Undefeatable – Ch900

Chapter 900 – Queen

Just like before, the instant kill ability of God Flame didn’t trigger.

The five percent chance was too hard to trigger.

Luo Tian was prepared early on. God Flame smashed into that Soaring Sky Sect disciple, and the health bar above his head showed that 1/3 of his health had been taken off. When the disciple was sort of dazed from the attack, both of Luo Tian’s fists smashed forth like a cannon.

“Bang~, bang~!”

The two strikes sent the guy flying!

At this moment, Luo Tian suffered a heavy attack on his back. His body stumbled, and it almost made him fall to the ground.


Luo Tian sucked in some air as his face grimaced in pain. But he didn’t stop and jumped on top of that disciple he had sent flying and started punching him on the ground. “Die! Die! This daddy wants to see when you’re going to die!”

He was acting like a lunatic!

That disciple protected his head with his arms and started screaming for help.

“Senior brother Liu, save me!”

“Senior brother Liu, quickly come save me!”

“Please stop hitting me!”

That disciple started begging for mercy.

Liu Wang was a bit frightened by Luo Tian’s actions before saying to himself, “This guy can’t have lost his mind, right?”

But Liu Wang didn’t stop his attacks either. He stepped forward and scolded: “Kid, you can die for me now!”


A punch landed on Luo Tian’s back, and a large chunk of his health disappeared. Luo Tian was feeling immense pain, but he didn’t stop either. He started laughing, “Hahaha… hahaha… go to hell!”


Another punch landed and finally killed that disciple.

Luo Tian then got up and turned around to stare at Liu Wang. He then said, “There’s only two of you left now.”

The disciple next to Liu Wang had already been frightened out of his mind.

He had seen many killings in his life but had never seen Luo Tian’s way of killing someone.

Luo Tian didn’t care about his own life and just kept attacking his target until it died! This Luo Tian guy was a complete maniac!

Liu Wang sneered ferociously, “So what if you killed two people?! Do you think you’re my match?! No matter how strong a Spirit Martial 3rd ranker is, they still won’t be able to fight a Spirit Martial 4th ranker! Kid, just accept your fate!”

After saying that, Liu Wang’s expression turned grim.

All his Spirit Martial 4th rank powers exploded forth.

His hands were like tiger claws, whistling through the air as he ruthlessly rushed toward Luo Tian. His fingers looked very strong, and his speed was so fast that Luo Tian could barely see his trajectory. This was the strength of a Spirit Martial 4th ranker!

Luo Tian furrowed his brow and immediately swallowed the Yuan Foundation Pill that exploded from Chen San previously.

His health bar recovered a bit.

His stamina also recovered a bit.

Luo Tian couldn’t think of a way to dodge Liu Wang’s claws. His God Flame was on cool down, and his Mountain River Fist or Wolf King Claws wasn’t a match for the tiger claws. Moreover, Liu Wang had the innate formless suppression of being in a higher cultivation realm.

Luo Tian couldn’t handle him!

“I can’t handle it?”

“Then just take it head on!”

Luo Tian’s legs lowered into a horse stance and rooted them to the ground. He stood in place with his brows locked and his eyes staring at Liu Wang’s incoming claw attack. Surprisingly, Luo Tian seemed to have entered a unity of man and heaven as one state.


“Kid, you won’t be able to handle this!”

“You are already exhausted, and your strength has reached its lowest point. You previously suffered two attacks, and this third move of mine is something a Spirit Martial 3rd ranker cannot take on. Hahaha…” Liu Wang started laughing like mad.

“That inner core of yours belongs to me now, hahaha…”

As his voice faded, one claw went for Luo Tian’s throat, and one claw went for his chest. Either attack was something Luo Tian couldn’t handle.

“Senior brother, kill him!”

“Kill him!”

The other disciple had an excited look on his face and no longer showed any fear. He understood that Luo Tian would definitely die because no one in the Spirit Martial 3rd rank could take on Liu Wang’s tiger claws.

Luo Tian concentrated all thoughts, “Take it head on!”

“As long as I can block this attack, I have a way to play him to death!”

Luo Tian didn’t put up a defense because he was gathering all his power into a single point. As long as Liu Wang’s attack doesn’t kill him, he has a way to cripple Liu Wang.

Luo Tian was truly a lunatic.

When his battle intent was raised, he would become a lunatic that didn’t care about his own life.

Normally, a Spirit Martial 3rd ranker wasn’t a match for a 4th ranker. But Luo Tian was very clear that as long as he could get through this attack, he had a way to make Liu Wang kneel before him and sing Conquered.

Luo Tian’s mouth suddenly curved into an evil smile.

At this moment, Liu Wang’s tiger claws struck.


The sound of a sword slicing through the air exploded in Luo Tian’s ear. His heart instantly shivered, “There’s another person?!”

Luo Tian’s expression drastically changed, but he had no time to react. The ringing of the sword was harsh to the ears, and the speed was too fast for normal people to react. Luo Tian thought he was about to die and never imagined Liu Wang’s tiger claws had stopped 3cm from his throat.

Liu Wang’s eyes were wide open as he stared at someone behind Luo Tian. His throat shook, and his face turned pale when he looked down at the sword. He realized a blade had been stabbed into his throat while his body slowly turned cold.

“You… you… you…”


Liu Wang’s body went limp before falling directly to the ground. Both of his eyes were wide open as he died with regret.

The remaining Soaring Sky Sect disciple was scared to the point that his legs felt numb. He instantly woke up and immediately turned around to run. He kept running into things and almost fell on his face several times. While running away, he would keep screaming, “Murder! Murder…”

Luo Tian didn’t move because the blade of the sword was still resting on his shoulder.

Seeing the long thin blade of the sword, Luo Tian believed the owner was a woman and might even be very beautiful. “Beauty, are you planning on taking my life as well?”


The sword was removed from his shoulder, and an icy cold voice was heard. “I have no interest in your life, nor do I have any interest in that wolf king’s inner core. But… I am very interested in you, though. What is your name?”

“Am I really that good looking?”

“This is the first time we’ve met, right? And you’re already captivated by me?”

Luo Tian slowly turned around while speaking. He was very cautious because he knew this woman behind him was someone that even ten Liu Wangs couldn’t match. This woman’s sword technique was very strong, and her cultivation realm was something Luo Tian couldn’t reach for the time being.

“If you dare to continue speaking glibly to me, I will remove your tongue.” The woman said coldly.

The coldness from her was a bit different from Leng Hanshuang’s.

Her coldness came from the depths of her bones that was mixed with strong confidence. It was as if she was a Queen of a country that didn’t put anything in her eyes.

Refined, noble, and bones that exuded coldness.

After turning around, Luo Tian looked at the woman from her feet all the way to the top. Her legs were long, her waist small, and her chest wasn’t that bountiful but still had a charming developed shape. One couldn’t help but want to squeeze them with all ferocity.

As Luo Tian continued looking up, he suddenly blurted out: “What the f*ck?!”

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