9HTM – Ch208

Chapter 208 – Opening Prelude

This was a very impressive show up: The main family members representing the Shangguan family; the Lei family’s master and some of his clan members except for the Elder; and finally not a single person is missing from Nuo Yi Long’s family.

“Good morning.” Lei Yu greeted them all with a light smile.

Everyone glanced at each other in silence; no one expected Lei Yu would look so leisurely. If this was switched to one of them, or even if the place with switched with Shangguan Xi Hong, they doubt he would be as casual and carefree as Lei Yu right now.

Everyone then got into these commercial vans and headed towards the stadium.

The streets surrounding the stadium were under martial law. If it weren’t for the power of Martial Sect, who else would have such rights in their control?

Lei Yu’s arrival and being the person first on scene garnered the attention of everyone in the stadium. People were suddenly discussing with each other, and those that had never seen Lei Yu before were somewhat surprised. “I never imagined the person daring to challenge Ming Sect’s leader would be so young!”

“Right… could it be that he’s already at the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior? That’s probably impossible!”

“What? You didn’t know? You guys are too ill-informed. Not only did Lei Yu destroy the Kou country’s Yamaguchi-gumi, he also destroyed Dr. Tony’s research base in a Western country. On top of that, the most terrifying thing he did was uproot the Dark Council that had centuries of history behind it. Do you guys still doubt his strength now?”

“That’s too unbelievable!”

Lei Yu’s arrival won him cheers and applause, but it was the loudest in the direction where the military force of Martial Sect was located.

Lei Yu then quietly sat down at the front of the VIP seating area, and no one went up to disturb him. He then closed his eyes while he waited for the arrival of Ming Sect’s leader.

Under such a scene, those extremely excited were not in the low numbers. They were naturally excited because for regular cultivators, they may never encounter an opportunity to witness such events during their lifetime.

The people of Celestial Court looked rather calm. The Elder of Celestial Court Qing Feng who had appeared in public in the past was sitting firmly next to a middle-aged person. Looking at his face, Qing Feng was very respectful towards this middle-aged person. Needless to say, this person must be the leader of Celestial Court.

As the minutes and seconds passed by, the appointed time was drawing nearer. No one from the Ming Sect had shown up yet, which caused some people start discussing this subject.

“The Ming Sect shouldn’t be afraid of Lei Yu right? How come they still haven’t shown up yet?”

“Impossible!” Someone interjected, “Last time Lei Yu and a Branch Leader of the Ming Sect fought, the Ming Sect had placed great emphasis on the duel. Now that today’s match is between two leader-class people, would the Ming Sect really ignore losing their face and not participate? Impossible, absolutely impossible.”

No one else said anything after considering this. The main parties involved weren’t in a hurry, so what reason was there for the spectators to be in a hurry?

While the audience was anxiously waiting, Lei Yu suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes looked towards an entranceway before he slowly stood up. “They’ve arrived!”

Based on Lei Yu’s reaction, everyone glanced at where he was looking.

Lei Yu slightly frowned before thinking to himself: “It looks like the Ming Sect is serious this time. The people they’ve brought, none are lower than the strength of a Fourth Devilish Realm. Amongst the hundred or so people, they have about twenty who have reached the Fifth Devilish Realm while the rest are at the Fourth Realm. With this makeup of fighters, it would be difficult to imagine what will happen on the outbreak of chaos.”

Ming Sect was led in by Du Chang Hai. Even though his height was not as tall as what one would think, no one would dare to look down on the mysterious momentum he gave off. It’s those discreet looking people like him that no one would dare doubt their unfathomable strength.

Without the need of unnecessary words, Du Chang Hai led his people to the seats that were arranged for his Sect. Du Chang Hai remained standing while staring at where Lei Yu was. Although the distance between the two was far, they could still see the anger revealed in each other’s eyes.

No one dared to interrupt their staring contest for a period of time. “Sect Leader Du, please.” Lei Yu made an inviting hand gesture.

“Humph!” A red aura suddenly sprang up around Du Chang Hai’s body. Similar to a bullet, his figure then flew towards the central area of the huge stadium. Lei Yu didn’t remain motionless either. Slightly shifting his foot without using any internal energy, he relied purely on his physical strength to maximize his speed to the limit. This wasn’t something anyone was capable of; it required one to train their physical body for long periods of time in order to reach such a stage.

“This Lei Yu is truly not simple; he has reached this level of strength at such a young age. It looks like the winner of this duel today is still up in the air!” The Court Leader’s faint and calm tone made people feel that he really was someone that didn’t bother with the gossip of the outside world, but his eyes still revealed some surprise in them.

Lei Yu and Du Chang Hai both stood in the middle of the field. They didn’t exchange any words with each other because it wasn’t the time yet. At this time, Shangguan Xi Hong leaped out and landed in the middle between the two. Using a voice that the spectators in the entire stadium could hear: “Today’s duel is a personal matter between Martial Sect and Ming Sect. I would like all the other major forces to please stay at the sidelines and not intervene no matter what happens. Shangguan Xi Hong personally thanks everyone for this.”

Shangguan Xi Hong’s words made a lot of people snort in contempt at him, but they didn’t dare to show it in public. He was the victim of this incident yet didn’t dare to stand out and fight it out with Du Chang Hai; he actually used Lei Yu who was a youngster to go against him. This was the first thing the audience had an issue with. The second was that even though Lei Yu was a member of Martial Sect, the weight of his status was still not enough to challenge Du Chang Hai. They all thought Lei Yu was merely a Deputy Commander of a subsidiary army of Martial Sect, so how can people not find this situation weird?

While many of the audience were puzzled, Shangguan Xi Hong continued by saying: “I hereby declare that Lei Yu will be representing Martial Sect in this fight, as the status of Deputy Chief!”



“I didn’t hear it wrong right?!”

The ones that were making all the noise were the regular members of the major forces. As for their leaders, they already knew about this so they didn’t find the situation weird nor were they surprised.

Those that were the most shocked were the leaders of each army group of Martial Sect. Eagle Group’s Xiao Zhang had a very ugly looking face on him right now. He had made so much effort these past years and yet he still couldn’t rise up to such a position. Now Lei Yu, a youngster in his twenties had actually achieved a status of being under a single person, but above tens of thousands others!

Those elites of Dragon Team under Dragon Group, who used to be at the same status as Lei Yu, were completely shocked. Lei Yu’s strength progression had left them all in the dust, and there’s no way they could pass him anymore. In their eyes, the look they gave Lei Yu showed that they worshipped him even more at this point, where it fully came from their heart.

What they didn’t know was that this whole situation they were witnessing was caused by Lei Yu’s own might, which influenced Shangguan Xi Hong’s decision. The elites of Dragon Team believed without a doubt that Lei Yu must be holding onto a treasure as a last resort in this fight.

“This duel disregards life or death, so you two, please get ready!” Leaving the center, Shangguan Xi Hong went over to Lei Yu and patted his shoulder, “Be careful.” Lei Yu nodded to acknowledge the words.

Du Chang Hai had the same idea as Lei Yu; they were going to test their opponent to see how deep their strength was. As for the aces up their sleeves, it was going to be used to throw their opponents off.

Coinciding at the same time, Lei Yu and Du Chang Hai’s body rushed forth. The two were finally fighting each other. As the two sides both approached each other, the explosion caused by their collision had finally opened the prelude to their duel!

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