Ch 198 – Ancestor Of The Lei Family

Lei Yu was immediately shocked, and with great difficulty opening his eyes, he peered forward. Loud sounds were coming from the circular hole in the middle of the stone door – it was thunder and lightning!

The overwhelming power of lightning was similar to a runaway horse as it charged out of the hole. Its target seemed to have been locked onto Lei Yu who was not too far from the door.


The was no place for Lei Yu to escape to. The overwhelming amount of lightning and covered the entire cave with Lei Yu in the midst of it. No matter how powerful he was, there’s no way he could escape this. Even though the lightning had a powerful feeling to it, what surprised Lei Yu was that it didn’t seem to be much of a threat to him and had actually made his internal energy more active.

Since there was no way out, Lei Yu simply raised his hands and gently grasped onto the white lightning that was slightly different from his purple one. A “hissing” noise that could chill one’s heart was heard. As if the white lightning had found its master, it madly rushed into Lei Yu’s body and he couldn’t be stopped even if Lei Yu wanted it to.

Lei Yu quickly sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. He was sensing the changes after this powerful lightning poured into his body.

Sure enough, the white lightning that entered his body had started fusing with his original energy. His purple internal energy had practically taken the foreign energy as its own. The previously silent green energy had also started surging around like crazy. Since the green energy didn’t get any benefits the last time, it looked like now was its turn to have a good time!

As time slowly flowed on, Lei Yu felt that his body was full of energy. But the feeling was different from the time his consciousness entered the jade pendant with the “moon” character on it. The current Lei Yu felt that he had the power to prevent the foreign lightning from further invading his body, but he wasn’t going to do that. This energy was just too pure, as if someone had already refined it and Lei Yu could absorb it without bothering to do any other steps.

Lei Yu seemed quite calm being exposed to the white lightning. At the moment he was concentrating on absorbing the energy, he was unaware that the within the circular hole of the stone door, a pair of eyes from inside was peering out. When this pair of eyes saw Lei Yu, it was a bit shocked. But once it saw the lightning brand on Lei Yu’s right arm, a sign of understanding replaced the shock. It didn’t bother with Lei Yu’s absorption process and started retreating backwards as it silently waited.

The power of lightning to Lei Yu was entirely beneficial without any harm; it also helped him to rapidly increase his strength.

Time continued to flow and after a full three days, the motionless Lei Yu suddenly opened his eyes.


With a crazy roar, Lei Yu suddenly released a powerful purple internal energy mixed with his own lightning that struck out and scattered the remaining white lightning in the cave.

“I have now reached the late stage of [Detachment]!” Lei Yu was obviously excited has he sensed his body was filled with an explosive force. The current Lei Yu had 10000% confidence that if he encountered Ming Sect’s Du Chang Hai, he would easily get rid of him. Even if he’s at the strength of a Sixth Demonic Realm, the unique abilities Lei Yu possessed were capable of Armageddon-like proportions!

At this time, Lei Yu once again glanced at the skeletal remains on the ground and wondered why there would be so many of them here. What kind of place was this and why would it emit such a powerful lightning energy?

It was obvious that these people had died under the previous fearsome lightning attack. If Lei Yu was just like the other Lei family members who had the power of the flame, not only would he not be able to absorb so much power and improve his strength, he would definitely have exploded into 10,000 pieces upon touching that white lightning.

But what were these people here for? Could there be a treasure or something behind that stone door? Otherwise, why would so many people come here? I’m pretty sure they all wanted to get a piece of this treasure and ended up perishing here!

At least that’s what Lei Yu was thinking since he couldn’t find any other reasons. At the same time, he became more curious as to what was behind the stone door. Lei Yu really wanted to go through to see what this was all about.

Looking around, he unintentionally noticed a red ball-like object on the ground next to the waist of a pile of bones. Lei Yu walked over and picked it up.

“What is this?” Playing around with the thing, the object was like a red fire ball that gave off a hot aura. Lei Yu inspected the red ball but still couldn’t figure out its use.

“It’s called a Flame Bead and not some type of treasure. There’s no need to be so surprised.”

At this time, a voice came from the stone door. Lei Yu was in complete shock while he stared at the door. After a while of shaking, the stone door opened by sliding upwards. Lei Yu took a few steps back and assumed his fighting stance.

“What? You want to fight with your ancestor? No matter how you say it, there’s no way of justifying it!”

It was only now that Lei Yu was able to clearly see this person. He was a middle-aged looking man with a height of about 1.8 meters. And it was not hard to tell that when this guy was young, he was extremely good looking. Lei Yu was also unable to sense what level of strength this expert was at. Lei Yu cautiously asked: “An ancestor? What do you mean by those words?”

“I’m the third generation Patriarch of the Lei Sect, Lei Rong Kun.” The middle-aged man smiled beneath the door’s archway as he said this.

“Lei Rong Kun? You’re Lei Rong Kun?!” Lei Yu was completely shocked. He had read through the old scrolls of the family before and came across the information about Lei Rong Kun. He was definitely someone of the third generation but why was he calling it the Lei Sect instead of the Lei family?

“That’s right, it is I.”

“This… this is impossible! If you’re really the third generation’s Patriarch, you should have already… already…”

“Already been dead right?”

Lei Yu felt he was a bit rude but this was just too inconceivable. He could only lightly nod.

“Come in with me.” Lei Rong Kun turned around and went in. Lei Yu hesitated a bit before following him in through the archway.

The inside looked nothing like the circular hole that was filled with lightning. It was basically a stone bedroom with a stone bed, tables and chair made of stone, and nothing else.

Lei Yu sat on a stone chair while Lei Rong Kun walked over and sat on the stone bed. Perhaps it was out of habit, but Lei Rong Kun crossed his legs and looked like he was about to cultivate.

“This place is the forbidden grounds of the Lei Sect. Whether it is outsiders or the Lei family members, no one is allowed. So, why have you come here?” Lei Rong Kun asked directly.

“I… I am here because something happened to me in the family and it was beyond my control that I jumped off the cliff. Halfway down the mountain, I found a hole in the mountain that looked like a cave and figured I’d come in to take a look around.” Lei Yu explained.

“Oh?” After examining Lei Yu, Lei Rong Kun then asked: “You’ve already reached the late stages of [Detachment], not bad! How old are you this year?”

“Twenty-five.” Lei Yu replied as he looked around the cave bedroom.

“What?!” Lei Rong Kun jumped off the stone bed in shock.

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