Undefeatable – Ch97

Chapter 97 – Shura Death God

Zhu Changfeng was directly beaten into a kneeling position


He was still resisting with all his might with a face full of anger. As long as he finds the slightest chance, he will definitely counterattack and kill Luo Tian with a single strike!

Luo Tian wasn’t dumb.

He clearly understood the logic behind: “when you’re ill, go for the kill.”

Beating a downed opponent was something he enjoyed the most.

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade chopped down one after another, and each strike was heavier than the next. Zhu Changfeng’s knees had started bleeding from the impact, his face turning pale and his breathing becoming irregular. His face now looked ugly beyond comparison.

Luo Tian’s blade was chopping down too fast.

With the addition of the Blood Devouring Wild Blade’s slaughtering aura and killing intent grinding against his awareness, Zhu Changfeng could only bitterly hang on.

The more Luo Tian chopped down, the more excited he became. This type of overwhelming pressure was too awesome, so he started laughing and said: “Motherf*cker, is that all you’ve got as a Profound Master 9th rank?”

“What’s so amazing about Azure Cloud Sect’s disciples?”

“You wanted to steal my woman?”

“You wanted to kill off all my Luo family members?”

“You son of a b*tch, stand up and act unruly again!”

Each time he said a sentence, Luo Tian would have an extremely smug expression on his face as he chopped down with the blade. With his right arm mainly supporting the Blood Devouring Wild Blade, the one thousand eight hundred jin of weight had almost dislocated his shoulder joint many times. But he didn’t stop his movements because the feeling he was experiencing right now was simply too awesome.

This Undying Rage type of skill from Tryndamere was just like – if Gods block me, kill god; if Buddha blocks me, kill Buddha! This kind of experience wasn’t something a video game could give its players.

Only when one personally experiences it would they understand how awesome and pleasurable it feels!


Zhu Changfeng was suppressed to the point of being enraged to the max.

He started roaring into the air and the profound energy in his dantian exploded forth. His whole body from head to toe was now wrapped up in profound energy.

“Luo Tian, I’m going to play you to death!”

A mournful roar was then heard.

Zhu Changfeng’s full strength had exploded forth!

His hair became disheveled and his face contorted. Zhu Changfeng was similar to a lunatic right now because Luo Tian had pushed him over the edge.

Seeing Zhu Changfeng displaying his might, Luo Tian lightly jumped back and showed an extremely shocked face. “Woa, you’re going to play me to death! I’m sooooooo scared.”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian’s lips curved into a sneer that looked like a grim reaper smiling. He then said in his mind: “Wild Blade, now it’s time we played him to death.”

“I’ve already done all my venting.”

“He has already kneeled before me so I can’t have him kiss my feet as well right? That would simply be too inhumane.”

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade rolled its eyes and said: “In accordance with my temper, this daddy would’ve sent him to death in one strike. Why bother blabbing so much and wasting time?”

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade had an explosive temper.

What he sought was speed – the fast speed where a single blade can cut the world apart!

Luo Tian didn’t like it quick.

He enjoyed dragging it out a bit so that it can show a man’s glory…

For someone that had ridiculed him since the beginning, acting arrogant with a smug attitude, and a face that seemed to disdain everyone like they all owed him money.

Luo Tian had a very simple way with dealing with these types of people – pay them back multiple times!

Beat his shameless face swollen and beat him until he crawls on the ground. Make him understand his fate for showing off in front of this daddy!

Luo Tian had pretty much finished what he wanted to do.

The only thing left was to send Zhu Changfeng off to his death.

That’s why…

Luo Tian had given the control of his right arm to the Blood Devouring Wild Blade to use.

Zhu Changfeng looked quite domineering right now with eyes filled with savagery. His hands reached into the air as he growled: “Go to hell for me!”

His palm made of profound energy was at least double the strength of the previous.

Luo Tian’s right arm started getting agitated as a strong surge of power came from the depths of his body.


The speed was shockingly fast! The speed of the power surging out was so fast that Luo Tian almost couldn’t feel where it came from. The strength of his right arms instantly felt like they could support an entire mountain, making Luo Tian shocked speechless.

The strength of the Blood Devouring Wild Blade had completely exploded forth.

This all happened in an instant.

The one thousand eight hundred jin blade was raised above Luo Tian’s head. The blood colored blade started staining the sky red which gave everyone’s face a tinge of red glow.

This blade was encroaching on the heavens!

