Undefeatable Chapter 328 bonus

This bonus chapter has been brought to you by Simon S. and the readers that allow the ads on this site to load up. Thank you all! Thus, $50 will be taken from the bank but May revenue is already in which I’ll post next time.

I can never understand how they determine pay for the ads here. One day it’s $0.04 per thousand views, and another day it was $0.10. All I know is that June ad revenue is going to be up there!

Head on over and support me on Patreon! You can read up to 7 chapters in advance now!

Here’s Chapter 328 – Bring her in as well

This is 1/1 bonus chapter for the month. Now I can work on some 9HTM chapters.

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  1. Netizen1 says:

    It’s like the stock exchange, up and down…


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