I have moved to gravitytales.com

Instead of waiting for the technical problems to be solved at an unknown timeframe, GGP made the executive decision of having me move immediately. This site of mine will now become a backup so all future chapter releases will be on Gravity.

Here’s Chapter 131 – Greek Warriors
Chapter 132
Chapter 133
Chapter 134
Chapter 135
Chapter 136
Chapter 137
Chapter 138
Chapter 139
Chapter 140
Chapter 141
Chapter 142
Chapter 143
Chapter 144
Chapter 145
Chapter 146
Chapter 147
Chapter 148
Chapter 149
Chapter 150
Chapter 151
Chapter 152
Chapter 153
Chapter 154
Chapter 155
Chapter 156
Chapter 157
Chapter 158
Chapter 159
Chapter 160

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5 Responses to I have moved to gravitytales.com

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  2. kekkojoker90 says:

    I dont have an account on gravity but its nice to see a person with your perseverance to get his opportunity. I was on this site from chapter 30 i think and is deserved


    • omgitsaray says:

      thank you for your support all this time! my motivation has +1!


      • kekkojoker90 says:

        How is going on gravity?


      • omgitsaray says:

        With a big organization, there’s lots of rules to follow so I have less flexibility. But overall, it’s a nice to meet other translators instead of being a lone wolf heh. Since you already have a wordpress account, you can login to gravity as well with it (unless they move to the new site). So comment away there and give me your support! My novel is one of the least commented novels on there *cry*


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