Undefeatable – Ch328

Chapter 328 – Bring Her In As Well

Tang Qingtian was at the Profound Saint realm.

He was able to suppress Long Wang not because he had a higher cultivation level, but he had actually burned his own life force.

This was a type of secret skill that over drafted one’s life.

Tang Qingtian’s body had suddenly deflated and layers of wrinkles appeared on his face. It was as if he had suddenly aged a few decades.

An Chunchun walked up to Tang Qingtian and held onto him. She then said comfortingly: “Old grandpa, are you okay?”

Tang Qingtian patted the top of An Chunchun’s head and said: “Don’t worry; I can still handle this type of ability and won’t die yet.”

Luo Tian’s brows formed a frown.

He was completely speechless.

He didn’t know what to say.

A person was willing to put his nation up as a gambling stake in order to give you ten years of peace. Luo Tian felt like he had no way to repay him.

No matter what…

The Great Tang will become a part of his life.

Luo Tian had now put the Great Tang deep inside his heart at a very important place.

Of course…

Tang Qingtian was gambling.

He was betting huge to the point of putting the Great Tang as an ante.

He was helping Luo Tian and helping himself. His selfish motive was to tie Luo Tian together with his Great Tang Dynasty.

He had now accomplished that.

Luo Tian was now without a doubt tied together with the Great Tang.

Not were they just tied together, the Great Tang’s future was practically handed over to Luo Tian. For Luo Tian to defeat Long Wang in ten years time was near impossible. Tang Qingtian’s move this time was extremely dangerous and even he was a bit scared afterward.

Luo Tian was a special individual.

His strength, his innate talent, and everything about him was very special.


For someone to break through from the Profound King to the Profound Saint realm in ten years time, this was something even ancient history had no records of. No one has been able to accomplish that. The Profound Saint realm was a supreme level where every step towards it was incomparably difficult.

Wanting to peek at the secrets of heaven to gain saintly might was difficult to the extreme!

But Tang Qingtian still decided to make this bet!

He didn’t regret the decision he made. He looked at Luo Tian with a faint smile and said: “Kid, don’t feel too much pressure. This old man believes in you. You will definitely defeat Long Wang in ten years time.”

Luo Tian clenched his teeth and replied in a serious manner: “Thank you!”

Luo Tian rarely said the words “thank you” to people but whenever he did say it, it would be sincere and heartfelt.

He will forever remember this bout of kindness!

Tang Qingtian faintly smiled while his face clearly showed a pale complexion. “This old man will leave first while this place will be handed over to you.”

After saying that…

His figure disappeared and instantly arrived back at a secret chamber inside the imperial palace. He then spat out a mouthful of dark colored blood.

Tang Qingtian frowned. A golden colored imperial qi surged out and covered his body, slowly healing the injuries he had sustained.

After burning his life force, it turned a several thousand year old elderly man into a pale and frail looking old man!


Luo Tian grabbed Feng Lei, Xuan Yuanyi, and Blindman Liu and put them together.

Feng Lei had a smile on his face. Blood had solidified on his face and turned into a thick black colored armor. “Boss, boss, did we win?”

Xuan Yuanyi gave a dazzling smile and said: “Brother Fatty, you still have the strength to speak? You should be resting instead.”

Blindman Liu also started smiling while the fleshly wings on his back had shrunk back into his body. He then revealed his yellow stained teeth and said: “My fellow brothers, do you want me, Blindman Liu to play a song for you guys?”





The four of them started laughing in unison.

Luo Tian was laughing so hard that tears were coming out. Inside his sleeves, his fists were clenched tightly as he said to himself: “Having brothers is really great!”

If they hadn’t helped him by blocking Qi Fu, most likely he wouldn’t be of this world anymore.

Living and dying together!

Luo Tian was touched to the extreme!

An Chunchun was smiling while standing to the side, except her tears kept streaming down her face. “Big brother Fatty, big brother Yuanyi, Uncle Blindman, you guys shouldn’t be talking so much. The injuries you have sustained are very serious.”

“It was all Chunchun’s fault.”

“It was because of me that you have all become like this.”

“Big brother Luo Tian, you should smack me. Just smack my little butt, wuuu~…”

An Chunchun cried even harder.

She was crying hard just like the little child she was.

Luo Tian’s heart ached from seeing that.

Without waiting for him to say something, Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er recovered and shouted: “Whoever dares to hit Chunchun’s butt, this old lady will end their lives!”

The two of them stood up and looked around. They noticed the destruction, Luo Tian covered in blood, and Feng Lei and the others lying on the ground like they were dead. Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er’s expression immediately changed. They bit their lips and tears started coming out.

“It was our fault for not listening.”

“If we hadn’t come to the auction house, then all of this wouldn’t have happened.”

“It was all because of us!”

The two girls started blaming themselves.

Luo Tian walked up and embraced the two as they quietly sobbed. Luo Tian then patted their backs and said: “It’s fine now, everything has passed. I promise that from today onwards, I will never let something like this happen ever again!”

After comforting them with some more words…

Luo Tian lowered his body and said to fatty and company: “Nobody move; I will now treat the injuries on your bodies.”

He made a thought…

And activated the skill Healing Arts.

A holy-like light descended and Feng Lei’s body faintly trembled. His wounds started closing but it was a bit of a painful process. Only now was he able to slowly fully open his eyes.

“Endure it!”

Luo Tian’s mind sank as he fiercely shouted to himself: “Long Wang! In under ten years, this daddy will definitely go f*ck your Outer Heavenly Palace!”

Healing Arts was continuously being used.

It was being cast at a crazy rate!

Luo Tian was like a madman as they were being cast without pause.

Apart from one’s sea of consciousness and one’s mind that Healing Arts couldn’t heal, the fleshly wounds and internal organs were quickly recovering on their bodies. The face of those three clearly showed their recovery as they slowly turned rosier.

Two hours later…

The three of them were able to sit up.

Luo Tian gasped for air as his profound energy points were completely depleted. He then raised his head and swallowed a hundred top grade xuan stones.

His profound energy quickly rose back up.

At this time…

An Chunchun was leaning against the glass box with her hands. The demon fox clan woman was doing the same gesture. Their eyes were staring at each other with a smile on their faces. The woman’s smile was very beautiful; to the point that Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er at the side were dumbstruck by it.

“Very beautiful!”

“I have never seen such a beautiful woman before.”

“I have never such a beautiful smile before.”

Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er were considered top beauties capable of toppling countries and kingdoms with their looks. But when they were compared to An Chunchun’s mother’s looks, it was like those two had nothing they could take out to compare at all. Those two were subconsciously attracted to her as well.

The two looked at each and smiled. One of them then casually said: “This big beauty is very attractive looking. Smelly scoundrel, you should bring her into our group as well.”

Luo Tian stepped forward and glared at them. “What kind of words are you two spouting? She’s An Chunchun’s mother.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s gaze trembled as he said: “Chunchun, move over a bit. I’m going to rescue your mother now.”

He was gradually getting excited.

The reward for an S-rank quest… what would one hundred thousand points of favorability do?


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