

“You really managed to do it!”

“You didn’t get to see the face of that old bandit Devil Monarch Veil. He was so angry that he almost coughed out blood, hahaha! I’m going to laugh myself to death! So awesome! After living for tens of thousands of years, today is the day I feel is the greatest ever! Hahaha…” Mount Hua’s progenitor kept laughing with joy.

Luo Tian felt that he was being cheated by this Mount Hua’s progenitor.

Mount Hua’s progenitor wanted him to save the Tianxuan Continent, but it was really to save him.

Devil Monarch Veil already said that Mount Hua’s progenitor was imprisoned by him. When Luo Tian killed his clone, there would be some easing or disruption of his powers. This kind of disruption was very dangerous when experts were fighting each other, and Mount Hua’s progenitor took advantage of it to get out.

Otherwise, the old man wouldn’t be this excited.

Luo Tian smiled and said respectfully: “That’s naturally something I should be doing. But old ancestor, I beat the earth’s core and killed both Devil Monarch Flame and Devil Monarch Veil. You should know they are experts from the highest realm… they said they had clones in the Ancient World… Devil Monarch Veil also said that he would hunt me down once I left the Tianxuan Continent. What should I do? I really don’t want to die yet. Old Ancestor, you have to help me!”

Luo Tian deliberately said those words to test the waters.

He was testing what Mount Hua’s progenitor would do for him and checking whether Devil Monarch Veil really had that much power at his disposal.

Devil Monarch Veil was from the highest realm, so it was unknown if he had any followers in the other worlds. Someone like Mount Hua’s progenitor, who was also in the highest realm, would definitely have some information.

Mount Hua’s progenitor smiled and replied: “Luo Tian, you don’t have to worry. Devil Monarch Veil doesn’t have time to deal with you since he can’t even take care of himself right now. Once I comprehend the Arcane Mysteries of the Land, I will instantly kill him. How can he find trouble with you when he’s dead?”

“But you will still have to pay attention to the experts from the Geocentric Tower. With your innate talent, there shouldn’t be any big problems dealing with them. Don’t worry; I can tell your future will be infinitely bright! Hahaha…”

“As for the Ancient World…”

“As long as you find the cave manors where I secluded myself and find that staff, I believe that ancient overlord experts won’t be problematic for you. But the key thing is that it’s all up to you whether you can find those cave manors or not.”

“I’ve already told you the characteristics of that staff back then, but I have no clue where it went. Everything will be up to fate if you can find it or not,” said Mount Hua’s progenitor.

He could only do this much to help while everything else was up to Luo Tian.

Luo Tian was faintly depressed as he said to himself: “It looks like what Devil Monarch Veil was true. There are going to be at least eighteen experts from a higher realm after my life. Motherf*cker, I offended twenty-something higher realm experts just by helping Mount Hua’s progenitor? This is practically taking my life!”

“Then I might as well not enter the Ancient World!”

“I will just be an Emperor in the Tianxuan Continent. Whoever comes will die, so will they dare to provoke me?”

It wasn’t because he was afraid; it was mainly because he felt it was better to enjoy his life. The entire Tianxuan Continent was his, so how awesome would his life be?

His life span was estimated to be tens of thousands of years.

How much enjoyment could he realize?

Moreover, there were so many girls waiting for him to have babies with, so why should he continue living a life of killing?

In order to become some supreme expert?

This was too illusory! Luo Tian was already the supreme expert of the Tianxuan Continent, an invincible existence!

Mount Hua’s progenitor looked like he could see Luo Tian’s thoughts, “Kid, how could you not have the motivation to strive ahead at such a young age? The Tianxuan Continent is too small. The Ancient World is the stage for your stepping stone, and it’s a very colorful world. It’s a place where all the experts from the 108,000 lower realms converge together. It’s also a transit point to get to the highest realm. There are tons of secrets, along with undiscovered spiritual treasures. Even someone like me hasn’t been to some of those special areas, and there are still many places I’ve never heard of. A kid like you should go out and explore.”

Luo Tian chuckled to himself: “Venture your sister! You’ve already dug a hole for me to fall into! What if the moment I enter the Ancient World, and get killed by someone? I’ve already provoked several overlord existence experts in the Ancient World… Soul Sovereign, Divine Monarch Seven Light… If those two bosses found out I’ve entered the Ancient World, there’s no way they are going to let me off.”

Mount Hua’s progenitor smiled and said: “Don’t worry, the surface area of the Ancient World is at least ten thousand times larger than the Tianxuan Continent. Even an overlord expert will need a lot of time to find someone. Moreover, they wouldn’t spend too much effort looking for a single person. Comprehension and cultivation are usually the number one priority since they all want to ascend to a higher realm.”

“Kid, one thing you do need to remember is that this is a world of the strong. Only when you stand at the peak can you look down on the universe. Only then can you protect the people around you. These are the things that martial artists pursue in their lives – get stronger and become the ruler of everything!”

This was the old man’s dream.

He had stepped into the highest realm and had taken another step forward toward his dream.

Luo Tian’s blood started boiling upon hearing those words.

He was also someone that liked to fight.

In his previous life, he directed his efforts in the gaming world. He constantly struggled to get stronger, to destroy evil, to accomplish goals with his brothers, and to gain women. He poured all his effort into shaking the gaming world. Now, this was a life worth living.

Life with feverish passion.

Luo Tian clenched his fists and said: “Thank you, old ancestor. I will remember your words.”

Mount Hua’s progenitor looked at Luo Tian and said: “Who knows how many years it will be the next time we see each other? Kid, I will wait for you at the highest realm. I believe you will definitely step into the highest realm one day. At that time, we can kill Dominus Gods and hug immortal fairies together, hahaha…”

After saying that, Mount Hua’s progenitor’s eyes looked moist, like he was heartbroken.

Luo Tian was surprised by this before saying to himself: “Do you really need to be like this? It looks like two gay lovers are about to separate or something.”

Luo Tian then responded: “There will be such a day.”

Mount Hua’s progenitor laughed out loud before saying: “I will wait for that day! Kid, you definitely have to flip the Ancient World upside down. You’ve already beaten the Tianxuan Continent, so once you get to the Ancient world, you will truly understand what an expert is!”

After saying that, Mount Hua’s progenitor slowly disappeared.

Luo Tian waved his hand and suddenly frowned before shouting: “Old ancestor, you still haven’t told me how to detoxify soul poison!”

A voice from very far away echoed: “You will know once you enter the Ancient World!”

“What the hell?!”

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