Its unbridled and domineering arrogance was being released in a reckless manner, enveloping the entire Jade Mountain city. This was simply too powerful!

This powerful aura was something words couldn’t even describe!

World of slaughter!

Luo Tian’s heart suddenly sank. Did the Blood Devouring Wild Blade want to slaughter everyone inside the Jade Mountain City?

His heart shook.

Luo Tian immediately roared out: “Wild Blade, what are you doing? Don’t forget our agreement!”

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade started laughing in a crazy manner, “Hahaha… what? You scared? I was just trying to scare them a little bit.”

“You damn lunatic!”

“Don’t worry, we have an agreement. As long as you were willing to follow my path of slaughter, I will help you take care of the other matters.”

Without trying to conceal anything, Luo Tian said: “Motherf*cker, one day I will make you kneel before me too.”

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade was similar to a time bomb. If Luo Tian wasn’t careful, he might explode in a fiery death from it.

Luo Tian will definitely find an opportunity to solve this kind of uncertainty inside his body!

The Wild Blade started laughing crazily again, “I look forward to that day arriving. But for now brat, just watch the path of slaughter from the world’s greatest domineering blade!”

In an instant…

The moment before Zhu Changfeng’s attack descended, Luo Tian’s right arm under the control of the Blood Devouring Wild Blade started chopping down.


The blade’s body started giving off a scarlet colored ripple of energy that fluctuated outwards.

Right after that…

Everything in Luo Tian’s eyes had turned red. It was as if a God of Death had descended from the heavens and landed in a world that had become a huge pool of blood.

He was similar to a Shura from hell…

“The first stratum of the path of slaughter- Shura Death God!


As the word “slash” faded, the huge blade started moving. Zhu Changfeng’s energy palm was instantly shattered causing him to be dumbstruck. All he could do was watch as the huge blade come chopping down towards him.

Currently, his world was just like Luo Tian’s.

It was completely overpowered by killing intent.


The blade chopped down from top to bottom, separating Zhu Changfeng’s body into two.

Instant kill!

At the same time, the system’s alert tone sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Zhu Changfeng. You have gained 5000 experience points, 600 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a xuan stone.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining…”

A flurry of alert tones sounded off but Luo Tian didn’t bother to pay attention to it. He was currently in a shocked state from experiencing the Blood Devouring Wild Blade’s path of slaughter – Shura Death God. He then mumbled to himself: “F*cking hell, so the path of slaughter was this impressive! Back then when I read novels that mentioned path of heaven or this and that path, looks like they were all trash. With three thousand available paths for martial cultivators to embark on, looks like the path of slaughter is the most awesome.”

The first stratum of the path of slaughter was already this awesome, so what about the second stratum? Third stratum… the hundredth stratum?”

Holy crap, Luo Tian didn’t dare to continue imagining it.

At the same time…

Luo Tian made up his mind and said without hesitation: “I’m entering the path of slaughter.”

There was no response from the Blood Devouring Wild Blade.

Luo Tian repeated himself: “Wild Blade, this brother wants to tread the path of slaughter.”

There was still no response.

“Your sister you damn Wild Blade, did you hear that this brother wants to enter the path of slaughter?”

Still not a bit of sound.

After chopping Zhu Changfeng in half, it seemed like the blade had disappeared.

“Shit man, I’m giving you face now and you’re not taking it? You were just begging me to enter the path of slaughter yet now this daddy says he’s going to do it and your sister doesn’t even make a farting noise. What the hell are you up to?” Said Luo Tian in a bad mood.

There was still no response internally.

Just when Luo Tian was about to give up…

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade’s weak voice finally responded: “Stop being so noisy. Do you know how much energy this daddy needs to use to activate Shura Death God? Enter the path of slaughter next time because I have no strength to guide you right now, so don’t bother me for the next half a month.”

Its voice was very raspy like an old person at the height of their sickness.

Luo Tian was stunned and scratched his head briefly before laughing heartily: “Weren’t you so arrogant before? So you too have moments when you’re weak, hahaha…”

“Laugh your sister!”

“If you don’t continue paying attention to the battle, your Luo family members will die off very soon.”

Luo Tian’s mind sank, “Shit, I almost forgot about them and their potential for a huge amount of experience points!”

Luo Tian turned around to glare at Zhu Yaozong who was killing in a frenzy. He then coldly sneered: “Motherf*cker, watch how this daddy plays you to death now!”

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