9HTM – Ch204

Chapter 204 – Cutting Out The Heart And Liver

(Demonic Realm has been changed to Devilish/Devils Realm.)

The previous Shangguan Xi Hong’s attitude towards Lei Yu was lukewarm at best. Once he found out that Lei Yu had an unsurpassed talent, only then did Shangguan Xi Hong try to find all means to bring him to his side. No one expected that after this incident, a noble leader of Martial Sect would actually say those words. At least the people currently behind Shangguan Xi Hong would absolutely not believe they had just heard those words.

“You’re too serious about this, please come in before we continue chatting.” Lei Yu made a hand gesture to invite them in.

Shangguan Xi Hong changed back to his domineering face and turned to the crowd behind him: “You guys wait outside!”

“Understood!” The group of people answered in unison.

After having Shangguan Xi Hong take a seat in the living room, Lei Yu deliberately took out his best tea to serve this VIP guest.

“My old subordinate confessed, and all of this was caused by the Ming Sect. It was all thanks to you!” Shangguan Xi Hong went straight to the point without any nonsense.

Lei Yu didn’t beat around the bush either and bluntly asked: “Then what are your plans?”

“I will show Du Chang Hai the methods of my Martial Sect!” Shangguan Xi Hong clenched his fists as he said this.

Lei Yu shook his head, “Chief Shangguan…”

Shangguan Xi Hong smiled and interrupted: “Don’t call me Chief; my title in front of you is not worth half a cent. You can directly call me by name or if you don’t mind, you can just call me Uncle.”

“Uh…” Lei Yu felt a bit reluctant but still said it. “Uncle Shangguan, are you saying you want to go to war with the Ming Sect?”

“The Ming Sect is originally a force of evil and should’ve been eradicated a long time ago. But because of maintaining the balance between the major forces of Tenglong country, this was never done. Now that they are acting so arrogantly, there’s no need for us to hold back!” Shangguan Xi Hong angrily said.

“The consequences of going to war with them can become disastrous though. The Ming Sect is rooted deeply in all areas. I’m afraid at that time; chaos will ensue in Tenglong country. The end result might cause an economic collapse and by then, even the safety of our citizens may be in jeopardy!” This was one of the reasons Lei Yu hadn’t rashly made a move against the Ming Sect yet.

“Then what do you suggest we do?” Shangguan Xi Hong asked.

Lei Yu smiled, “Why should we break the balance? You should know that it’s only Du Chang Hai, a single person that wanted to harm you and not everyone in the Ming Sect. The major forces are maintaining a balance without anyone being stronger or weaker. If Martial Sect musters up all their forces to destroy the Ming Sect, killing a thousand would result in eight hundred of our own losses. I’m afraid the day of Ming Sect’s demise would also mean the day that Martial Sect’s standing will fall. By that time, who knows who the fisherman would be to reap the rewards?”

“Either the Lei family or Celestial Court!” Shangguan Xi Hong replied without thought. In fact, how could a leader of a major force in Tenglong country not think of this? This happened because the poison incident happened too sudden, making him somewhat lose his cool-headedness. After hearing Lei Yu’s words did his mind suddenly become clear again.

“That’s why my thoughts on this are very simple: Since it’s the fault of a single person Du Chang Hai, why would we implicate the others? Killing him would naturally result in another person taking his position, which shouldn’t create too much chaos. If we did eliminate all the Ming Sect’s branches and chapters, it will definitely cause the destruction of both us and them.”

“What you’ve said makes sense, so what plans do you have?” Shangguan Xi Hong asked.

Lei Yu didn’t have to think about this because he had previously devised plans on the many possibilities after the poisoning incident. He then said: “I can help you to kill him, but I want to know what benefits would I get out of it?”

Shangguan Xi Hong couldn’t believe what he had just heard from Lei Yu. At the same time, he started wondering what level of strength Lei Yu had actually reached now.

“You? Are you sure you can beat him? He’s at the Sixth Devilish Realm and from what I’ve heard; he has reached the late stages of it. Could it be that you believe you have the assurance to handle him?” What Shangguan Xi Hong was considering wasn’t the benefits Lei Yu was seeking, but whether Lei Yu had such ability or not.

“Your suspicions are reasonable. I can tell you with certainty that, without meaning to be disrespectful, if we were to fight right now, I am confident in being the victor!” Lei Yu looked at Shangguan Xi Hong without blinking. Not only did Lei Yu’s eyes contain something as simple as confidence, it also contained a hidden meaning.

Lei Yu had no proof to back up his words, especially since these two have never fought before. But Shangguan Xi Hong had a feeling that Lei Yu possessed a treasure, one that was extremely powerful at that.

Whether it be a cultivator on the Warrior path or the Devil path, or what Celestial Court referred to as the Immortal path, or Primus Hogue and Minotaur Linos’s Demonic path, once they’ve reached the late stages of the Sixth level, their strengths are comparable to each other. There’s no way to determine who is stronger or weaker in a short amount of time. Thus, they had to see who was holding a hidden ace up their sleeves since that’s the key to victory amongst the experts. When Lei Yu spoke those words, it was obvious that he was holding onto a hidden ace.

After a while, Shangguan Xi Hong then slowly asked: “What benefits were you referring to?” He was asking this because he had a reason. In everyone’s eyes, Lei Yu didn’t care about money or status; he only paid attention to the relationship of people close to him. Shangguan Xi Hong didn’t know how he could help Lei Yu with those bonds he cared so much about.

Lei Yu was in fact just acting along. Those that know Lei Yu having enmity with the Ming Sect was only Nuo Yi Long, and of course, he wouldn’t go around telling everyone. Since Shangguan Xi Hong didn’t know a thing about this, he had his own thoughts. Shangguan Xi Hong thought Lei Yu was helping him because Lei Yu wanted a favor owed to him. Those people with high statuses did not like owing favors so they would always quickly try to repay them.

Lei Yu smiled, “My request might be a bit too much for someone like you, but I have to do this for the sake of my friends and my brother. As far as I know, those on the Warrior’s cultivation path, only the Shangguan family can reach the Sixth Order Warrior rank. As for the other ancient clans, it’s extremely difficult.” Pausing a bit, Lei Yu continued: “I would like the cultivating methods of the Shangguan family. When it comes to my big brother Nuo Hu, I have no choice but to request this from you.”

Grasping one equals to grasping them all when it’s about the cultivating methods of the Warrior path. They were on completely different path to special cultivators like Lei Yu. Even if they had different mantras, the end stages on how to circulate and control their internal energy were all the same. This was something Lei Yu found when reading different books and scrolls. But he realized that his own cultivating method was really not suitable for Nuo Hu.

Shangguan Xi Hong hesitated and thought for a long time. After all, they were talking about the most important treasure of the Shangguan family. This was something outsiders have never obtained before. After deliberating with himself, Shangguan Xi Hong then said: “I can fulfill your condition but I have a request. Our cultivating method can only be mastered by him and no one else. If we find out there is a second person, even if we become enemies, I will certainly spare no effort in getting rid of everyone!”

“That’s a deal!” Lei Yu smiled as he slapped the armrest of the sofa.

Lei Yu had really profited big time from this. Originally, Du Chang Hai was someone he had to deal with. Now he had a helper, and that helper had to cut out his heart and liver¹ to take out a cultivating method that’s never been revealed to outsiders before. Wasn’t this considered a great occasion?


¹ – Taking out the Shangguan family’s cultivating method hurts as much as cutting out his own heart and liver.

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