9HTM – Ch206

Chapter 206 – Another Path

“Okay, enough! You’re making me want to cry too!” Lei Yu patted Nuo Hu’s shoulder.

Nuo Hu wipes the tear stains with his arm, “Little Yu, I won’t say anything more or unnecessary!” There was no need for those thousands of grateful words between two brothers.

“That’s right big brother, there’s something I need to remind you of.” Lei Yu suddenly thought of Shangguan Xi Hong’s reminder. “Shangguan Xi Hong said that this cultivation method can only be learned by you. If another person somehow gets hold of this, he will spare no effort in dealing with you so it’s best that you’re careful with it.”

Nuo Hu nodded, this was enough. Even if it was only himself, it was enough to break the shame that the Nuo family had never had someone that had broken through to the Sixth Order Warrior stage. Nuo Hu firmly believed that he will live up to his brother’s expectations. He will definitely succeed in breaking through, but he just needed some time.

“Don’t worry; I will not disclose this to anyone else. Once I’ve memorized it, I will immediately burn it.”

Lei Yu nodded, “It’s definitely good to be careful now, but we don’t have to be this rigid with our thoughts…” Lei Yu smiled with evil intentions. “Once you’ve reached the late stages of a Sixth Order Warrior, is there still any need to fear Shangguan Xi Hong? At that time, won’t that mean you can pass the cultivation method to whomever you want? Uncle Nuo and Aunty Nuo are in need of such opportunities as well.”


His cell phone suddenly rang so Lei Yu stepped out to pick it up. “Lei Yu, everything has been arranged and we can make a move anytime.” The voice on the other end of the line was Shangguan Xi Hong.

“That’s good, and we have to put some spies at their headquarters so that we’ll know if Du Chang Hai will make an appearance or not.”

After hanging up the phone, Lei Yu showed his mysterious signature smile. There was a reason for attacking the Ming Sect’s branch. Attacking the headquarters would definitely make the branches send out reinforcements for back-up. By that time, Lei Yu was afraid he wouldn’t be able to escape even if he wanted to. When it came to their branch sites, the forces gathered there were small to begin with and can’t handle anything major. There also wasn’t any need to wipe out the entire branch, Lei Yu merely had to cause some trouble and it would be sufficient for their true aim.

The next day. After the attack on the Ming Sect’s branch, information on their movement arrived. What made Lei Yu and Shangguan Xi Hong shocked was something unexpected happen; all the Fifth Order Warriors from the Ming Sect from all branches had disappeared without a trace.

“How could this happen?” Shangguan Xi Hong was somewhat angry since he never imagined Du Chang Hai would be this cunning. Those on the Fifth Devilish Realm were of quite importance. With the disappearance of them, only the insignificant soldiers were left behind and killing them was meaningless.

Lei Yu was lost in thought, he never expected things would evolve to where it is now. It looks like Du Chang Hai had prepared for this.

“There’s still one path for us to take.”

Shangguan Xi Hong was immediately filled with spirit, “Quickly tell me, what path can we take?”

Lei Yu thought for a bit longer. Since there’s no other way, he could only take this route. “Inform the other major forces of the country and say that I, Lei Yu will challenge Ming Sect’s Du Chang Hai. The place of our fight will be the same as last time when I dueled Cai Zhong. The time will be three days from now. We’ll see what their responses will be like. Most importantly, we need to observe the reaction of the Ming Sect since this move will be similar to forcing them to a dead-end. Since doing things in the dark didn’t work, we can only do things in the light.”

“Is it inappropriate to do something like this? And which side are you representing on behalf of your challenge? If this is a personal challenge, Du Chang Hai can easily ignore it!” Shangguan Xi Hong said this with a worried expression.

“Of course I’m representing Martial Sect. If you agree to it, I will serve as Martial Sect’s Deputy Chief. But this will only be temporary so don’t worry about it. With that, I will have a good enough reason and status to issue the challenge. If they agree, it could be considered an exchange of pointers between two major forces. If they don’t agree, we can provoke them. The Ming Sect was in the wrong first; Du Chang Hai shouldn’t have used secret and insidious means to poison you. And now, we need him to give us an explanation.” Lei Yu explained.

Thinking back and forth, Shangguan Xi Hong was still undecided. After all, this wasn’t a trivial matter and will bound to stir up a sensation. He still couldn’t understand why Lei Yu seemed to be even more eager than himself to kill Du Chang Hai.

“I still feel this is a bit too hasty. Killing Du Chang Hai openly in front of the public… aren’t you afraid of the chaos that will ensue afterwards? I’m afraid by then, things will truly get out of hand!”

Lei Yu smiled and shook his head, “If we rallied our forces and made an all out attack on the Ming Sect, this will result in losses on both sides. But if we only killed Du Chang Hai, only internal chaos will appear in the Ming Sect as people start fighting for the position of the Sect Leader. The strongest person we feared no longer exists, so how rampant can Fifth Devilish Realm cultivators act in front of us?” Lei Yu then remembered something and said: “During the time when you were injured, there were very few people talking about taking revenge for you. There was even someone thinking of taking over your position. This was something I saw with my own eyes so you don’t have to doubt my words. If Martial Sect was like this, then we don’t even have to mention what will happen to the Ming Sect.”

“Who? Who was this person thirsting for my position?” Shangguan Xi Hong asked with anger in his eyes.

Lei Yu shook his head, “There’s no point in saying the name since he has the desires but doesn’t have the power. Aren’t you perfectly healthy right now? It’s best not to create any chaos amongst our ranks during a critical time like now.”

After listening to Lei Yu’s words, Shangguan Xi Hong felt it made sense and didn’t need to pierce this window made of paper¹. In his heart, he was already going through a list of several people he suspected.

“Then I will represent Martial Sect on your behalf and announce this message. We’ll see what reactions the other two major forces will have.”

“This is the only way. Since Du Chang Hai wanted to act like a turtle, this is the only trick we can use to force him out!”


Inside a bamboo house located in a secluded area that was similar to paradise on earth. “Court Leader, it looks like they’re going to perform a dogfight show for us to watch again!” The Elder of Celestial Court, Qing Feng, looked very excited. It seemed like he was extremely happy to see something like this happen.

A middle-aged man that looked slightly younger than Qing Feng then said: “Could it be that you don’t see the hidden meaning behind this?”

Qing Feng shook his head in confusion. The middle-aged man then said: “It’s obvious the Ming Sect made a move, and he didn’t just target Shangguan Xi Hong alone. Everyone knows about Du Chang Hai’s wild ambitions so I wonder what his response will be…” He’s not an easy pushover right? This whole thing started when he acted against Martial Sect. What if it started with our Celestial Court or the Lei family? Would there be another outcome different from now?”

Qing Feng looked surprised, “It shouldn’t happen right? Du Chang Hai would not dare…”

“Hard to say, very hard to say!”

“So what position should we take on this?” Qing Feng asked.

The middle-aged man smiled, “There’s no rush, let’s see what reactions the Lei family will have first before we continue.”


It was extremely lively in the Lei family household. The Elder was quite long-winded next to Lei Yun Tian’s ears: “Master, you didn’t make a decision that day. If we had punished Kei Yu, something like this wouldn’t have happened now! It’s obvious Lei Yu wants to break up the balance between our four major forces!”

“Oh? Is that what you think?” Lei Yun Tian clearly didn’t agree with the Elder’s view.


¹ – There’s things people understand between each other and don’t need to expose it or say it out loud.

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