Undefeatable – Ch330

Chapter 330 – You Reckless Thing

One month later.

It was the most peaceful month that Luo Tian had ever experienced after arriving in this world.

He would train his skills each day.

Whichever martial skill proficiency could be increased, had been increased.

The one thousand top grade xuan stones had been all used up, and there weren’t much demon cores left either.

One must say…

Training in martial skills for Luo Tian had truly consumed a lot of profound energy and only a few thousand proficiency points was gained in return. Of course, only Luo Tian had this option because others wouldn’t even get the chance to use so much profound energy for these gains.

Only he was like some type of rich tycoon that could eat xuan stones like candy and ingest demon cores like eating a meal.

Many people in the imperial palace were eyeing him while their hearts trembled thinking: How rich is this guy?!



Luo Tian dripped a drop of blood essence onto the dragon’s egg.

As the blood essence landed…

The dragon egg faintly trembled and gave off a red glow. It then quieted down and sat there silently once again.

“There’s only one month to go!”

“Only one month left and it will hatch. I wonder what this dragon would look like? I hope it looks like those Huaxia dragons, but if it looks like those four-legged lizards, then…” Luo Tian started talking to himself.

In order to protect him in the Spectral Forbidden Grounds, the dragon egg released a powerful force similar to a meat grinder and instantly killed Mo Long. As bits and pieces of bloody flesh was being devoured, just recalling it made Luo Tian feel horrified.

If it wasn’t for the dragon egg, Luo Tian most likely would’ve died in the hands of Mo Long already.

Thinking of Mo Long, Luo Tian couldn’t help start narrowing his eyes and spit out the name: “Li Wenzong!”

“Dragon head!”

Blindman Liu rushed up with a hurried look and said: “Just like you guessed, the Skynet assassin at the Dao Shang’s auction house was hired by Li Wenzong for 3000 top grade xuan stones.”

“So it’s true!”

Luo Tian’s expression turned gloomy while he clenched his fists. “Does Ninth brother know about this?”

“He should know by now,” replied Blindman Liu.

Immediately after…

Blindman Liu continued saying: “Dragon head, Li Wenzong kept sending out assassins to deal with us. Do we need to…?”

Blindman Liu made a slitting throat gesture.

Luo Tian was in thought for a bit before his brows shot up, “We’ll wait a few more days to see what attitude the Emperor has.”

If Tang Qingtian hadn’t helped him…

If Tang Zhanlong hadn’t helped him as well… If it wasn’t for his relationship with Tang Tang and Tang Jiu… Luo Tian would have instantly killed his way into the Minister’s Manor and wiped out all the young and old of the Li family.

If it was him of the past, he would’ve really done this.

But it was different now.

He owed the Great Tang too much. Li Wenzong was an in-law to the Emperor and the head of the civil ministers. Before killing him, Luo Tian had to take into account the feelings of Tang Zhanlong. He was nonetheless the nation’s Emperor so if you want to kill his minister, you had to at least let him know first, right?

“Prince Consort!”

“His Majesty wishes to see you at Harmony Palace.” A eunuch rushed up and respectfully said to Luo Tian.

Luo Tian’s brows quivered before saying politely: “I will go over right now.”

It’s unknown if the little eunuch was instructed by someone or that he worshipped Luo Tian, but he whispered: “Minister Li is currently filing charges against you so you need to be careful. He has been laying down a lot of your wrongdoings.”


Anger rose up inside Luo Tian as he said to himself: “You damn dog thing! This daddy didn’t go looking for trouble with you, yet you come looking for trouble with me?!”

Blindman Liu immediately said: “Dragon head, do we need to call for more people?”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at him and responded: “What’s the use of calling more people? Have a gang fight?”

Blindman Liu grinned while revealing his yellow stained teeth. He then scratched his head and said: “The more people we have, the moral and momentum we can exude. We can just scare him to death, heh heh…”

Luo Tian then said: “I alone am more than enough when dealing with a Li Wenzong. You stay here and don’t tell the others where I’m going. It’s a perfect time for me to go out for a stroll since there are a lot of things I haven’t taken care of yet.”

