Ch 199 – Events From A Long Time Ago

Lei Yu was a bit scared by his reaction and repeated: “I… I’m twenty-five years old this year.”

“When did you start cultivating?” Lei Rong Kun asked.

Lei Yu didn’t hesitate because the whole story was something that was impossible for him to forget. “Accurately speaking, it should be when I was eighteen years old. I was eighteen when I received the lightning brand and the cultivation method.” Lei Yu wasn’t planning on hiding anything. Even though he didn’t quite believe this guy was the third generation’s Patriarch, one thing without a doubt was that this guy was extremely strong, so there wasn’t any need to deceive him.

“Genius! Genius! You merely spent seven years and have reached your current strength; you’re a rarely seen genius!” Lei Rong Kun’s mood was very excited. “You should know, the only time such a genius talent appeared like yours was our Lei Sect’s second generation Patriarch. I never would have expected that today, another person like him has appeared! This is such a fortune for our Lei Sect! Such a good fortune!”

Perhaps another such genius had appeared before and it was only that Lei Rong Kun who had locked himself in the forbidden grounds didn’t know about.

“Old… Old Ancestor, why are you in this place?” Lei Yu asked.

“We’ll talk about this later. Tell me, why is that your lightning energy is the color purple? Also, how did you obtain the Heavenly Thunder Manual?” Lei Rong Kun appeared to be really concerned about these two matters.

“Heavenly Thunder Manual? What’s that?” Lei Yu asked.

“It’s the method you’ve been cultivating! Could it be that you don’t know its name?” Lei Rong Kun asked.

Lei Yu shook his head, “I never knew what it was called, and also I don’t know how I obtained it. As for why my lightning energy is purple, no one has ever told me why. I remember back then I had lost conscious and when I woke up, I had all of these.” Lei Yu helplessly smiled, he actually gave the method a name of “Lei Yu’s Cultivation Method.” So it’s originally called Heavenly Thunder Manual.

Lei Rong Kun nodded, “So that’s what happened…”

“Oh yeah Old Ancestor, what did you mean previously when you said this Flame Bead thing wasn’t a treasure?” Lei Yu openly asked as he looked at the bead in his hand.

Lei Rong Kun sighed, “The Lei Sect originally relied on lightning as its core source of power. Unfortunately, only the first, second and third generations like me had this power. The generations really got worse as it continued on. Since then, we haven’t found any descendants with the lightning brand and we don’t know why either. From then on, the descendants of the Lei Sect used the flame as their source of power. The Lei Sect had originally been manufacturing Spiritual Beads as their source of income, and the bead you are holding is a product that was refined by our family’s method. The descendants that possess the flame brand use our Lei Sect’s special manufacturing method to condense their own energy into a single point to create this Spiritual Bead. Inside contains a certain amount of attacking power. Of course, in accordance to the person’s own power level, the manufactured bead would have its own corresponding damage. The destructive power of a bead made by a First Order and a Sixth Order would be on completely different levels.”

Lei Yu then asked with surprise: “Then how do I activate it?” If what the old ancestor said was true, then this thing was probably more powerful than the bombs in modern times.

Lei Rong Kun smiled in disdain, “This level of Spiritual Bead does not deserve to be brought out and shown off, the most it could do is burn a cow or something since it’s only a third grade Flame Bead. It’s very simple to activate it; just inject a small portion of your internal energy inside the bead; throw it out and once it reaches the target location, use your external energy senses to control your internal energy to explode within, which in turn detonates the Spiritual Bead. But these Flame Beads of the younger generation cannot be compared to the Heavenly Thunder Beads that we have manufactured in the past.”

Lei Yu gasped, wasn’t this considered a time bomb? And this thing detonated whenever they willed it to, so there’s no worry of throwing it out too early or it exploding at the wrong time. Lei Yu could determine from the old ancestor’s words that the third grade Flame Bead was created by a Third Order Warrior. The ancestor’s tone about this thing was obviously filled with disdain, so how much destruction could a Heavenly Thunder Bead cause?

“This is too incredible!”

“Too incredible? If you want to learn the process, I can teach you.” Lei Rong Kun said in a calm manner.

“Uh… I’m allowed to learn this?” Lei Yu tentatively asked.

“Why not? As a member of the Lei Sect, this is a skill you’re supposed to master. Listening to the tone of your voice, could it be that the Lei Sect no longer use such means to earn money?” Lei Rong Kun asked.

Lei Yu blinked and didn’t know how to explain. It might be because the old ancestor had sealed himself inside the forbidden grounds for too long, and didn’t know the outside world was no longer what he has imagined it to be.

Lei Yu still tried to explain: “Indeed, the Lei family no longer has this ability but I think the wealth they have now should be greater than the previous Lei Sect. At least in this country, the Lei family has enough wealth to occupy the position of ‘the richest.’

Lei Rong Kun was once again excited. “Good, that’s really good! For our Lei Sect to be able to occupy this position in the Tenglong Continent has made me extremely pleased!”

“So… Old Ancestor, why are you here in this place?” Lei Yu couldn’t help but wonder as he asked this again.

Since he couldn’t probe the strength of the old ancestor, Lei Yu concluded that he must have at least surpassed the Sixth Order rank and attained the Gold Core stage that Romon mentioned, or maybe even a higher level. This kind of place couldn’t imprison Lei Yu so how could it hold Lei Rong Kun? That’s why Lei Yu came to a conclusion that he stayed here on his own free will, and there’s bound to be some reason for this.

“Sigh, it’s a long story!” Lei Rong Kun sighed before getting up to walk towards a section of the wall and placed his hands behind his back.

Although there weren’t any windows for the light to come in, the stone bedroom was still quite bright. Lei Yu lifted his head up and noticed the ceiling had round floating orbs of white lightning. So that’s where the light was coming from… Ever since entering this stone bedroom, Lei Yu felt that this whole place exuded a strong pressure. The most likely cause would be the surrounding space had been influenced by the old ancestor’s powerful cultivation.

Lei Yu stayed silent as he waited for the old ancestor to start speaking.

A long time later, Lei Rong Kun finally turned around. “Back then, I possessed two of the Lei Sect’s most sacred treasures: The Rank Advancing Secret Manual and the Sky Devouring Sword. These two treasures were the Lei Sect’s most venerated of all treasures that everyone wanted. Of course, none of them are qualified to have it!” The eyes of Lei Rong Kun revealed anger and a bit of disdain, but it quickly changed to frustration and pain.

After sighing again, Lei Rong Kun continued: “I had already reached the peak of being in the late stages of [Detachment], and it was at this time that my lover had been instigated by her father. Her father wanted to get those two treasures from me. As a Patriarch of a Sect, I cannot just pass those treasures to someone that’s not a member of the next generation’s Patriarch. Unfortunately, my lover threatened me with her death. In desperation, I chose to escape and gave up my position as Patriarch and came to this place. I then setup this place as the forbidden grounds of the Lei Sect. The funny thing was the whole world thought I had died. The descendants that knew I had the two treasures came here wanting to take it. Their deaths here weren’t accidental; they were all killed by my Beast Entrapment Formation. They deserved to die. They were merely descendants possessing a flame brand, them wanting to obtain the methods of lightning cultivation is simply ridiculous!”

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