Ch 202 – A Major Event

Sitting inside Nuo Hu’s car, Lei Yu was completely shocked. “What?!” Lei Yu couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

“That’s right; I just received a call from my father. Martial Sect is in complete chaos right now because Shangguan Xi Hong may not make it!” Nuo Hu was driving really fast. Even though this matter was unrelated to Lei Yu, this sudden incident had made Lin Cang Hai request that Lei Yu go there and take a look. After all, Lei Yu used to be a member of Martial Sect and a Deputy Commander of the army. This was an incident that no one imagined could ever happen.

Nuo Hu was driving in a reckless and erratic manner, causing many vehicles to get out of his way in a panic. There were many people cursing him but once they saw his license plate, they shut their mouths and no longer dared to make a sound. This was a vehicle belonging to Dragon Group so unless they wanted to lose their lives, who would dare to continue criticizing him?

Driving for a few hours, Lei Yu and Nuo Hu arrived at the main city. Near the center of the city was the country’s largest hospital. Nuo Hu proceeded to park his car in the parking lot. This place appeared more lively than usual and the parking lot was pretty much full. Reluctantly, Nuo Hu could only find some small corner of the lot and make his own parking spot.

“Stop! Today the hospital is prohibiting everyone from entering!” A burly guy blocked the path of the two.

Lei Yu was about to give his name but didn’t expect the people of Shangguan Xi Hong to be so overbearing. “Prohibiting everyone from entering? What if there’s a patient that’s been seriously injured? Who gave you such an authority?”

Nuo Hu wanted to stop Lei Yu but the latter waved his arm to not interfere. It was clear that Lei Yu was not very happy with how this incident was being handled.

“Scram! You are not qualified to know of Martial Sect’s business!”

Lei Yu was furious. Looking around, he noticed the empty field in front of the hospital had many patients sitting next to flower beds. Even a few well-intentioned nurses were helplessly pushing patients out while they were still in their beds. They were all humans so what gave Shangguan Xi Hong the right to take up the entire hospital for himself?

“Watch the tone of your voice!” Nuo Hu interjected in rage. “I am Dragon Group’s Nuo Hu, and this is Lei Yu!”

“Lei… Lei Yu?” Hearing the words that someone was from Dragon Group, this burly guy was still filled with disdain. But hearing Lei Yu’s name, he couldn’t help swallowing hard. “The same Lei Yu that took out the Yamaguchi-gumi in the Kou country and destroyed two underground forces in the U.S.?”

“Cut the crap! I’m going to ask you once more, who gave you the authority to stop all those from entering the hospital?” Lei Yu asked again.

“It was our Eagle Group’s Commander Xiao.” The burly guy replied.

“Damn bastard! Who does he think he is?! Don’t piss me off, immediately allow all patients to enter the hospital for treatment!”

“This…” The burly guy hesitated, but upon seeing Lei Yu’s angry expression, he reluctantly nodded in agreement. If Commander Xiao blames him, the burly guy would just push the blame all on Lei Yu.

When all the patients were invited back into the hospital by several soldiers, a thin middle-aged man appeared in the hallway. A pair of cold eyes glared at the patients entering the hospital before he roared out: “Who let them come in?!”

“Co… Commander Xiao, it was…” The burly guy pointed at Lei Yu and Nuo Hu who were standing outside the hospital entrance. The person who roared out was none other than the Commander of Eagle Group, Xiao Zhang, who was also the father of Xiao Fei whose arm was broken by Lei Yu in the U.S.

“Lei Yu? It’s you!” Seeing Lei Yu, Xiao Zhang’s eyes became even colder.

“The great Commander Xiao, you are really worthy of the title… you’re arrogant beyond measure! What rights do you have to prevent others from getting care inside the hospital? Could it be that as a Commander of an army, you can disregard the life and death of others?”

“Humph! You currently don’t have a title so you aren’t qualified to speak with me in such a tone! Also, you should know that Chief Shangguan is in critical condition and needs absolute quiet.” Xiao Zhang narrowed his eyes and coldly said this.

“F*ck you! You want to kiss Shangguan Xi Hong’s ass? You are not even worth a piece of shit in his eyes. There are plenty of people inside the Shangguan family. If he were to really pass away, there will be naturally people of the Shangguan family replacing his position; it will never get to you! There’s one other thing I want to remind you: Even if I don’t have a title, Chairman Lin had previously issued a decree that I am under no one’s jurisdiction. As long as I want to, removing you from your position as the Commander of Eagle Group is as easy as pie!” Lei Yu said this without blinking.

“You…!” Lei Yu’s words completely enraged him. At the same time, he would never forget what his son had been through in the U.S. so this time; Xiao Zhang was at the edge of having a meltdown.

“Big brother, let’s go see Chief Shangguan. Hopefully he can recover or else these rats might commit an act that’s devoid of one’s conscience.” As he was saying this, Lei Yu pulled Nuo Hu’s arm. They both didn’t bother looking at Xiao Zhang anymore and walked inside.

Any place guarded by soldiers would mean the location of Shangguan Xi Hong. The two of them merely spoke their identity and successfully entered the ward containing ultra-luxurious patient rooms.

Upon seeing Shangguan Xi Hong’s appearance, Lei Yu was a bit surprised. The previous domineering and tyrannical aura was no more, replaced with a pale face as if it was void of any blood. Even his arms showed traces of early stages of festering sores.

“How could this happen?” Lei Yu raised his head and looked at the others present in the room. Apart from Lin Cang Hai, there was Nuo Yi Long, Nuo Yi Feng, and various other officials of Martial Sect.

Lin Cang Hai came over, “Lei Yu, I suspect Shangguan Xi Hong has been poisoned! And after many medical examinations, we can’t find the cause or the way to heal it. It looks like he doesn’t have much time left.”

This type of news was extremely shocking. Lei Yu gently exhaled, “If Martial Sect lost Shangguan Xi Hong, chaos would likely ensue and the outcome would definitely be unpleasant!”

Lin Cang Hai pulled Lei Yu to a corner of the room out of ear’s reach of others. “This I also know, and after careful consideration…” Looking left and right and making sure no one was eavesdropping, Lin Cang Hai then said in whisper only the two of them could hear: “We have to find someone with comparable strength and ability to take over Shangguan Xi Hong’s position.”

Lei Yu raised his eyebrows, “Chairman Lin, you’re not going throw this on me right?”

Lin Cang Hai nodded while faintly smiling. “Previously you didn’t consider my offer. Now that this great opportunity has appeared… as long as you take over his position, I believe all the strength of Martial Sect would be firmly in your hands. At that time, I will no longer have anything to worry about.”

Lei Yu shook his head and said: “I’m sorry but it’s the same words like last time – I am not interested, especially when my ambitions and the path I want to take in life is not in that direction.”


“Oh, another thing Chairman Lin, I want to closely inspect Shangguan Xi Hong’s injuries. I have my suspicions on who the culprit is that’s involved with this.”

“Who is it?” Lin Cang Hai asked.

“Someone that’s able to create a poison that a Sixth Order Warrior cannot resist, I’m afraid there are only two people that can do this in the world. The first is a research scientist that belonged to the now destroyed Yamaguchi-gumi; the other remaining person would be Dr. Tony. Apart from those two, I can’t think of anyone else with that ability. Now for the only person that is connected to those two, perhaps there’s only one such person I can think of.”

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