Some announcements

I’ve been so lazy but I’ve finally backed up all the chapters to the most current. The chapters you read here will be slightly different to gravitytales because the ones on there have been edited to flow better in English. The 9HTM chapters here will be more representative to the author’s words which at times is awkward in English, and also at times repetitive because they have a quota to fill.

In the future, I will make a .com site and see if I can earn some money from ads, while also doing a side project of translating a novel that’s been dropped. What novel that will be is still in the air and I welcome suggestions.

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5 Responses to Some announcements

  1. devilsadvocate6 says:

    oh man…..i would kill to have someone translate wicked soldier king, that one got dropped!
    just a suggestion sire mate


  2. omgitsaray says:

    i hesitate because they said in sept. they just taking a break for now, and if i pick it up, it’ll be like a one per week kind of deal until 9htm ends


  3. Souen no Historia hasn’t been updated in about a year and a half. Although I never heard of it being announced as dropped it pretty much is. It’s japanese though.


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