Ch 200 – The Two Treasures

Looking at Lei Yu, Lei Rong Kun then said: “These past thousands of years, you are the first person to come in here and not be killed by my Lightning Beast Entrapment Formation. Therefore I realized you are a descendant of the Lei Sect and the fourth person to possess the lightning brand in all of our history. Since the world has betrayed me, why should I pity the world? My lover left me so why should I attach myself to this earthly world? I have no wants or desires, no need to survive or to destroy. I already don’t have any wishes except to spend my countless number of years in peace and quiet here.”

Lei Yu felt bitterness well up in his heart. He could kind of understand the sad memories that this previous Patriarch had experienced in the family.

The ignorance of family members and the betrayal of a lover, these types of experiences greatly dulls a person’s heart. Lei Yu even imagined all these experiences of the old ancestor on himself. If their places were switched, would Lei Yu be so free and easy going? Having no requests of the human affairs, having no love for the earthly world, how incredibly hard was it for one to accomplish this state of being?

After staying silent for a long time, Lei Yu then spoke out: “Old Ancestor, since you want to let everything go, then there’s no need to keep remembering the past. It is all my fault for asking you about this.”

Lei Rong Kun smiled and shook his head. “No harm done. I’ve been alone for these thousands of years so being able to chat with someone has already made me quite happy. Since these things happened in the past, I will just let it pass by me then.”

“As for your…” Lei Yu suddenly remembered something and wanted to ask, but he couldn’t say it out loud. The previous memories had triggered Lei Rong Kun so Lei Yu didn’t want to continue asking.

“Did you want to ask me about the information regarding the two treasures?” Lei Rong Kun asked with a smile.

Lei Yu was a bit surprised but still honestly nodded.

“Don’t worry, for someone that possesses the supreme mark of the lightning brand, who is also the descendant of our Lei Sect, I will never be stingy to this type of genius. Moreover, these items are basically useless to me so you can take it!” After saying that, Lei Rong Kun took out two items from an unknown place: One was a sword covered in lightning patterns while the other was an old brown scroll. Both items were tossed over to Lei Yu.

Lei Yu hurriedly reached to grab the items, his mouth agape without knowing what to say. This sudden pie in the sky made it difficult for him to accept.

“Don’t be so surprised. Being able to reach such a level at your age is already something considered epic proportions of the millennium. I believe you will soon break through the bottleneck and condense your Gold Core. After that, you only have put in some effort and you will be bound to be successful. These two treasures for someone like me without aspirations are useless, but it should still help you out a bit.”

A bit of help? These things would help him out a bit? This was simply a gift from the heavens that made Lei Yu overwhelmed. He was originally worried on how to further cultivate after reaching the peak stages, but since he found a solution now, how could he not be shocked and be overjoyed? And within the Sky Devouring Sword, Lei Yu could feel an extremely strong power he had never felt before. If he could freely control that power, it would definitely release some devastating attack!

With a “plop” sound, Lei Yu kneeled on the ground. Ever since he had left the Lei family, this was the first time both his knees were on the ground. His heart was filled with infinite gratitude. Previously Lei Yu still had a trace of doubt, but now he was completely convinced that this person in front of him was the ancestor of the third generation. Lei Rong Kun was supported Lei Yu’s dream of becoming a supreme expert, or perhaps it could be said that he was helping Lei Yu achieve is slightly selfish desire. Lei Yu was somewhat urgent to enter in the Immortal World because that place had someone he really wanted to see again – Telephassa.

From this day on, Lei Yu had decided on one thing: He was going to be upfront and tell Ai Er everything that had happened in ancient Greece. For two people to be together, there shouldn’t be any deception involved. Not to mention being a man, Lei Yu didn’t want to hide something like this to the one he loved or else this could become a fuse that breaks the feelings between two people.¹

“There’s no need to kneel to me, this is your karmic fortune.” Lei Rong Kun helped Lei Yu up. “The scroll contains the methods on how to cultivate the latter half of the Heavenly Thunder Manual as well as the moves and techniques of the Sky Devouring Sword. If you can master both of them, I believe that you will still be matchless once you enter the Immortal World!”

Lei Yu nodded furiously. Lei Rong Kun then continued: “Inside the scroll is also something you need to master, which is what I had previously mentioned to you about the method our Lei Sect refines the Heavenly Thunder Bead. Once you master the method, you will be able to create the powerful Heavenly Thunder Bead. Using it at critical times would make it an item similar to a life saving insurance.” After saying that, Lei Rong Kun flipped his palm and a light green pouch appeared.

“This is…?”

“We layman call this a Universal Pouch, a bag that can store anything. The person who created this has already entered the Immortal World. The number of items he created was very little, and our Lei Sect happened to befriend him and obtain two of them as gifts. Unfortunately, both of them have remained on me and not with the Sect all this time. Today you’ve come here by chance, which is also destined, so I shall then gift one of them to you.”

Lei Yu received the item. It can store anything? Would it have the same function as the storage ring he wore? With his common sense, Lei Yu focused his spirit and entered the bag.

Sure enough, the space inside was extremely vast. And comparing the space with his storage ring, this bag had at least double to triple the amount of free space!

Lei Yu was about to ask the old ancestor if the storage ring was created by the same person but before he could open his mouth, Lei Rong Kun said: “You can leave now. I also don’t want anyone else to come here to bother me from now on, do you understand?”

Lei Yu heavily sighed. He took a step back and then bowed three times. “Rest assured Old Ancestor. And before I enter the Immortal World, I will certainly come back to see you.”

Lei Rong Kun merely nodded and turned around without saying anything. Lei Yu gritted his teeth as a mist appeared in his eyes. Why would the old ancestor torture himself like this? But since it was his own choice, what else could Lei Yu say?

After many twists and turns, Lei Yu finally exited the cave. This was already the fourth day since he had entered the place. He had never imagined that in these four days, his whole life would be changed just like that.

Obtaining the other half of the Heavenly Thunder Manual and the Sky Devouring Sword that was filled with tyrannical power, Lei Yu was full of joy. Since he has disappeared these few days, I should really make an appearance in case Ai Er and others become worried.

Lei Yu then directly jumped off the cliff and didn’t bother with his car that was still up top. A few hundred thousand Tenglong dollars was considered nothing anyways. Not that he cared about money to begin with, Lei Yu was happy as long as he had enough for necessities. Landing on a small path, Lei Yu started looking for the way back to the city.

“Little Yu, how was it? Did the Lei family give you any trouble?” Asked Nuo Hu, who had been nearby the Lei family’s mountain perimeter for three days.

Lei Yu shook his head, “Nothing much went on, it was just that I had a sudden feeling of an unexpected breakthrough so I started cultivating in a random place. I’m sorry big brother, oh, also my lovely Ai Er, I made you guys worried.”

“You’re so hateful, stop always making us worry okay?” Ai Er reluctantly held onto Lei Yu’s arm, making her abundant twin peaks inadvertently rub against him. This made Lei Yu’s heart a bit restless.

“I know it was my fault, so please don’t be angry.” Lei Yu smiled as he touched Ai Er’s hair.

“Little Yu, what level have you now reached?” Nuo Hu asked. As a cultivator, they were more concerned with matters such as these.


¹ – The author tries to be all wise and knowing with logical explanations of how a relationship could break apart, but doesn’t realize it’s probably been months since Lei Yu has left ancient Greece and only NOW does Lei Yu decide to go explain things to Ai Er. This naivety annoys the crap out of me.

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