Undefeatable – Ch95

Chapter 95 – It’s My Turn To Make An Appearance

Zhu Changfeng looked extremely conceited, to the point that his smugness was over the top.

Keep talking.

Keep scolding with your sharp tongue.

This daddy smashed you down with one move. This type of feeling was too awesome for Zhu Changfeng because he was able to completely vent his anger.

Zhu Changfeng started laughing conceitedly again as he stared at Luo Tian who couldn’t move. “You damn trash; did you really think you were qualified to fight with me?”

“Can you even afford to fight with me?”

“Are you even qualified?”


“You are so useless; you were defeated by a single move of mine. But don’t worry; your clan members will accompany you after you die, hahaha. As for those two girls, heh heh…” Zhu Changfeng started smiling pervertedly, then glanced over at Zhu Yaozong.

Zhu Yaozong was smiling in a satisfied manner and realized the hint he was given. “Kill them all for me but leave those two girls.”

For the time being…

Everyone in the Luo family immediately protected Li Xue’er and An Chunchun by surrounding them. Luo Kunshan’s eyes were like torches as he shouted: “All Luo family disciples listen up! Even if you die, you have to protect Miss Li and Miss An’s safety!”


“You mix-breed dogs of the Zhu family, this daddy will kill anyone that dares to approach!”

The crowd in the square started moving off to the side afraid that they’d be caught in the crossfire.

There were several times more Zhu family members than there were Luo family members. Their encirclement kept getting smaller as they all eyed the Luo family disciples like prey. The expression on every Zhu family members face was similar to Zhu Changfeng – extreme smugness.

Once the Luo family gets destroyed, Jade Mountain City shall belong to the Zhu family.

And from then on, they can act with impunity in the Jade Mountain City!


In the crowd of spectators, several figures leapt into the air and landed inside the encircled Luo family.

Dressed in full white mourning clothes, Song Yannan descended. He glanced at Luo Tian on the stage who had his acupoints sealed and started frowning. “Elder Luo, issue the command to break out of here.”

Behind Song Yannan were the remaining six people of the Song family. Each of them was wearing mourning clothes with eyes filled with extreme hatred.

Luo Kunshan looked at Luo Tian on the stage and asked: “What about the patriarch?”

Luo Tian hadn’t died yet so were they to just abandon him like that?

Many Luo family disciples were startled by this comment as they looked at Song Yannan. Little did they know that Luo Tian had already become their support pillar in such a short time.

Song Yannan frowned before finally making a decision. He then yelled out: “All Song family disciples listen up! Use all your strength to rescue Luo Tian!”

“Elder Luo, have all your people break out of here while Luo Tian’s safety will be in our hands.”

Song Yanqun started laughing out crazily: “Hahaha…”

Song Yannan then mumbled: “Since my Song family has already been destroyed, what meaning is there to continue living? If we can manage to save Luo Tian, maybe he can take revenge for our Song family’s four hundred and seventy one lives!”

Song Yannan made his appearance today and never planned on leaving this place alive.

Luo Kunshan didn’t bother with any words and only shouted: “Break out of this siege!”

Song Yannan’s eyes became heavy as he glared at Zhu Changfeng filled with hatred. He then roared out: “KILL!!!”

Zhu Yaozong coldly sneered in disdain, “A group of useless rabble wants to turn things around? Song Yannan, you guys came at the right time. This daddy will take care of you all in one sweep so that I don’t have to search high and low for all you dog things.”

“Zhu family disciples listen up!”

“Apart from the two girls that Changfeng wants, kill everyone else!”

The battle immediately erupted.

The Zhu family disciples were like tigers and wolves pouncing out.

Luo Kunshan took the lead and acted as a sharp knife piercing out in formation through the encirclement.

Song Yannan brought the rest of the six Song family members and rushed onto the stage.

Li Xue’er felt like her heart was dripping blood. She was continuously staring at a person in a black cloak amidst the crowd with a pleading look.

But the person in the black cloak showed an indifferent look.

Her eyes were filled with coldness.

It was similar to an iceberg without any other expression, except she was constantly paying attention to Li Xue’er’s safety.

Leng Hanshuang’s style had always been like this.

