9HTM – Ch210

Chapter 210 – How Is This Possible?

Du Chang Hai was slightly stunned before sneering: “There’s no need to force yourself, for it’ll only speed up the time of your death!”

“Oh? You made one attack and could already see the conclusion of the fight? That’s really too funny!” Lei Yu stared in anger before a powerful aura quickly surrounded him. His purple internal energy mixed with white starry dots was similar to waves as it surged around him like crazy. Lei Yu then roared out: “Thirty-six Lunar Star’s fifth form!”

A large and terrifying fist aura flew straight at Du Chang Hai’s direction. The huge momentum it carried along with it made Du Chang Hai’s face filled with shock. It looks like this attack had already surpassed the level of power that Lei Yu was supposed to have.

Even though the surface area of the attack was quite small, the momentum and power behind it was not any less than Lei Yu’s previous lightning attack.

As if it was able to sweep all obstacles aside, the surface of the ground exploded as the attack swept by forming a deep trench. Whipping up torrential winds, the attack locked onto its target which was the complacent looking Du Chang Hai who had now become shocked.


The spectators in their seats didn’t even have time to be surprised when the attack had already arrived in front of Du Chang Hai. Now everyone was watching on how he was going to resist it.

Avoid it? Obviously not. Block it head on? How was he going to resist such a powerful attack?

As a last resort, Du Chang Hai switched the machete to his left hand and his right-hand formed a hand seal. “Scorching Sun! Break!”



When everyone thought that Du Chang Hai would be unable to resist it, a round shield suddenly appeared in his hand. The entire shield was yellow, and it was large enough to protect his whole upper body.

One could see Du Chang Hai was using all his strength to resist, as he was pushed back at least a dozen meters by the impact of Lei Yu’s extremely powerful attack. His two legs left behind two trench lines on the ground, and only when the power began to weaken did Du Chang Hai finally stop sliding backwards.

“This…!” Lei Yu was shocked. He knew that Du Chang Hai’s machete wasn’t something ordinary, and now he also had a shield? This was too unbelievable!

“Haha, hahaha, hahahaha….” One could only hear Du Chang Hai and his burst of laughter at the center of the field. The sound of laughter started from soft to loud, as if he was just too ecstatic.

“Lei Yu! It’s time for your death!” Du Chang Hai lowered his shield and switched hands with the machete. He then used the machete to strike at the shield before coldly saying: “Crescent-moon Blade and the Scorching Sun Shield, these are my Ming Sect’s supreme treasures. You alone are more than enough for me to slaughter, so let’s see how you’re going to beat me today!”

Shangguan Xi Hong suddenly sucked in a cool breath. These two weapons were indeed mentioned in legends, but who knew that it was in the hands of the Ming Sect. Combining sun 日 and the moon 月 characters, didn’t that spell the word Ming 明? (As in Ming Sect)

“It looks like it will be difficult for Lei Yu to escape this crisis.” Celestial Court’s Leader shook his head in regret. Once the weapons were revealed, it became an indisputable fact that Du Chang Hai was pretty much invincible now.

Shangguan Xi Hong also heavily sighed, “I didn’t expect this, I really didn’t expect this at all!”

In Shangguan Xi Hong’s opinion, Lei Yu’s first lightning attack was already extremely strong yet it was still broken apart by Du Chang Hai. That didn’t matter since he believed Lei Yu still had an ace up his sleeves. Indeed, Lei Yu then released a second attack which had such a strong momentum that it didn’t lose out to the first one. But the results were that it was resisted by Du Chang Hai’s use of the Scorching Sun Shield. Looks like the conclusion of this fight was very clear, Lei Yu was definitely going to lose!

“Laugh at your own mother, b*tch!”

The smile on Du Chang Hai’s face froze, and the eyes of everyone in the audience almost popped out of their sockets. There were even some in the audience that were looking all over for where that voice came from.

