9HTM – Ch203

Chapter 203 – Finding The Antidote

Back then, the Kou country’s Yamaguchi-gumi wanted to come to Tenglong country and use the bacterium to earn huge profits. And Lei Yu knew during that time, the Ming Sect’s Du Chang Hai had bought some drugs from the Yamaguchi-gumi. When Lei Yu had previously captured those research scientists while cleaning up Yamaguchi Island, those scientists wanting to preserve their lives had spilled everything they knew. But due to a number of reasons, Martial Sect did not make any moves towards Ming Sect. It appears that things have now revealed itself, where the Ming Sect could no longer hold back their ambitions.

“You’re talking about the Ming Sect?” Lin Cang Hai asked with a slight surprise.

Lei Yu nodded, “It’s a possibility. I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet but I think the Ming Sect made this desperate move because of my return. The relationship between the Lei family and I is already a foregone conclusion, which isn’t a big secret. And from another perspective, I could still be considered a member of Martial Sect.” ¹

“What you’ve said make sense, so what do you plan on doing?”

Lei Yu pointed to Shangguan Xi Hong lying on the bed. “Let’s first take a look at the extent of the poison.”

Going to the bedside, Lei Yu asked the person that was always by the side of Shangguan Xi Hong: “When did you find out that he was poisoned?”

“Last night.” The old man replied.

“I need the exact time!” Lei Yu frowned, clearly not satisfied with the answer.

The members of the Shangguan family were usually proud and arrogant, but taking into account of Lei Yu’s identity, the old man didn’t reveal his anger. Moreover, in front of Lei Yu, he was not qualified to show his temper.

Another middle-aged man on the side answered: “Last night around midnight was when we realized something was wrong. I was together with brother Shangguan when he suddenly became unconscious.”

Lei Yu nodded, “Time is running out, we have less than twelve hours. We have to quickly find a way to detoxify the poison or else even if the Gods came, they would be powerless.”

The words of Lei Yu were easier said than done. If they could really figure out a way to save Shangguan Xi Hong, then this group of people wouldn’t be standing around with a helpless look on their faces.

“Humph, such useless words. If there was a way, we would have already went and gotten it. There’s simply no cure for this type of poison!” The previous old man said in a sarcastic tone.

“I would like to ask: How do you know there’s no cure for this poison? Do you happen to know the medicinal properties of this poison quite well?” Lei Yu asked with his eyes narrowed.

“You… you… you’re blabbing nonsense!” The face of the old man suddenly became pale. Although Lei Yu’s words were insufficient to hint at something, the old man’s overreaction did make everyone a bit suspicious. Could it really be him?

Lei Yu only grinned and didn’t say anything more. If it really was this old man, one thing for certain is that he had a relationship with Du Chang Hai or someone high up in the Ming Sect.

Lei Yu stared at the old man for a full two minutes without saying a thing. The old man was dripping in sweat that even drenched the clothes he was wearing. He didn’t even dare to look Lei Yu in the eyes. One can imagine there was definitely something fishy going on.

It was not necessary for Lei Yu to say anything more and people will start paying attention to this old man. Since Shangguan Xi Hong had high prestige in the family, he must have a lot of trusted confidants by his side. Once Lei Yu’s words caused doubt within the family, the old man was shortly taken away without hesitation for interrogation.

Lei Yu then brought out a hard drive from his storage ring. “Chairman Lin, I took this from Dr. Tony’s place. Inside the hard drive should contain his life’s work. I hope you can handle this item properly because I don’t wish to see those horrible mutants appear inside our Tenglong country.” Even though Lei Yu does not fully agree with the way Lin Cang Hai does things, he is after all doing them for the sake of the country. There are self-interests in the way he does things but in a broader sense, Lin Cang Hai was still a leader that could benefit mankind. Lei Yu believed it should be fine to give this hard drive to him.

“What…?! Lin Cang Hai was surprised. Both times Lei Yu returned home, he had brought back with him a massive gift. This hard drive made Lin Cang Hai feel a bit emotional and excited.

“We should draw a portion of the toxin’s component from Shangguan Xi Hong’s blood, then compare its structure with the information in the hard drive to see if we can find an antidote. This is the best that I can do. Whether he lives or dies will be up to Shangguan Xi Hong’s fate.” Lei Yu and Nuo Hu left after leaving those words.

After Nuo Hu’s car left the premise, a person was standing at the hospital entrance. “Lei Yu, the suffering my son has endured will be repaid a hundred times!”

Lei Yu waved goodbye to Nuo Hu and then thought to himself: “I can’t guarantee there will be a way to detoxify the poison in the hard drive, so everything will be up to Shangguan Xi Hong’s karmic luck.”

Lei Yu laid back and relaxed, his fox tail about to reveal itself.² If Shangguan Xi Hong is really able to have some dog shit luck and avoid this crisis, even if Lei Yu doesn’t personally go look for trouble at Ming Sect, once Shangguan Xi Hong learns the truth, he would go seek them out for retribution. At that time, Lei Yu’s chances of victory would increase a notch with Martial Sect’s help.

Sitting inside his bedroom, Lei Yu looked at the time on his cell phone. As the hours passed by, the time before the poison erupts killing Shangguan Xi Hong was less than half an hour away and there was still no news coming from Nuo Hu’s side. Perhaps they really couldn’t find a way to detoxify the poison.

Lei Yu had tried his best. If Shangguan Xi Hong really couldn’t be saved, then one could only blame his bad luck.

The moment Lei Yu had given up, his phone started ringing. Before picking up, Lei Yu looked at the time which showed there was still 10 minutes to go. “What’s going on big brother?”

“Little Yu, he woke up! He actually survived it!” Nuo Hu’s voice seemed very excited.

“Oh? I understand. If there’s anything new that comes up, give me a call.” Hanging up the phone, Lei Yu felt everything was moving according to his expectations. Even if Shangguan Xi Hong was to die, Lei Yu had another method he could use against the Ming Sect.

The morning two days later. Lei Yu had just gotten out of the bathroom when the doorbell rang. After quickly getting dressed, Lei Yu found out the person who came over was none other than Shangguan Xi Hong.

“The leader of Martial Sect is truly extraordinary. In a few short days, you’re able to recover your previous magnificent self!” Lei Yu bantered with a smile.

“Lei Yu!” Shangguan Xi Hong seemed emotional. Even though he was the leader of the Shangguan family and the Chief of the country’s multiple army divisions, he wasn’t able to hide his gratitude. “If it weren’t for your help this time, I’m afraid I’d be currently meeting with the Yama King. You are the savior of I, Shangguan Xi Hong’s life. From this day on, my life belongs to you!”

Lei Yu was a bit shocked. He never expected Shangguan Xi Hong would say these words to him.

Standing between the edges of life and death, perhaps it might be able to change a person’s personality. Lei Yu never saw Shangguan Xi Hong as a person that was insufferably arrogant, it was just that he took his own family and the Martial Sect too seriously and used the army divisions as supporting casts. But overall, Shangguan Xi Hong was really suited as the role of a leader.


¹ – The author is being ambiguous here. My take is that the four major forces of Tenglong are in balance with each other. They each have 1 Sixth Order expert except for Celestial Court who has 2, but Celestial Court doesn’t care about the earthly things of the world. If Martial Sect now has 2 Sixth Order experts, Ming Sect might be in a precarious situation.

² – Fox tail about to reveal itself symbolizes being cunning or crafty.

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