Undefeatable – Ch891

Chapter 891 – Spirit Martial 2nd Rank

Even in his dreams, Chen San never imagined there would be a beast trap nearby!

As he stepped out, something clamped onto his calf, and he jumped in pain!

Luo Tian had already calculated everything. He suddenly made a move and released all his speed. He stomped down and shot out like an arrow. When he was about two meters away from Chen San, he suddenly jumped up and swung his fist fiercely toward Chen San’s face.


Chen San’s body kept staggering backward from the impact.

Everything happened too quickly, and he couldn’t react in time!

Moreover, he didn’t have his guard up against Luo Tian. Why would he pay attention to a muggle that had just entered the Ancient World?

Furthermore, Luo Tian’s acting was too real when he pretended to be scared. Chen San was unable to see through it! He never expected to eat Luo Tian’s fist just like that!

Chen San’s face turned gloomy as he spat out some saliva mixed with blood. His eyes were filled with killing intent as he shouted: “Damn dog thing! You dare to sneak attack me?! Just based on you?! A piece of trash at the Spirit Martial 1st rank can go to hell for me!”

He stabilized his body and circulated energy into his feet. With a heavy stomp, the beast trap was instantly shattered by him.

Blood was coming through his pant leg, but he didn’t care. Luo Tian’s sneak attack pissed him off majorly! He would not rest until he managed to kill Luo Tian!

Luo Tian was internally shocked, “Just this little bit of damage? Just one level difference, and the attack and defense aren’t comparable!”

“Kid, you can die for me now!”

Chen San’s rage was surging into the sky. His feet started moving and created a shadowy blur, instantly arriving in front of Luo Tian. He struck out with his fists, “Mountain River Fist!”


His speed was too fast!

Even though Chen San was injured, his cultivation realm was higher than Luo Tian’s.

This was the gap in strength!

Luo Tian managed to react in time but was still a bit slow. His arms were raised to block the punch, and he was blown backward. His arms felt numb, and Chen San’s punch made his internals uncomfortable.


“I want to see how many punches you can block!”

“Kid, a Spirit Martial 1st ranker is nothing but an ant! Do you understand?! You are not my match, yet you are stupid enough to sneak attack me? Hahaha…” Chen San clearly noticed that his punch had caused Luo Tian’s face to turn pale.

Strike the iron while it’s hot!

Chen San was someone who entered the Ancient World from a lower realm as well. He was once a supreme expert in his own world, so his battle experience was naturally not weak.

The moment Luo Tian was blown backward, Chen San’s feet moved once more for another attack. He leaped into the air and punched down heavily. “Let me see how you’re going to block it this time! Mountain River Fist!”


Chen San’s arm erupted with a force that contained yuan energy. The force of his punch was so strong that a gust of wind blasted out from his fist. All of Luo Tian’s movement was sealed, and there was no path of escape.

Luo Tian looked at his experience bar, and his eyes darkened. “If I can’t even take care of this guy, how am I supposed to smack Wang Li’s face? How am I supposed to slap Wu Feng’s face?”

Fire erupted from inside Luo Tian’s heart.

If he couldn’t even kill a Spirit Martial 2nd ranker like Chen San, how was he supposed to go on walking his path? He might as well get a rope and hang himself!

“God Flame!” Luo Tian shouted with his brows furrowed.


He used up one hundred yuan of energy, and it instantly bottomed out.

At this moment, a cluster of flame surged out of Luo Tian’s palm and smashed toward Chen San’s fist.

Chen San was secretly stunned as he never imagined Luo Tian would have a martial skill.

It was too late to dodge now.

Chen San decided to take it head on as he believed Luo Tian, who had just entered the Ancient World, would not have cultivated a powerful martial skill. The strength of a Spirit Martial 1st ranker can be clearly seen, so his martial skill shouldn’t be up to par.

“You want to injure me with this kind of flame?”

“Kid, you are daydreaming!”


A bare fist and the God Flame collided together.

Chen San’s body instantly trembled as he fell down from the air. His fist had been burnt black and was wracked with pain. “Aggghhh~! You damn dog thing! I will not spare you!”

The damage God Flame did wasn’t high, but it was able to resist Chen San’s attack.

But Luo Tian was very dissatisfied as he complained to himself: “Why didn’t the instant kill effect come out?”

“That five percent chance is really too messed up!”

He was feeling very irritated but this was an opportunity. Seeing how Chen San had fallen to the ground, Luo Tian shot out like an arrow and sat on top of his body. Before Chen San could react, Luo Tian’s right fist smashed forth already. “Keep screaming for this daddy!”


A single punch had knocked out Chen San’s front teeth.

Chen San’s face froze, and he felt some dizziness. But a Spirit Martial 2nd ranker was still a 2nd ranker. The moment Luo Tian threw his second punch, Chen San’s body shook in an attempt to fling Luo Tian away.

When Luo Tian’s body loosened up, Chen San made a kick with the foot that had been clamped by the beast trap.

Luo Tian gave up punching Chen San’s face and directly punched at his injured leg. He then shouted once more: “Who told you to f*cking make things difficult for me?! You still want to collect my corpse?! Today, this daddy will be the one collecting your corpse!”



“You damn trash! Aggh~! Aggh~! It hurts!” Chen San started wailing. His injured leg was already quite painful, and after being punched by Luo Tian, the pain seemed to have gone straight to his heart.

“Fuuu~, fuuu~, fuuu~…” Chen San tried to inhale several breaths.

His body was shivering from the pain.

Luo Tian sat down firmly on Chen San once more before giving him two more punches. “Let’s see if you’re going to die or not!”




Luo Tian went crazy as he rained down punches on Chen San without giving the guy a chance to counterattack. He was very clear that if Chen San managed to get up, the person lying down would switch to being him.

Moreover, most of the fish in the stream had already died. It was near impossible for him to rely on them to break through to the Spirit Martial 2nd rank.

Therefore, Chen San had to die!

He had to be killed!

Luo Tian had put in all his strength in each punch as they continuously struck out. Luo Tian had no plans of stopping until he heard the system’s alert tone.

As for Chen San, he was light-headed and stunned by Luo Tian’s continuous punches. He started pleading: “Big brother! Grandpa! Please spare my life! I don’t dare to do it ever again! I will give you all your money back! I’m begging you! It was that rich young master who told me to make things difficult for you! It’s not my fault! And he’s from the Ouyang family, someone I cannot afford to provoke! Just let me off this one time!”

“You’re begging me?”

“It’s too late!”

“How am I supposed to level up if I spare you?”

“The Ouyang family, is it?”

“This daddy will take care of you first. The next time I meet that guy, this daddy will also send him down to hell.” Luo Tian had already memorized Ouyang Ye’s face in his heart. There’s no way he would spare that guy the next time they meet. Luo Tian had always been someone that held a grudge.

Chen San’s health bar was getting lower and lower. Seeing how Luo Tian wasn’t stopping, he started shouting: “Hyena! Hyena! He’s right here! Come save me!”

“Save your sister!”

“Go to hell!”

Luo Tian’s last punch landed on Chen San’s head and took away his last bit of health. The system then gave off an alert tone.

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