He truly had a lot of things to do.

He had determined the approximate location of the ancient treasure.

It was all thanks to Wild Blade for studying the ancient scroll day in and day out.

Then again…

It was due to Long Tian exploding out with the Revelation Key. Once Wild Blade got his hands on the key, it allowed him to unravel the mystery behind the ancient scroll and determine the location of the ancient treasure.

After the battles inside the Spectral Forbidden Grounds, Wild Blade’s soul had suffered a serious injury so he needed to rest for half a month in order to recover.

Luo Tian felt like he owed him and truly wanted to find a chance for Wild Blade to materialize an actual body. From then on, he wouldn’t get implicated when Luo Tian gets injured in the future. It was also something Luo Tian should be doing to pay him back.


“Take care, dragon head.” Blindman Liu said with a smile.

Luo Tian walked towards the little eunuch and said: “If you could please lead the way.”

The little eunuch was a bit overwhelmed by the politeness and quickly showed the way.


Inside Harmony Palace.

Li Wenzong was kneeling on the ground and revealing an expression of bitterness and hatred. “Your Majesty, if we don’t get rid of that villain, there will definitely be a lot more trouble in the future. The old ancestor used our Great Tang as a gambling stake! There’s no way that kid can reach the supreme Profound Saint realm in just ten years of time!”

“It was all because of him that our relationship with the Sea Cloud Sect has fallen afoul.”

“He then provoked the Southern Mountain Sect at the auction and almost fought with Heavenly Plume City’s Noble Tianyu.”

“Even if we don’t mention those things, he goes along and offends the Dao Shang Alliance! That kid is the scourge of our Great Tang! Even if this old official has to die, I will still have to say something~ Your majesty, please invite out the enshrined experts and send his corpse to the Outer Heavenly Palace. Have his head chopped off and hung on the gates of Heavenly Sword City to make a declaration of our intention to repair our friendship with the Sea Cloud Sect, Southern Mountain Sect, and the Heavenly Plume City.”

Tang Zhanlong didn’t say a word or have any expressions on his face as he listened to Li Wenzong’s words.

Li Wenzong saw that Tang Zhanlong wasn’t saying anything so he continued: “This old official understands he is engaged to Princess Lasting Peace, but it’s precisely this that he shouldn’t continue living. We cannot allow Princess Lasting Peace to live a life where she’s constantly being chased down to be killed.”

“Your Majesty, if you feel like you cannot make a move, this old official can do it on your behalf.”


“Are you going to hire a Skynet assassin to try to kill me again?” Luo Tian walked into the audience hall with a faint smile. He gave a slight bow to the Emperor but didn’t kneel down.

Tang Zhanlong lightly smiled in response.

Anger was seen in Li Wenzong’s eyes as he pointed at Luo Tian’s nose and scolded: “You damn bastard! Why aren’t you kneeling upon seeing his majesty?! Do you know what crime you’ve committed? Deceiving the monarch and defying one’s superior! All nine familial kinships to you can be exterminated because of that!”


“Li Wenzong, I’m really scared!”

“You want to exterminate all nine familial kinships of my family, huh?”

“You seem to be acting a bit overly ruthless.” Luo Tian continued walking forward with a faint smile.

Tang Zhanlong stood up and yawned before saying: “I’m tired, so if there’s nothing else, I’m going to leave first. Mei Lan is still waiting for me to Fight the Landlord. Kid, that Fight the Landlord game you invented is really interesting, hahaha…”

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!” Li Wenzong kneeled down and crawled forward. He then hurriedly advised: “You should quickly give the order to have him executed!”

Tang Zhanlong was smiling at Li Wenzong’s ignorance. “You have been considering yourself as too much importance lately, and I am very clear on all the things you have done. Luo Tian hasn’t wiped out your entire family because he’s giving you face, yet you still dare to act recklessly here and file charges against him?”

“Do you know why I have called him here today?”

“It’s exactly so that he can kill you!”

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