Ch 197 – Lei Sect’s Forbidden Grounds

If they really had a falling out with Lei Yu, wouldn’t all the hard work he did in hopes for him return to the family be wasted?

Letting Lei Yu get off this… based on the Elder’s personality, he would never let this go. This was really too big of a headache.

“Master!” The Elder urged again, but it seems Lei Yun Tian was still undecided on this. “If you don’t make a judgment, I will make my move! If I happen to die by his hands, all I ask is that you punish him appropriately!”

Without waiting for Lei Yun Tian’s reply, flames started blazing on the Elder’s body. The flames were much stronger when compared to Lei Yun but in the eyes of Lei Yu, this was still a bit lacking.

One could see a figure resembling a fireball rush towards Lei Yu who was still standing at the edge of the cliff. The rest of the family members only stared in a daze, they were still thinking of drinking and merriment at the banquet previously yet somehow it became this troublesome scene.

Lei Yu suddenly stomped on the ground and a powerful pressure washed over the Elder. The invisible and formless force made the Elder unable to continue forward a single step.

“I don’t want to injure anyone, especially people of the Lei family! Even if I was kicked out before, I still consider myself someone that was fed and clothed by the Lei family. If I do make a move against the Elder, that means I’ve become unfilial and ungrateful!” Lei Yu then sighed. “We can only blame Lei Yun’s ignorance. He thought that relying on his strength of a Fifth Order Warrior and with the help of his lackeys, they could suppress me. That’s just too laughable! Even though the Lei family was not responsible for my teachings, they were responsible for my upbringing. Lei Yu will always remember that! Therefore, I don’t want to make any more excuses for today’s matter. I will also not come back to the Lei family so you guys take care of your own affairs. If you still want to find trouble with my explanation, I, Lei Yu have never been afraid! Even though there are many pairs of eyes on me, I still have to say this: Elder, you do not deserve your position!”

Lei Yu shook his head helplessly. He couldn’t understand why there were so many ridiculous people in this world.

Maybe those people that haven’t reached the Sixth Order Warrior rank thing there’s nothing remarkable about it, just replacing it with more numbers will make up the strength. But that’s not how it works since Lei Yu experienced it firsthand. While in the United States, Romon’s display of power made Lei Yu realize what it truly meant to be super strong. Romon was on a whole nother level that felt like an insurmountable barrier for Lei Yu. Why would so many people be stuck in the Fifth Order or Sixth Order unable to move forward? It’s because it’s just too difficult to move past that single little step.

Everyone was silent, pondering Lei Yu’s last sentence to them. Without waiting for the crowd’s reaction, Lei Yu took a step back and jumped off the cliff.

“No! Let’s talk about this some more!” Lei Yun Tian wanted to salvage the situation but it was too late. The responsibility of this mess should be shouldered by the aggressive and arrogant Lei Yun. Of course, the Elder who was trying to defend his grandson’s blunder also couldn’t escape baring partial responsibility.

From this day on, it was most likely impossible for Lei Yu and the Lei family to come back together again. Perhaps this was the will of the heavens that cannot be changed by mere humans.

A few years ago, Lei Yu jumped off the cliff because of his stubbornness. Today Lei Yu was in a completely different state of mind and simply didn’t want to hurt the members of the Lei family. If he stayed any longer, a fight would be inevitable. Even if Lei Yun Tian stayed back and didn’t interfere, would the Elder let it go just like that?

After falling about halfway down the mountain at high speeds, Lei Yu’s keen eyesight was able to detect something different. It wasn’t obvious but Lei Yu was able to detect a cave opening inside the mountain that gave off an aura of being extremely deep…

Performing a perfect rotation while in midair, Lei Yu single handedly grabbed onto a protruding rock on the cliff face and stopped falling. Using a bit of strength, his body now flew upwards and into the mouth of the strange cave.

Even with Lei Yu’s amazing eyesight, it still wasn’t enough to see down the dark cave due to it having too many curved paths. Thus, Lei Yu couldn’t tell what the conditions were like inside.

At this time, Lei Yu noticed a stone tablet erected by the cave entrance. In the middle of the stone tablet were four words: “Lei Sect’s Forbidden Grounds.” It could be due to the passage of time, but there seemed to be something else below those four words that Lei Yu couldn’t make out.

How come he never noticed this the first time he fell down? Because of his curiosity, Lei Yu carefully went inside to take a look.

A powerful energy became more obvious as Lei Yu continued in. And after a few turns, the path became narrower. Lei Yu could only duck his head in order to keep going further down the path. After making the last turn, a scene that shocked Lei Yu appeared. Piles of bones were piled densely on the ground which Lei Yu estimated there were at least over a hundred sets. Looking down further, a slight flash came right at Lei Yu that made him hurriedly dodge sideways. Even though he didn’t know what it was, he heard “hissing” noises the instant the flash of light passed him. The aura of the light somehow seemed familiar to him as well, making Lei Yu even more curious now.

Walking forward again and passing several caverns, a stone door appeared. Lei Yu finally understood why these people died here. In the center of the stone door was a circular opening. Inside the opening, a densely lit grid of lightning was buzzing that contained a power no less than what he currently possessed.

From time to time, a stream of lightning would come out. Lei Yu originally wanted to avoid it but the speed of it was just too fast. One must know that if Lei Yu threw out a lightning attack, there’s no way his physical body would be able to catch up to it. Not to mention he wasn’t wearing the Ares Boots right now.

When the lightning struck Lei Yu, he only felt his whole body shuddering and an indescribable comfort. It appears that Lei Yu was immune to these lightning attacks which had no negative effects to him whatsoever. When that lightning energy entered his body, Lei Yu could feel his own internal energy surround it and start devouring it like mad. Even though the lightning that entered Lei Yu was so tiny that he couldn’t even come up with a number for it, he could still determine the energy was very pure. His own energy really liked this foreign force, so it was acting like a starved wolf running through his meridians looking for more. After running a full cycle through his body, his internal energy would return to his Sea of Energy and settle down after finding nothing.

“What… what is going on here?” Lei Yu blinked, wondering where the source of these lightning was from. Peering into the hole that was filled with arcs and flashes, one simply couldn’t see inside except for the dense strands of lightning.

At this time, another stream of lightning rushed out from the hole and Lei Yu didn’t bother dodging. Since his internal energy like this thing, he might as well let it happily absorb it.

Sure enough, once the foreign lightning entered his body, his internal energy went crazy again. This time, even the green energy in his chest seemed to be unable to sit still and rushed out seemingly wanting to snatch it. But it seems that the green energy was still too weak and wasn’t the opponent of his internal energy. It could only return with nothing.

Waiting until his internal energy settled down, Lei Yu took a few steps forward hoping to figure out this place. But the path forward was getting narrower and the ceiling was becoming lower. Lei Yu looked all around as he was moving forward and apart from seeing scattered piles of bones and pieces of weapons, there was nothing else here.



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