9HTM – Ch209

Chapter 209 – Is This All You’ve Got?

A stream of emotions was going through Lei Yu. In the process of exchanging rapid blows, he was able to feel an enormous and unfathomable pressure from Du Chang Hai’s hands. Lei Yu was still able to resist this pressure with his own strength, but compared to his opponent, Du Chang Hai shouldn’t be having an easy time. Suddenly, Lei Yu took several steps back and at a critical moment, a stream of lightning with the thickness of a human’s thigh shot out towards Du Chang Hai.

“[Detachment] stage’s most powerful esoteric attack!” Lei Yu’s voice was very faint, but it was still clearly heard by Du Chang Hai. The most powerful attack? Then Du Chang Hai decided he had to exert all his strength into his defense in order to resist it.

No one would consider dodging a lightning attack because it was simply too quick, and wanting to avoid it was almost impossible. One can only rely on their own power to take it head on.

An electrical light pierced the air making it vibrate and tremble. Lei Yu stared unblinkingly at his powerful opponent as the light reached him. It took time to test an opponent’s strength, and since normal attacks couldn’t distinguish the difference between their strength, Lei Yu could only rely on using the most powerful attack of the current stage he was at.

With unmatched speeds, the attack was about to land on its target in less than the time it took someone to take a breath of air. The heaven and the earth underwent a change; the originally clear sky started forming dark stormy clouds. The moment that lightning reached its target, the entire earth shook!


After the loud boom, Du Chang Hai’s entire body was covered in a lightning net. At the same time, one could see a red aura wrapped around his body for protection. Even though the electrical light was constantly attacking like crazy, it was unable to get close to Du Chang Hai’s body at all. Thus these two forces of energy were at a stalemate. Lei Yu couldn’t move because he had to concentrate on controlling this massive attack which happened to be the first time he has ever released it. On the other hand, Du Chang Hai was being contained by the electrical net and was unable to fight back one bit.

A compelling scene filled with momentum made the entire audience burst out in sounds of amazement. A lightning attack that had armageddon like destructive properties, one must ask has anyone seen such a scene?

Sitting in the VIP section, Lei Yun Tian was going through an emotional turmoil. His mind kept repeating these same words: “He is truly a descendant of my Lei family! I completely messed up that day…!”

In the area where the members of Celestial Court were sitting at.

“Qing Feng, do you think you can withstand the attack Lei Yu just unleashed?” The Court Leader asked.

The expert Qing Feng whom had already reached the realm of a Sixth Grade Celestial shook his head in shock, “If such an attack struck my body, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to resist it for more than half a minute!” At first he wasn’t optimistic with Lei Yu’s chances, but now it had completely changed. Lei Yu’s strength has reached the peak, a place that he could not go beyond. Moreover, possessing such a strong and unique attack truly made a person sigh in inferiority.

If one were to say Lei Yu had tyrannical strength, then Du Chang Hai wasn’t weak either. Being able to fully resist the lightning energy under Lei Yu’s control, and that it seemed his defenses wouldn’t be broken through for the time being; just this point alone has gained Du Chang Hai the admiration of many viewers.

The two of them were comparable in strength, so this created a situation where victory would be decided on which of the two would have a better quality weapon on them.

Time went on longer making the atmosphere of the stadium have a rather oppressive feeling to it. The sky was getting darker and those in the audience who were originally quite chatty were now in a somber mood, as they held their breath awaiting the outcome.

The bodies of Lei Yu and Du Chang Hai had begun to tremble as bean sized sweat drops dripped down constantly. It was obvious that the two couldn’t hold on much longer, and the audience was just waiting to see who would be the last man standing.

It was at this time that Lei Yu roared out: “Break!”



After several ear-piercing explosions, the lightning net that Lei Yu had surrounded Du Chang Hai with suddenly burst apart. The dazzling bright light made everyone with less than a Fifth Order’s strength tightly shut their eyes.

The power of the explosion was extremely furious; the momentum that blasted out made the clothes on the audience start flapping. After seeing the light disperse, they could finally see what happened to Du Chang Hai.

The clothes of this Ming Sect Leader had been blasted apart by Lei Yu to a pathetic state. His hair had become puffy and his face was covered in gray ash that made him quite awkward looking.

The current image of Du Chang Hai caused a lot of laughter in the audience. “Lei Yu! “You’re dead meat!” Du Chang Hai was completely enraged. Ever since he had become a Sect Leader, he had never suffered such insult before, so how can he not be angry? A huge wind blade suddenly left Du Chang Hai’s hand as it rapidly shot towards Lei Yu. Even though the speed of the wind cannot be compared to the speed of lightning, it was still quite fast. At the last second, Lei Yu firmly waved his hand in the air and a lightning net cover his hand like a glove. Once the wind blade arrived in front of Lei Yu, one could only see his arm shake. Relying on his strong body and his skeletal structure filled with metallic properties, Lei Yu completely dispersed the wind blade. Except, there was a trail of blood on four of his fingers as it continually dripped onto the ground. Lei Yu hadn’t made a counterattack yet but Du Chang Hai had already started his follow-up attack. A pair of eyes filled with hatred was locked onto Lei Yu, and at this moment, Du Chang Hai’s heart suddenly shuddered once. His eyes underwent a physical change that satisfied the condition of his next attack. Once Lei Yu was able to observe closely, it was already too late. When it came to speed, there’s no way Du Chang Hai can be compared to Lei Yu. But when it came to comparing with a cultivator on the Devil’s path, Lei Yu lacked the secretive and mysterious arts they had.

The distance of the two became closer.

Du Chang Hai roared out once before his speed was pushed to the limit. Like a gust of wind, he rushed forth making Lei Yu react on reflex to confront him head on. There was no need in trying to escape the attack because that’s not how super experts fought. They relied on their own body’s physique and agility in order to create the strongest defense.

Suddenly, Lei Yu saw a fearsome looking expression. Du Chang Hai had narrowed his eyes, and the previous subtle changes had now revealed itself. After seeing his mouth form a sneer, a dark light flashed on his back. Before Lei Yu could react, the black light flew out in a straight line cleaving down in-between the two.

Lei Yu yelled to himself: “Not good!”

But it was half a second too late. Once the black light flashed by, the two suddenly separated themselves and pulled away over ten meters.

Starting from the base of his ears, down the face until the chest area, a horrifying wound appeared on Lei Yu. Blood was pouring out like crazy as if it didn’t cost any money. Lei Yu tightened his body and sealed some blood vessels using his internal energy. It was only after that did his blood stop gushing out.

Lifting his head up to look at Du Chang Hai, Lei Yu could now see that he was holding onto a machete that was half a meter long. The eyes of Du Chang Hai had a smile that he couldn’t hide, as if his victory was already determined.

Ai Er covered her mouth while her eyes were filled with fear. The appearance of Lei Yu had almost made her collapse. Nuo Hu on the side tried to comfort Ai Er by holding her shoulders, but it looked like it wouldn’t be that easy.

This fight was something that cannot be stopped. And wasn’t this duel initiated by the currently injured Lei Yu to begin with?

Lei Yu lightly exhaled before saying the words that made everyone shocked: “Is this all you’ve got?”

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