Undefeatable – Ch9

Chapter 9 – Undefeatable Bloodline

Profound Pupil 5th rank was considered a great divide.

The difference in power between a Profound Pupil 4th rank and a 5th rank was huge.

When Luo Tian opened the System to see how much experience he needed to level up, his facial expression changed and started cursing: “Damn your sister, System!”

From the Profound Pupil 3rd rank to the 4th rank only required a few hundred experience points. But from the 4th rank to the 5th rank required 10,000 experience points.

All of a sudden, it was increased by a few hundred times. This…

Anger burst out of Luo Tian as he cursed non-stop, cursing the System’s full 108 generations of ancestors.

He had originally thought he would level up again soon, and would quickly get the divine skill “Berserk.” But now… Luo Tian was now hard pressed.

He could curse all he wanted, but still had to face reality.

The broken Luo Tian read it over a few seconds longer before checking his other stats.

Martial Skill: Thunder Tiger Fists

Grade: 1st grade

Proficiency: 10/100

“The power behind this combination fist skill is not bad. It can attack and defend. If I had the ‘Berserk’ skill to double its strength, I believe it would be even much more powerful.” Luo Tian spoke to himself while suddenly feeling resentment again: “Berserk, my Berserk ahhh.”

When Luo Tian was about to close the System’s Character Profile, he noticed there was an extra row of information.

Undefeated Value: 4 points

“What is undefeated value?”

“It looks like everyone I kill would it increase it by 1 point. Could this be a player kill system?” Luo Tian then started theorizing… In online video games, killing other players will cause one’s name to turn red. Would the system’s undefeated value and the red name be the same concept?

Luo Tian was too lazy to think more about it and went straight to see the description of the undefeated value.

Description 1: After killing a person, you will gain 1 point in the undefeated value. Once the undefeated value reaches a certain point, you may exchange it for a comparable undefeatable bloodline.

Description 2: The undefeated value may not decrease and cannot be reset, or else the undefeatable system will activate the host’s pain receptors to double.

“Undefeatable bloodline?”

“Are you trying to bluff me? Let’s see what bloodlines you have.” Luo Tian opened the undefeated value’s exchange system. It was fine if he didn’t know but with one glance… he became completely dumbfounded.

Undefeatable Azure Dragon bloodline…

Undefeatable Black Tortoise bloodline…

Undefeatable Vermillion Bird bloodline…

Undefeatable White Tiger bloodline…

The bloodline of the Four Divine Beasts? These were super powerful peerless existences!

If you thought that was all to it, then you are completely wrong. The bloodline of the Four Divine Beasts was just scratching the surface, the next part that Luo Tian read nearly scared the shit and piss out of him.

The next part was even more terrifying, something that people wouldn’t even dare to imagine!

Unbeatable Tathagata (Buddha) bloodline, Undefeatable Pangu bloodline, Undefeatable Martial God bloodline, Undefeatable Lord Hongmeng’s bloodline ¹, Undefeatable… the craziest thing was the bloodline of Undefeatable Lord God himself.

“My @#$^#$% lady gaga, this is scaring the crap out of me.” Luo Tian had become so excited he went into a daze. Never, ever, had he ever expected there would be this many awesome to infinity bloodlines. If he obtained any of the bloodlines, he could probably walk sideways in the Tianxuan Continent. He would become a super awesome existence that whenever he saw someone he didn’t like, he would play them to death.

Luo Tian started drooling.

This is too crazy!

A bloodline was Tianxuan Continent’s most mysterious force, and it was also the most powerful force.

There were two ways of transferring a bloodline.

The first was a naturally through one’ heritage – this happened when someone extremely powerful appeared in your ancestry. His or her powers will be passed down through the generations and some will get a portion of their powers. Whether it is their cultivation or their physical body, everything will become much more powerful.

The second was fusing with a demonic beast’s bloodline – a successful fusion would mean one acquires the power of the demonic beast. The stronger the demonic beast, the higher chances of a successful fusion and the more powerful you would become. But who would dare to provoke those powerful demonic beasts?

No matter if it’s a bloodline from one’s heritage or fusing with a demonic beast’s, these bloodlines couldn’t compare to the Undefeatable bloodlines of his System at all.

Any of those Undefeatable bloodlines in the Tianxuan Continent would be a peerless existence.

“If I were to exchange for one of the bloodlines…”

Luo Tian’s heart trembled at the thought, but upon seeing the exchange ratio, his eyes changed and he started cursing out loud: “Your sister you damn System, are you playing with me? You just threw these things out just for the hell of enticing this daddy!”

Undefeated value of 2000 points can be exchanged for the Azure Dragon bloodline…

20,000 point exchange ratio…

200,000,000 point exchange ratio…

Luo Tian was cursing but he was still a bit happy in secret since the Undefeated value brought him more happiness than worry. But looking at the points needed for the Azure Dragon’s bloodline, he couldn’t help grumbling to himself again. One person’s head equals to one point, which meant he had to kill 2000 people in order to get the Azure Dragon’s bloodline. Wouldn’t that turn him into a crazed serial killer?

