9HTM – Ch207

Chapter 207 – Looking Forward To Tomorrow

“Isn’t that it? Lei Yu has publicly announced that he joined Martial Sect, and has come forward as the Deputy Chief of Martial Sect. As an outsider, he’s already tilted the scales of the four major forces. Now that Martial Sect has Lei Yu, the consequences for the rest of us would be disastrous! This vile bastard is kissing ass to climb up the ranks!”

“Shut your mouth!” Lei Yun Tian finally couldn’t tolerate it, a powerful momentum gushed out making the Elder feel difficulty breathing and fear showing in his eyes. Only now did he realize his previous words were a bit too much.

“Master, I…” Cold sweat was dripping off the Elder.

Lei Yun Tian coldly humphed, “You dare to say that little Yu, who possesses the purest blood in our family as a vile bastard?”

“Master, I… I didn’t mean it like that. I was merely…”

“Enough! As an Elder, you’re too selfish and too short-sighted. Little Yu was correct when he said you weren’t fit to be in your current position!” Lei Yun Tian angrily interrupted.

“You want to abolish my Elder’s position?” The Elder couldn’t remain calm anymore, there’s no way he would allow anyone to threaten his position. “My position as Elder was appointed by the previous leader of the family, could it be that you want to abolish it?”

“Are you threatening me?” Lei Yun Tian narrowed his eyes. “In this family, I’m still the MASTER!” Once his voice faded, Lei Yun Tian once again released his powerful momentum, a pressure that only a Sixth Order Warrior could have. This was also a momentum that no more than five people in this country were able to resist.


Lei Yun Tian never imagined that this Elder would only have his sights on his own grandson, and completely disregard the benefits of the overall family.

“This whole matter was clearly instigated by Du Chang Hai when he insidiously poisoned Shangguan Xi Hong. Little Yu is merely answering in response to the aggression based on his own measured strength. Do you really think he cares about the Deputy Chief position? Kissing ass to rise in rank? Are you getting more confused as you get older? Our Lei family has asked him multiple times to return to the clan but has he agreed? Could our Lei family be not as good as Martial Sect? Did you think with little Yu’s current strength, he’s unable to sit as the Master of the family? This is too laughable!”

The Elder exhaled heavily, “Master, please cease your anger, it was all my fault. It’s all due to little Yún’s matters that created the confusion in my mind. I shouldn’t have contradicted you so please forgive me!”

“Fine, let’s not continue with this subject. There’s still one thing that’s keep my hopes alive with little Yu. He is definitely the true candidate that will bring our Lei family to the peak of its glory. If possible, I still hope that he returns to us. Regarding their confrontation against the Ming Sect, I fully support little Yu. Go ahead and make some preparation, and spread the news. I’m pretty sure Celestial Court will quickly follow the flow of things.” Lei Yun Tian didn’t want to ruin all decorum with the Elder. After all, he was a veteran of his position and had very high prestige in the family. If he was really to abolish the Elder’s position because of a person that was kicked out of the family, most likely a portion of the family will stand up in resentment. Lei Yun Tian had to be careful with his decisions.

With the Lei family’s position on this matter, Celestial Court quickly gave their response to Shangguan Xi Hong and Lei Yu.

“This is great!” Lei Yu smiled.

“Now we wait and see what movements Du Chang Hai will make.” Shangguan Xi Hong faintly said. His greatest concern was the decision of the Ming Sect, but no matter the result, it cannot escape the hostility between their two forces.

“Bastard! This f*cken bastard Lei Yu!” Du Chang Hai was holding Martial Sect’s Letter of Challenge, a method that hadn’t been used for a long time. Once a Letter of Challenge was issued, there was no turning back. Since Du Chang Hai created such an incident, then he had to face this on his own.

“Sect Leader, do we accept this or reject it?” A person dressed in black asked from the side.

