Undefeatable – Ch871

Chapter 871 – Who Sneak Attacked Who?

A legitimate reason why he had to kill the Arcane Dark King!

If that guy doesn’t die, Luo Tian will be the one to die. His brothers and his women will also die. And every living creature on the Tianxuan Continent will be plunged into misery and suffering!

Therefore, the Arcane Dark King had to die!

Even though it’s for different reasons, it comes down to either the Arcane Dark King dying or Luo Tian dying before one of them ascends to the Ancient World. The point of destination was the same for both.

The Arcane Dark King was momentarily in thought.

While he was thinking, the eight Arcane Dark Beasts crawled out from the rubble. After looking up at the Arcane Dark King, one of the Arcane Dark Beasts opened its mouth and spoke: “Master, do you want us to chase after them?”

The Arcane Dark King waved his hand, “No need. They will die very soon, so there’s no need to chase after them now.”

After saying that, the Arcane Dark King frowned, and a streak of power erupted from his body. It was like an expanding halo that covered the entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect and his army.

His eyes instantly widened as he shouted: “Absorb!”




The large army of resurrected martial artists crumpled down and gradually disappeared. A fluorescent light with a trace of power flew out from their bodies and entered the Arcane Dark King’s body.

Tens of millions of fluorescent lights converged together before entering the Arcane Dark King’s body!

The Arcane Dark King’s aura became stronger and stronger the more fluorescent lights he absorbed.

The fluorescent lights were similar to energy seeds entering his body before sprouting roots to grow stronger.



His body was humming with power! The Arcane Dark King burped, “This energy is too weak. The Tianxuan Continent is an origin continent, yet the martial artists here are so weak.”

“After an entire month, I only managed to gain a little bit of strength. What a disappointment.”

He resurrected these people in order to plant seeds of his own power inside them. After a month of time, the energy these seeds absorbed had all become his. Now, that energy entered his body, and his strength went up correspondingly.

This was a significant increase!

Luo Tian hid his shock while saying: “It looks like you’re the only one left alive in the Arcane Continent. No wonder you don’t understand the way I do things. You are just a lonely guy with eight demonic beasts to accompany you and nothing else.”


“Luo Tian, you have no idea what it means to be a martial artist. It is a complete joke for you to become the supreme expert of the Tianxuan Continent. What does a piece of trash with a shattered dantian know?” The Arcane Dark King’s tone of voice abruptly changed.

The killing intent coming from him started raging about.

Luo Tian became angry after being called trash several times.

Fiery rage burned inside him as he became pissed off.

Luo Tian narrowed his eyes and said: “Who did you call trash? You will know who’s the trash very soon.”


“Do you really think you’re my match?” The Arcane Dark King sneered with disdain on his face. He looked down at Luo Tian and continued: “In my eyes, calling you a piece of trash is already elevating your status. You should be honored to be dying by my hands.”

Luo Tian immediately scolded: “Stop spouting stupid shit with this daddy! Let’s start the fight right now!”

“Go to hell!”

The Arcane Dark King made his move, and a huge long sword appeared in his right hand. The sword sliced apart space as it slashed toward Luo Tian’s head.

Black lightning was seen arcing around the sword.

The black lighting tore apart space and created a series of explosions. Mount Hua Immortal Sect was instantly blasted into ruins by the power. It was fortunate that Fatty Lei and the others had left, or else who knows how many would’ve died by this single move.

“What a powerful force!”

“This slash of yours carries the power of lightning within it, so I’ll let you experience the lightning that I cultivate.” Luo Tian had no fear as he watched the sword with lightning energy destroy the area.

He then said: “God skill, Hino Bird Zap!”

“Three million volts, come out!”


Lightning surged out of Luo Tian’s body and created a huge lightning bird figure. The huge bird screeched once before three million volts blasted forth.

“Bzzzt~, bzzzt~, bzzzt~…”

“Bzzzt~, bzzzt~, bzzzt~…”

Electricity arced all over, and the pressure created pressed down on the surrounding area.

Luo Tian almost couldn’t endure the power as his body was suppressed to the point of trembling! But he was very excited because Hino Bird Zap was absorbing the energy of the black lightning. In order for Hino Bird Zap to evolve to a higher grade, it had to absorb lightning attributes in order to become Lightning Beast Kiten. This was a move that dealt sixty million volts of damage!

Even though Hino Bird Zap could absorb lightning, it would still be a long process before it could break through and become a Lightning Beast Kiten.


The lightning bird was defeated.

The black lightning around the huge long sword sparked a bit more before disappearing as well.

But the sword still continued slashing down!

Luo Tian frowned, “Shadow Clone, Shadow Shift, Flashback!”


“You want to run?”

“Luo Tian, you have no chance to run out from the palm of my hands.” The Arcane Dark King scoffed before using his spiritual senses to lock onto Luo Tian’s aura. What surprised him was that Luo Tian hadn’t run away but was charging straight for him. “Hahaha… you are basically courting death!”

Luo Tian summoned Annihilate and shouted: “Shocking Heaven Slash!”

The hegemonic blade spirit appeared from the void and fused into Annihilate. This move also managed to rip space apart as it chopped down.



The sword qi extended out for ten thousand kilometers! It was like a brilliant line of light slashing down toward the Arcane Dark King’s head.

The Arcane Dark King moved his sword horizontally to block while sneering: “Too weak.”


The blade was stopped!

“Level 9 Berserk!”


“Dragon Elephant Divine Might!”


“Four divine beasts power, come out!”


He instantly released three types of powers and poured them into his arms before pressing down on his blade. He wanted to see the size of the Arcane Dark King’s health bar. He had to calculate carefully to see if he could kill him or not.

“Crack~, crack~, crack~…”

The blade kept giving off the sound of glass breaking.

Annihilate was reaching a point where it couldn’t handle it!

This was the sound of it fracturing! The blade was forged into a divine artifact from the bones of Blade River King, but now it couldn’t handle the collision. Wasn’t the Arcane Dark King a bit too fierce?

Arcane Dark King’s body faintly sank down, and this made him unhappy. At the same time, his heart tensed up a bit as he said to himself: “This piece of trash seems to have trained in many mysterious martial skills. Looks like I underestimated him a bit. But…”

After revealing a cold sneer, the Arcane Dark King’s body suddenly moved.

At the same time, Luo Tian’s Haki had already detected his thoughts and scoffed: “You want to sneak attack me?”

“Mirror of Divine Void!”

“Let’s see who sneak attacks who….”

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