Ch 201 – Examining The Treasures

“Uh…, it should be considered the late stages of a Sixth Order Warrior.”

Nuo Hu’s face was filled with complaint, “You’re not human! You must be a demon sent by the Yama King to breakup my confidence! The late stage of the Sixth Order?! Is this a strength someone at your age should have?”

“Okay, enough!” Lei Yu laughed. “Isn’t my big brother also very strong? You’re not that much older than me and you’re already an elite of Dragon Group. And next year, you’re going to serve as the Deputy Commander. Could it be that someone your age should have the strength of a Fifth Order Warrior?”

Nuo Hu shook his head helplessly. There’s really no way he could compare himself to the monstrous Lei Yu, but his own achievements did make a lot of other people envious.

Whether Ai Er had a fever or for whatever reason, she suddenly asked a question that made Nuo Hu blush. “Big brother, you’re at a mature age now yet still act like a child. How come you still haven’t found a sister-in-law for me? You’re a… uh… simple and honest person and you have a high status, so the girls lining up for you should be plenty! Why don’t you think about this for a bit?”

Nuo Hu scratched his head and stammered: “You guys don’t know but I… I already have a girlfriend. But she went abroad for the past two days, that’s why even you Ai Er don’t know about it.”

Lei Yu and Ai Er glanced at each other, their eyes filled with surprise. Ai Er then laughed, “Very good of you big brother, daring to fall in love behind our back! Tell us! Which family’s daughter has such fortune?”

“This…. uh… she’ll be back in two more days so I’ll introduce her to you two then.”

“That’s more like it.”

After sending off Nuo Hu, Ai Er also followed and left. Lei Yu returned to his bedroom and brought out the Universal Pouch. Suddenly obtaining so many precious items had really caught him off guard.

Wanting to urgently know the other half of the cultivating method, Lei Yu first skimmed the scroll for the portion of the Heavenly Thunder Manual so he could see what’s so exquisite about the content.

Lei Yu quickly recited the cultivation method of the Heavenly Thunder Manual before closing his eyes to experience the secrets of it.

Each different cultivation method had its own profoundness and if one went astray, the results of their cultivation will deviate too much. Two different people who studied the same cultivation method may have completely different effects. Each person has different perception levels so even if they have the same cultivation method, their strengths may end up on different levels. One also needed an intelligent mind and a physique fit for the method of cultivating to maximize its effectiveness.

Lei Yu was surprised to find that the cultivating mantra seemed to be tailor-made for him. Each part of the documented method was similar to how he imagined the next phases of his cultivation should be heading towards. The most important thing he found was the mantra emphasized that if one were to possess two different types of energy, mastery will result in a more powerful attack.

This was something Lei Yu fully understood. Every time he utilized the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique that was given to him by the bull-head, he could feel that after fusing his lightning energy with the Lunar Star energy, the power of the attacks he releases would increase by at least double. And now that those two energy have fully fused together, it’s exactly what the other half of the Heavenly Thunder Manual required.

As for the green energy of unknown origins, Lei Yu couldn’t control it so he could only let it remain there and let it do its own thing.

The latter half of the mantra was truly exquisite and was very suitable for him to cultivate. But he couldn’t experience the latter half yet because Lei Yu had to wait until he condensed his Gold Core first.

Therefore, the only thing Lei Yu could do now was to continue consolidating his existing power. Only through various experiences would he forge ahead and condense his foundation. Being impatient and putting too much pressure on oneself will only lead to endless problems. A good example would be Lei family Elder’s grandson, Lei Yún. His foundation was too poor and he was similar to a flower in a greenhouse; one that had never experienced any ups or downs of the outside world. He had blindly relied on the Elder’s support to grow strong, that’s why he couldn’t even withstand a simple attack by Lei Yu.

Ceasing his insights, Lei Yu took hold of the Sky Devouring Sword and injected his internal energy into it. Lei Yu was unable to believe that this sword contained such vastness of power within it. Not only did the sword contain a powerful force of lightning, there was also an evil aura lurking around that for those with a weak will, their mind might be taken over. Of course Lei Yu was not worried over this since his nature and will were forged since he was young. This small amount of evil aura could be effortlessly resisted by him.

The Sky Devouring Sword had a length of 1.5 meters and width of 5 centimeters. The body of the blade was polished and gleaming with light, and lightning patterns were engraved throughout making it look pretty nice. The length of the hilt was about three fists that made it suitable for a two-handed grip. Holding it revealed the sword was quite light.

This Sky Devouring Sword can only be used by someone possessing the power of lightning. Lei Yu pitied those members of the Lei Sect who insisted on fighting for a weapon that they couldn’t even use.

Lei Yu theorized that if he injected as much power as he could release into the sword, the resulting power should be extremely horrifying. Adding the power of the Thirty-six Lunar Stars technique that wasn’t restricted by any weapons, who knows how many times the attack power would increase by. Lei Yu couldn’t help but feel overjoyed deep in his heart.

Fortunately, one good thing was that the wielder of the Sky Devouring Sword did not have to be at the Gold Core stage. And with the methods on how to use it was already within the sword, this was a joyous windfall. With this fearsome sword, Lei Yu would surely be able to take the head of Ming Sect’s Du Chang Hai.

Storing the Sky Devouring Sword, Lei Yu then brought out the item he was most curious with – the secret to refining Spiritual Beads. The scroll was made of leather filled with stains and creases that made it feel very old. It was clear that this was caused by the long passage of time.

Lei Yu calmed himself down before reading the text, and only then did he realize wanting to create these beads wasn’t an easy thing to do. One had to have mastery over the control of their internal energy in order to successfully create the beads. First, one had to condense their internal energy into a single point. Then implant certain nodes according to the method described. The distance between the two nodes were very precise because in order for it to be detonated by one’s’ internal energy, the two nodes would collide together. The two nodes would also determine the power of the blast. If those nodes are incorrectly implanted, then the bead would not be able to display its true power. That’s why in order to create this small Spiritual Bead, one had to spend several days and completely exhaust their internal energy. Internal energy can be recovered, but this process does the cultivator more harm than good. This was why only limited members of the Lei Sect would spend their time refining this life insurance.

Inside the Universal Pouch were a lot of items, but Lei Yu had no clue on what their uses were for. But three round beads caught his attention because they contained a really powerful energy. Could these be the Heavenly Thunder Beads the old ancestor mentioned? If they were, it must have been personally refined by the old ancestor. Lei Yu had no doubt that these beads held enormous power within them.

At this time, Nuo Hu’s voice was heard through the window: “Little Yu, quick! Quickly come with me! Something major has happened!”

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