“Humph! Reject it? How can we maintain our Ming Sect’s face if we reject it? Do you think I would be afraid of Lei Yu whose hair hasn’t been fully grown out yet? ¹ Reply and say that three days later, I will personally appear for the battle!” Du Chang Hai completely crushed the letter in his hand that not even a trace of it was left behind.

Standing alone in the room, Du Chang Hai looked out the window at the cars travelling down the road similar to ants crawling in line. Du Chang Hai muttered to himself: “I refuse to believe Lei Yu really has that much capability! He only cultivated for a short few years. If it weren’t for some wondrous encounter, how could he improve so fast?” Heavily sighing, “If I had known he would reach such heights today, I wouldn’t have been so soft-hearted twenty something years ago!” ²

It was expected that Du Chang Hai would accept the challenge since the Ming Sect’s face would be completely thrown out if he didn’t. Back then when Lei Yu defeated Cai Zhong, the prestige of Ming Sect had already been greatly reduced. Now that someone directly challenged the Sect Leader, how could they refuse?

Furthermore, if the Ming Sect didn’t accept the challenge, how would they explain their actions made against Shangguan Xi Hong? If they didn’t give a proper explanation, it’s believed that Celestial Court and the Lei family will follow the flow in helping Martial Sect denounce the Ming Sect. This will cause the whole Ming Sect to fall into dire straits as it will become difficult for them to further establish themselves in the future.

The calculating mind of Du Chang Hai is considered not too bad. If he could kill Lei Yu, not only could he demonstrate the Ming Sect’s power, no one else will continue asking about the poisoning incident. It was Lei Yu who issued the challenge, and life or death is predestined with no one to blame. Even if the Lei family or Martial Sect is dissatisfied with the outcome, they still couldn’t openly collaborate against the Ming Sect.


After everything was settled, Lei Yu actually looked quite relaxed. Shangguan Xi Hong was worried for him; worried that if Lei Yu meets his demise, the ending will be difficult to remedy. Nuo Hu and others were worried about Lei Yu’s safety as well, especially Ai Er.

In the eyes of everyone, Du Chang Hai was a dignified Sect Leader of Ming Sect, a super expert at the Sixth Devilish Realm. Can Lei Yu really deal with this type of expert?

“Little Yu, why don’t you look worried at all?” Nuo Hu anxiously asked.

“What’s there to be worried about? Should I be scared that Du Chang Hai will rush over and immediately kill me right now?” Asked Lei Yu as he and Nuo Hu were on the streets eating some fresh meat buns.

“You should know how mysterious those cultivators on the Devil paths are, aren’t you afraid of something unexpected may occur?” Nuo Hu knew that if he tried to persuade Lei Yu to give up the fight would be an impossible thing. But Lei Yu should at least do some last minute training to relieve the concerns of those who care about him right?

“Unexpected things will certainly happen. You should know that fighting is the best way for me to improve myself. I’m honestly not afraid what will happen during the fight, I’m more afraid after Du Chang Hai dies, how the Ming Sect will seek revenge for him. It looks like… ‘Sigh,’ it looks like I’ll be experiencing those long days ahead of me again.” Lei Yu smiled bitterly before taking another bite out of his bun.

“It’s really hopeless when dealing with you.” Nuo Hu shook his head while his brows were tightly locked together.

Lei Yu had an indifferent facial expression on him. Tomorrow will be the time when the two will duel, by then, whether it was his grandfather’s death or the whereabouts of his mother, the truth will finally reveal itself. Lei Yu was really looking forward to it, or more like he was extremely excited about everything tomorrow.

The following morning, Lei Yu took a bath out of habit. He put on some clean clothes but the difference with today’s clothes was that they were more suitable for the large movements of martial arts. As he opened the door to leave, a dozen or so people were already standing out there waiting for him.


¹ – The more accurate sentence is: Do you think I would be afraid of Lei Yu whose pubic hair hasn’t even fully grown out yet? – It’s just a more vulgar way of saying Lei Yu is too young for Du Chang Hai to care about.

² – The meaning behind this will reveal itself in later chapters.

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