Lei Yu patted off the dirt his previous attack had showered him with. He then said: “You think by bringing out a turtle’s shell and you’ve won? Funny, way too funny!”

Qing Feng who was originally sitting crooked in regret suddenly sat up filled with spirit. “There’s still more to the show!”

The brows of the Celestial Court’s Leader twitched as a slight smile appeared on his face.

“Could… could it be that Lei Yu still had something up his sleeves he hasn’t revealed yet?” Shangguan Xi Hong felt his heart skip a beat as he stared unblinkingly at Lei Yu hoping something would appear.

As for the section where the Lei family was at, Lei Yun Tian was already excited beyond words. The hand reaching for a cup of water was trembling, and he was unaware even when the water in the cup spilled out. “Little Yu, you… what other shocking thing are you going to keep showing me? Do you really want me to die of regret until you’re satisfied?” The current Lei Yun Tian really hated himself for listening to the Elder’s words back then, and also blamed himself for not having a firm enough will which allowed a peerless genius to leave the Lei family.

“You’re too arrogant!” Du Chang Hai then coldly humphed, “I refuse to believe you have any more moves to take out!”

His mouth said those words but Du Chang Hai was ready for something big again. Needless to say, Lei Yu’s previous two attacks were naturally powerful and if Du Chang Hai made the slightest mistake, he would have been obliterated into ashes.

Lei Yu calmly wiped the blood stain from his face. “Arrogant? Aren’t you the arrogant one? You’re holding a turtle shell and think of yourself as invincible?”

As he was saying this, a flash was seen on Lei Yu’s hand and a sword with a length of 1.5 meters appeared.

The audience was suddenly in an uproar, “He really had an ace up his sleeves!”

“It’s now hard to tell who would win or lose!”

“It should be him! Lei Yu’s performance today was too incredible and shocking!”

It was at this time, the cup that Lei Yun Tian was holding fell out of his hand with a “dong dong” sound. His eyeballs were staring at the sword Lei Yu had in his hand, while everyone around him were looking at Lei Yun Tian after hearing the cup drop.

They only saw him point at the direction of Lei Yu and say: “Sky Devouring Sword! How could that be?! How could that be?!”

Lei Yu slightly turned around, “What? The Lei family’s master recognized this thing?”

“No… it’s impossible! How could it be the Sky Devouring Sword! Impossible! Absolutely impossible!” Lei Yun Tian was now completely crazy. He had seen the image of the Sky Devouring Sword in the family’s ancient scrolls multiple times. There’s no need to even mention the power it contained. According to the rumors, many members of the Lei family had perished while trying to get their hands on this supreme weapon, yet how could it appear in Lei Yu’s possession right now?

“What’s impossible about this? The heavens pitied me and gifted me the Sky Devouring Sword. Can’t that happen?” Said Lei Yu with a sneer.

“Sky Devouring Sword? What is that?” Shangguan Xi Hong was also a bit surprised.

Over in the area of Celestial Court, the Court Leader and the Elder started whispering to each other as their eyes fell upon the sword in Lei Yu’s hand.

“The Sky Devouring Sword is a supreme treasure of the Lei family, why… why would it be in your hands? Hasn’t it been missing for hundreds of years already?” Lei Yun Tian still couldn’t believe his own eyes, but once his words came out, it made everyone beyond shocked. A treasure that had been missing for hundreds of years would actually appear in Lei Yu’s hand? This was definitely something difficult for people to believe, especially someone like Lei Yun Tian who was very knowledgeable about its history.

“Cut the bullshit!” Du Chang Hai roared in anger. “Even if you have the whatever Sky Dogfart Devouring Sword, I’ll still rip you apart into a thousand pieces!”

The main protagonist should have been Lei Yu and him, but now everyone’s attention was focused on Lei Yu’s figure, making him feel like he lost face and wasn’t taken seriously. And now everyone was discussing the fame of this Sky Devouring Sword which seemed to overwhelm his own Crescent-moon Blade and Scorching Sun Shield.

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