9HTM – Ch205

Chapter 205 – I Have Something Good

After reaching the agreement, Shangguan Xi Hong was still somewhat reluctant. But since Lei Yu had saved his life, and he gained his help in dealing with his enemy, he eventually felt it was a good deal. Little did Shangguan Xi Hong know that he was actually the one that suffered a big loss from this.

“Go ahead and tell me your plans.” Shangguan Xi Hong lightly sighed.

Lei Yu had to hold back a huge smile. “For now, we need a way to flush him out. I propose that Martial Sect sends out two contingents of troops to raid the Ming Sect branches. I believe Du Chang Hai will show up because of this. At that time, we only need to utilize the eyes and ears of Martial Sect to pinpoint his exact location. Once the location has been passed onto me, I will take care of everything afterwards.”

“That simple?” Shangguan Xi Hong asked with surprise.

Lei Yu nodded, “It’s really that simple.”

Shangguan Xi Hong originally thought that he and Lei Yu would go and fight Du Chang Hai to the bitter end. He never expected Lei Yu would have such simple arrangements. Shangguan Xi Hong couldn’t help once again doubting if Lei Yu’s abilities were strong enough. Only after seeing Lei Yu’s steady and confidant eyes did Shangguan Xi Hong reluctantly nod in agreement.

According to the conditions of their agreement, Shangguan Xi Hong personally delivered a copy of their family’s cultivating methods to Lei Yu a short while later. He kept reminding Lei Yu over and over again that it had to be burned after being memorized, and that this method could not be revealed to the outside world. Lei Yu naturally agreed to everything.

According to their plans, Shangguan Xi Hong began gathering his troops. He then inconspicuously picked out four Fifth Order Warriors amongst the four army divisions and had one of the Shangguan family members assume command. The troops secretly hid themselves near the southern branches of the Ming Sect while they waited for Shangguan Xi Hong’s order to begin the raid.


The headquarters of the Ming Sect was at a large company listed on the stock exchange. Du Chang Hai was sitting in an office on the top floor of the building.

“I didn’t expect the Lei Yu kid to disrupt our plans!” Said Du Chang Hai in anger.

“Sect Leader, should we take some precautions? Since Shangguan Xi Hong now knows it was us that made the move, would he initiate a counterattack?” A middle-aged man in a black suit at his side asked with concern.

Du Chang Hai nodded, “Based on Shangguan Xi Hong’s personality, he will definitely do something. But we’re not afraid if he does come; who knows who will be the final loser in this situation?”

Unfortunately for them, their calculations were completely wrong. Based on Shangguan Xi Hong’s personality, he would have declared war and gone all out. But with Lei Yu’s reminder, things will happen outside of Du Chang Hai’s expectation.

In another part of the country, Lei Yu was sitting at home holding his cell phone. “Big brother, can you swing by my place? I have something good for you.”

“What’s this ‘good’ thing? Could it be the fruit that you’ve given me in the past?” Nuo Hu jokingly asked.

“Do you even need those anymore? Come quickly, it will definitely make you jump in joy!”

“Okay, okay! I’ll be right over!” Nuo Hu’s speed was very fast. And after Ai Er realized her brother was going to see Lei Yu, she insisted on going as well so Nuo Hu could only reluctantly agree.

Inside Lei Yu’s house.

“Brother Yu, I heard you wanted to give my brother something ‘good’? Does Ai Er get a piece of it as well?” Ai Er pretended to be a spoiled child as she swung Lei Yu’s arms back and forth. This type of scene was something Lei Yu really enjoyed experiencing.

“I’m already yours and you’re still not satisfied?” Lei Yu smiled as he gently pinched Ai Er’s nose.

“You’re so hateful; quickly tell us what this ‘good’ thing is so I can get a piece of it as well!” Ai Er was even more urgent than Nuo Hu.

Lei Yu turned to look at Nuo Hu, “Big brother, you’re currently a Fifth Order Warrior. Do you have and cultivation methods for the subsequent level?”

