Undefeatable – Ch873

Chapter 873 – teaser

He no longer cared about his own survival!

Fusing with thirteen energy pillars had exceeded his limit. His fleshly body was in extreme pain, but Luo Tian suddenly raised his Berserk skill. It was very clear that he wanted to use level 10 Berserk to help!

Level 10 Berserk released 1024 times his base attributes.

Luo Tian was very clear that even a peak Profound God Sovereign expert would have a difficult time handling level 10 Berserk. Otherwise, he would’ve used it when he fought Devil Monarch Veil in the molten rock level. He knew he wouldn’t be able to handle it, so he didn’t level it up.

But he didn’t have time to think whether he could handle it or how long he could endure.

There was only one goal in his eyes, and that was to kill the Arcane Dark King!


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