Looking at his pitiful and lonely 4 points of Undefeated value, it was way too far from the required 2000 points.

Luo Tian was too lazy to keep caring since the Undefeated value wasn’t going to disappear or something. In this man eat man world, the value would eventually increase by itself.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian picked up the corpse of that black panther and went back down to the foot of the mountain.


“Meat, meat, I can finally eat meat.” A golden light flashed in Feng Lei’s eyes and drool started dripping down his chin as he saw Luo Tian carrying a black panther with him.

Luo Tian lightly smiled and said: “Fatty Lei, from today onwards, I will let you eat meat every day.”

He didn’t even get to finish the rest of his sentence…

Feng Lei rushed to Luo Tian’s side and threw the black panther over his own shoulder. With a silly smile, he affectionately said: “Young master, you treat this one so nice.”

Those eyes and that gaze made Luo Tian shudder before he quickly said: “Damn fatty, if you ever look at me with that expression again, don’t even think of eating this slab of meat.”

No meat for him?

Feng Lei panicked and his expression looked like he felt wronged. He then pitifully said: “Young master, this one was wrong okay?”

Luo Tian couldn’t stand him anymore and quickly said: “Go clean up the panther meat and roast it, I’m freaking starving.”

“I obey your command!”

Feng Lei picked up the black panther and rushed over to a small stream in an eager manner.

Half an hour later.

A fire was lit and the pieces of meat were roasting. It wasn’t long before oil started dripping down onto the flames.

Luo Tian took a piece of well roasted meat and gave it to Feng Lei with a smile, “You eat first.”

Feng Lei shook his head and grabbed a piece of meat that was still uncooked and bloody. He bit down and started chewing, revealing a mixture of satisfaction and happiness. “Young master, this one likes to eat raw meat.”

Luo Tian was stunned as he watched Feng Lei enjoying it greatly and couldn’t praise: “What a talent!”

In Luo Tian’s memories, Feng Lei had always enjoyed eating raw meat since he was little, the kind that was still dripping with blood. He was just like a wild beast.

Luo Tian was too lazy to bother with him and grabbed some roasted meat and started eating himself.

While eating the raw meat, Feng Lei was glancing at Luo Tian with a look of hesitation.

Luo Tian gave him a blank stare and said: “If you have something to say, just say it.”

Feng Lei scratched the back of his head and asked with a goofy look, “Young master, your strength…”

Luo Tian knew Feng Lei would eventually ask, but regarding the Level Up System, he didn’t want anyone to know about it. Even if he explained it, Feng Lei probably wouldn’t even understand so he just said: “That day when I was beaten unconscious by Luo Yue, I dreamt of an old grandpa. He healed all my injuries, and then gave me a mysterious power where I could still cultivate with a crippled dantian. These past few days, you can also see that my strength has been gradually recovering.”

Feng Lei’s mouth was in an O shape but was listening seriously. He didn’t doubt a single word of Luo Tian and excitedly said: “Young master, does that mean we can get our revenge in the future?”

“Back then when you were injured by a mysterious person and then mistakenly ingested the Dispersing Spirit Pill, this was all planned by Luo Jianshan. I believe the old master’s death could be related to him as well. He coveted the position of being the family’s Patriarch so with the joint effort by several Elders; they forced him to accept the duel which resulted in his tragic death.”

“There’s also that Luo Lin, he took over everything that was supposed to be yours.”

“And there’s that Luo Yue, he even took your fiancée…”

After saying these things, a hint of tears reflected in the eyes of Feng Lei before he lowered his head and blamed himself. “It’s all my fault for having crappy talent; it’s all my fault for being useless. I’ve been cultivating all this time yet I’m still a trash at the Profound Pupil 1st rank. Before your mother died, she told me to take care of you yet I…”

Feng Lei was filled with self blame.

Every time Luo Tian was ridiculed, insulted, or beaten, he would blame himself for it.

When Luo Tian’s dantian was crippled and couldn’t cultivate anymore, Feng Lei wanted to increase his own cultivation in order to protect Luo Tian. But after spending several years of hard work, his cultivation was still at the Profound Pupil 1st rank and hadn’t improved a single bit.

Luo Tian’s heart couldn’t help feeling depressed. He placed his hand on Feng Lei’s shoulder and said very seriously: “Don’t worry, what the Luo family did to me, I will pay them back a hundred or even a thousand times. I will not let a single one of them go. I will make each and every single one regret being born in this world.

“I, Luo Tian, swear to the heavens!!!”


¹ – Known as the Creator, also mentioned in the last chapter of Coiling Dragon.

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