Undefeatable – Ch329

Chapter 329 – Godly Rewards

S-rank quest!

It had finally reached its completion.

Saying he wasn’t excited would be false. Luo Tian’s heart was currently beating quickly from anxiety!

Looking at the glass box, Luo Tian made a hand gesture to have the demon fox clan woman back up. He then shouted: “Eternal Kingdom!”


A dim and black light extended outwards…

Instantly enshrouding the glass box in its domain.

Tang Tang’s brows quivered as she said with a hint of zeal: “Smelly scoundrel is quite awesome; he even knows a spatial martial skill.”

Qin Yue’er faintly smiled and said: “That bastard actually know a lot of stuff. Hasn’t senior brother mentioned it to you before?”

“Ninth brother? Mention what?”

“Mention all the things that have happened at Dark Mountain Corpse City. That bastard saved us both there and learned the spatial skill from there.”

“He’s the idol that Ninth brother has been talking about?”

Tang Tang pouted and clenched her hands. She then pretended to be angry and said: “Humph! Ninth brother, you just watch how I’ll take care of you when I get back! No wonder that smelly scoundrel always has that weird mysterious look; so he already saw through all my words. After bullying me, he would always say he’d have Ninth brother’s idol beat him until he had to pick up his teeth from the ground, so he was just treating me like a fool all this time!”


Qin Yue’er was stunned by this and started giggling.

Inside the domain of Eternal Kingdom…

Luo Tian was in control of everything. His right hand started moving as a heavy punch landed on the glass box.

The glass box shattered…

But the glass shards didn’t fly out all over the place. Within his spatial domain, Luo Tian was the overlord and was able to control everything that went on inside.

After shattering the glass box, Luo Tian then said: “Below is the metal chain that’s wrapping around your neck and legs, so don’t move around.”

The demon fox clan woman cooperated and said: “En, I appreciate your hard work.”

Her voice had an ethereal feeling to it.

It was very easy on the ears and almost made Luo Tian’s bones weaken.

The voice was too powerful and almost made Luo Tian unable to hold back. It was fortunate that he had a firm heart or else he would’ve done something right then and there!

The time it takes for a spark to fly off a flint…

The runed metal chains shattered under two of Luo Tian’s strikes. He then picked up the demon fox clan woman to protect her. The moment he held her, she didn’t struggle and cooperated perfectly. Her voice was capable of weakening one’s bones and her body almost melted Luo Tian’s entire body!

This feeling…

Luo Tian couldn’t describe it and could only say it was similar to floating to heaven.

The timer for the Eternal Kingdom skill was up.

Glass flew out and the runed metal chains exploded. Luo Tian was using his body to block the shockwave he had created.

“So handsome!”

“He’s handsome to a complete mess!”

“That bastard didn’t disappoint me, hee hee…”

Within Luo Tian’s embrace, the demon fox clan woman had a dazed look in her eyes. She was smelling the faint scent of sweat, blood, and the smell that only mature men had on Luo Tian. His strong and steady chest seemed to be capable of blocking the wind, rain and protecting you your entire life.

At this moment…

She seemed to have lost her senses.

Luo Tian didn’t have any feelings except for his lower part almost about to point up straight into the sky. The kind that wanted to pierce through the heavens! “Calm down, calm down. Luo Tian, you beast, we’re right in front of An Chunchun! You must calm down!”


An Chunchun directly jumped over.

Luo Tian used this chance to lower her.

The demon fox clan woman lowered herself and embraced An Chunchun while tears streamed down her face.

The mother and daughter pair were both crying.

Their tears made the hearts of everyone present ache.

After a while…

The demon fox clan woman stood up and bowed before Luo Tian. She then said tenderly: “This one is called Da Ji. Thank you to hero for looking after Chunchun all this time. Thank you to hero for this saving grace. If… if… hero doesn’t mind, this one is willing… willing…”

At this moment…

Luo Tian wasn’t paying attention to the rest of her words…

Because he was completely focused on the system’s alert tones.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for completing the S-rank quest Rescue An Chunchun’s Mother. You have gained 1,000,000 experience points, 100,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a random earth grade martial skill book…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining 100,000 favorability points with An Chunchun.”

A sound that was as soft as a sigh.

Luo Tian noticed a holy-like light come out from An Chunchun’s body.

The light then sprinkled onto Luo Tian’s body.

At this moment…

The system gave off another alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the blessing from the Goddess of Luck. Your luck value has increased by +100!”

“How much?!”

Luo Tian was in a daze.

He thought he heard it wrong and immediately opened up the system interface to take a look. He then found that his personal attributes had a new status line.

Luck Value: 100

“Oh shit!!!”

“This is motherf*cking heaven defying!” Luo Tian was so excited that his blood felt like it was burning up. He then roared out internally: “I knew it! I knew 100,000 favorability points will have a special usage! How fierce is it to have 100 luck points? The loot explosion from killing a chicken might even give me a piece of divine equipment! This… this… this is too f*cking awesome! Awesome to the point that even I don’t dare to believe it’s real!”

Luck value!

Different games would give different descriptions.

But they all had one thing in common.

And that is its ability to raise a player’s loot explosion rate of items. The higher one’s luck value was, the higher the chance of getting better quality items.

A better way to say this…

All the chickens in the world would amount to over 10 billion, and one of those chickens pecking for food happens to swallow a divine item. For someone with a lot of luck points, they can randomly kill a chicken and a divine item would explode from the chicken’s corpse. This was the power of having a high luck value!

Moreover, apart from the rate of better loots popping out, there would also be one’s attack, defense, or even one’s charm would be increased by it.

One hundred points of luck was considered the max amount.

This was definitely an attribute considered heaven defying.

Luo Tian almost couldn’t handle the excitement anymore. “This reward might even be better than what I could get from a SSS-rank quest! This is too heaven defying! Hahaha… Oh you system, this daddy loves you to death!”

In fact…

This was what Luo Tian benefited from taking care of An Chunchun.

Many things have happened this past year that has accumulated in An Chunchun’s heart. There were many times Luo Tian’s rage had shot into the sky for her. When dealing with Long Wang, an opponent that Luo Tian couldn’t defeat, he was willing to use his life in exchange for An Chunchun’s life. This was all being stored inside the depths of her heart.

Even the mysterious powers inside her was moved by those actions.


The moment Luo Tian rescued her mother, the mysterious powers of her seemed to be satisfied to the brink.

The 100,000 favorability points had brought forward the 100 luck points.

This was something Luo Tian naturally didn’t know of.

An Chunchun herself didn’t know either.

Because the mysterious power inside her wasn’t something she could control.

Luo Tian suddenly remembered Ghost Dragon’s words before he died: Take good care of An Chunchun because she will be of great assistance to you. She has a powerful force inside her that will allow you to reach the peak of this world.

At this time…

Luo Tian started to understand the meaning behind those words.

“100 luck points!”

“Saint weapons, divine weapons, or even ancient divine weapons wouldn’t be a problem. Hahaha…” Luo Tian was ecstatic as his face showed a rosy glow.

At this time…

Qin Yue’er glared at Luo Tian and said: “Bastard, are you going to agree to it or not? Say something!”

Luo Tian didn’t even know what she was talking about and just mindlessly nodded: “I agree.”

At this moment, Da Ji’s face started blushing…


(T/N: I don’t remember Ghost Dragon telling Luo Tian about the mysterious force inside An Chunchun… oh well.)

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