Since she had already said she wouldn’t save him, then she definitely wouldn’t save him. Even if she does save Luo Tian right now, he would still die later on tonight.

The army of the Azure Cloud Sect will definitely arrive before the sky darkens.

By that time, most likely Jade Mountain City will become a city of death!

The Luo family will naturally not be spared.

That’s why she didn’t want to make a move. She was only concerned about Li Xue’er’s safety while the others had no relations to her whatsoever.

At this moment…

Li Xue’er had started to hate Leng Hanshuang a bit.

While staring at the unmoving Luo Tian, Li Xue’er hysterically screamed out: “Big brother Luo Tian, you have to wake up! Wake up!”

An Chunchun was already crying her eyes out. This scene here had made her recall the tragedy that happened to the fox demon clan.

The bloody smell, the slaughtering, and her loved ones being captured, her little heart almost couldn’t bear it anymore.

That’s why her tears were like rain and her crying pierced one’s mind. Anyone seeing this will feel their heartache.

Li Xue’er held onto An Chunchun and tried to comfort her: “Don’t cry Chunchun, nothing will happen to big brother Luo Tian.”


Ghost Dragon roared out and its deathly aura exploded forth. Similar to a lightning strike, it rushed out to the front.

Its sudden attack knocked several Zhu family disciples into the air.

It then quickly started trampling on the ground.

The sudden attack had opened up a hole giving Luo Kunshan a glimmer of hope. He then shouted: “Fellow brothers, rush out!”

Zhu Yaozong’s eyebrows gave a slight start before he rushed forth.

His body was like lightning as he shuttled back and forth amongst the crowd. In just several breaths, he had already appeared in front of Luo Kunshan. His Profound Master 9th rank oppressive pressure smashed down, and his hand seemingly to appear out of the void and grasped onto Luo Kunshan’s neck. Zhu Yaozong then savagely sneered: “Die for me!”

Luo Kunshan’s cultivation was only at the Profound Master 3rd rank.

In the face of Zhu Yaozong’s strength, he had no power to resist at all. But Luo Kunshan still struggled like crazy hoping that he could hurt Zhu Yaozong as much as possible.


Zhu Yaozong lifted Luo Kunshan into the air and heavily slammed him onto the ground. “Go and die now!”


The tiles on the ground were smashed into pieces and Luo Kunshan’s body had directly caved in. A mouthful of black colored blood sprayed out and his face immediately paled.


“Uncle Kunshan!”

“This daddy will fight you all to the death!”


The eyes of all the Luo family disciples had become bloodshot as their killing intent rose into the skies.

Zhu Yaozong coldly sneered in response and said with disdain: “A bunch of trash, just kill them all for me.”

In another area where Song Yannan was.

They too were being obstructed. Even though Song Yannan was a Profound Master 9th rank, he had just somewhat recovered from a serious injury and there were only seven of them in total. The Zhu family though, had about seventy to eighty people on their side which was ten times their amount.

Even though they were only a dozen or so meters away from the stage, they were unable to move forward a single inch.

For the time being…

The Luo and Song family were in dire straits.

They were on the edge of life and death.

The difference between the number of people on both sides was too large. The Zhu family had used the entire month to recall and gather all their elites just for today!

The crowd of spectators in the square all had dull looks in their eyes.

“The Luo family will be destroyed soon. The mutually opposing structure of the four major families in Jade Mountain City will be broken. From here on out, the Jade Mountain City will be changed to the Zhu family name!”

While this was all happening…

Luo Tian, inside the world of slaughter.

He was currently sitting down in the world of slaughter while his sweat made him look like he had been drenched by the rain. Across from him was the world’s number one blade that was drenched in blood and exuding a thick killing intent.

“Isn’t it time for you to make a move?”

“Kek kek… remember the conditions you promised me.” The Blood Devouring Wild Blade gave a weird chuckle.

Luo Tian replied: “Don’t worry, isn’t it just entering the path of slaughter? I will do it.”


“Then it should be my turn to make an appearance now!”


The wind and the clouds started surging causing the sky to darken and turning bloody red. Luo Tian slowly opened his eyes and from unknown where, he was suddenly holding onto a huge blade covered in blood.

A huge blade weighing one thousand eight hundred jins!

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