Nuo Hu sighed, “The Nuo family’s cultivating methods can only allow me to reach the peak of the Fifth Order, so I need the assistance of other methods for the later stages. Wanting to break through on my own is something extremely difficult. My father has been stuck at this level for a very long time and cannot break through, not to mention me.”

“I’ll say something that may be difficult to hear: Based on your current age, you’re considered a genius of the Nuo family right? With the strength of a Fifth Order Warrior when you’re only in your twenties, if you still really had a better cultivating method, it’s possible you would’ve successfully broken through into the Sixth Order already.”

“Quit joking around, how could it be that easy? Only the Shangguan family has those advanced cultivation methods, and not everyone is able to break through. Otherwise, why would Shangguan Xi Hong be the only one to reach the Sixth Order Warrior level?” Nuo Hu said.

“In my estimates and based on your latent talents, if you really had the cultivation method, I believe you can really do it.” Lei Yu started smiling mysteriously.

Lei Yu had made Nuo Hu completely puzzled, his heart itching for an answer. “Little Yu, quickly tell us. What exactly is this ‘good’ thing you’re going to give me? Are you implying…!” Speaking up to this point, Nuo Hu felt that this was unlikely. The Shangguan family treated their cultivation method as something more important than their lives, so there’s no way Lei Yu would have obtained it right?

“Keep talking, maybe your guess is accurate.” Lei Yu continued with his mysterious smile.

“Could it be that you somehow obtained a peerless cultivation method?” Nuo Hu showed a ‘give me a break’ smile.

“Your guess is right on, I have obtained one. And it’s actually the Shangguan family’s cultivation method, delivered personally into my hands by Shangguan Xi Hong.” As he said this, Lei Yu retrieved the hand copied cultivation mantra and placed it in Nuo Hu’s hands.

Still unable to believe this was happening, Nuo Hu’s shaking hands held onto a handwritten scroll filled with text. Endless emotions were surging in his mind since he dared not to believe this was possible. But when had Lei Yu ever fooled him in the past? Even if Lei Yu was playing a joke on him, why would he make his own big brother come all the way here for it?

“Is… is… is this for real?” Nuo Hu swallowed hard as he asked in shock.

Lei Yu smiled and nodded, “Yes, it’s definitely the real thing. I’ve studied it already and it’s very complete. It should be very helpful to your cultivation. I believe that within a few years, you will break through the Fifth Order Warrior’s bottleneck and reach the strength of a Sixth Order.”

Nuo Hu gasped, even in his dreams had he never thought of having such a chance. Not to mention obtaining the Shangguan family’s cultivation method which was their clan’s ultimate treasure. This was similar to Lei Yu giving him the grace of heaven.

Nuo Hu was in tears, he was so emotional that he didn’t know what to say. Ordinary people may not understand the thoughts of a cultivator, but as one that walked the Warrior’s path; their biggest obstacle in life was being unable to break through to higher levels. In their entire lives, many people are unable to reach the stage of a super expert, but Nuo Hu had now been given an opportunity. And this opportunity was gifted to Nuo Hu by an indifferent Lei Yu in a playful manner.

“I must say big brother, can you not be like this? I… the hell, I thought you would be so happy that’d you be jumping in joy. Instead, you’re crying?” Lei Yu scratched his head and didn’t know how to comfort Nuo Hu.

“Big brother, why are you crying? Isn’t this a joyous occasion? I constantly see you, dad, and aunty depressed over being unable to cultivate further. Everything’s fine now. Brother Yu gave you this gift, so there’s no need to be depressed anymore.” Ai Er stared at Nuo Hu with big watery eyes that were filled with uncertainty.

“Ai Er…” Nuo Hu heavily sobbed a few more times before calming down. “You don’t know the meaning behind this. As a cultivator, having a cultivation method for the later realms is the biggest dream of their life. Yet some people would keep these peerless mantras hidden and not let anyone else near it. Therefore the more people that do this, the more precious it becomes. You don’t understand… you really don’t understand!”

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