9HTM – Ch211

Chapter 211 – You Must Die

“Since you want to die, I might as well send you along.” Lei Yu smiled as he turned around and looked at Du Chang Hai who had an awkward look on him. “Let me experience the power of the so called supreme treasures in your hands!”

Du Chang Hai had the Crescent-moon Blade and Scorching Sun Shield so Lei Yu was unwilling to be left behind. That day with Romon’s words, Lei Yu didn’t have to return the Ares boots to the Vatican, so today was the perfect opportunity for him to show it off.

People only saw a flash of golden light before seeing a pair of golden boots appear on Lei Yu’s feet. With the addition of the long sword and the wound on his body, his manly momentum overwhelmed all the women in the audience. Even though they weren’t ordinary people themselves, Lei Yu’s achievements had become indisputable making every woman go crazy for.

“How could another thing appear now? Just how many hidden items does Lei Yu have on him?” Shangguan Xi Hong was completely subdued by Lei Yu’s surprises; it looked like the real showdown had just started.

With the addition of the Ares boots, the speed of Lei Yu’s figure had already reached the stage where the eyes were unable to catch up with.

“You have your defense while I have my speed. Let me warn you beforehand, I have a lot of experience dealing with Sixth Order experts with lots of defense!” Lei Yu laughed before his figure disappeared only leaving behind an afterimage.

“The speed of lightning!”

“Oh heavens!”

A killing aura was suddenly boiling out of Du Chang Hai’s body. A dark red aura wrapped around his body as he was prepared to meet another of Lei Yu’s tyrannical attack. Even so, Du Chang Hai was fully confident in himself by relying on the two supreme treasures in his hands.

The ground around Du Chang Hai suddenly began to quake, and Lei Yu’s figure was merely a black blur before he immediately arrived in front of him.



Several sounds of metal colliding were heard. Lei Yu could feel the Crescent-moon Blade in Du Chang Hai’s hand gave him an indescribable pressure that poured into him. The feeling seemed very familiar but he just couldn’t quite recall it at this moment. As for Du Chang Hai, he wasn’t having an easy time himself. Lei Yu’s Sky Devouring Sword contained a large amount of lightning power within itself, making his arms begin to have a numb feeling. If it weren’t for him being careful and relying on his internal energy to resist it, it’s possible the weapons he was holding would have fallen to the ground already.


Lei Yu fiercely retreated and assumed a defensive stance. Since his speed held the advantage, would he be afraid of Du Chang Hai’s counter-attack? In reality, Lei Yu’s long-range attack was the most powerful and the hardest to resist, this was actually his greatest trump card.

The remaining internal energy inside Lei Yu allowed him to release one more fifth form of the Thirty-six Lunar Stars technique. The power behind the bare fist attack he used was already terrifying. Now that he had a weapon in hand, it would definitely be even more tyrannical!

“What? You’re scared now?” Du Chang Hai coldly sneered before his figure quickly rushed over. He had already misinterpreted the reason for Lei Yu’s retreat, making him bound to suffer some type of serious injury.

“Thirty! Six! Lunar! Stars! Fifth! Form!” Lei Yu roared out every single word which was clearly heard by everyone.

Du Chang Hai suddenly panicked and increased his speed, wanting to reach Lei Yu before the attack was released. But how could his speed be compared to Lei Yu’s?

Everyone once again saw purple internal energy mixed with scattered starry dots appearing around Lei Yu.

“Ooh! Lei Yu wants to release that previous attack again!” Qing Feng exclaimed in surprise.

“It looks like this attack will really decide who would come out victorious right?” Shangguan Xi Hong had both his fists clenched; apparently revealing he was excited to the extreme.

Lei Yun Tian’s emotions were all over the place. The first reason being Lei Yu’s exceptional performance; being able to fight head-to-head with Ming Sect’s Leader Du Chang Hai, there’s probably no more than five people in the entire Tenglong country capable of it. This alone made him beyond regretful of ever kicking Lei Yu out. The second being the appearance of the Sky Devouring Sword. This was an item that had been missing for a long time, and no matter how he racked his brains, he couldn’t figure out how and why it would be in Lei Yu’s possession. Lei Yun Tian would naturally not believe Lei Yu’s absurd reason.


After the yell was heard, a completely different looking attack was released. This happens to be Lei Yu’s first attempt at releasing the Thirty-six Lunar Star’s technique through a weapon. He had no clue on the difference in power between having a weapon or not, but when it came to this powerful sword, Lei Yu wasn’t worried about its performance.

Just like a star streaking across the sky, a light beyond sharp slashed through the air emitting a harsh shrieking noise.

“So powerful!”

All those at or above the Fifth Order Warrior stage exclaimed out loud in unison. Even the faces of Shangguan Xi Hong and other super experts at the Sixth Order became pale. With such a powerful and sharp attack, there was probably no one here that could withstand it. Was this a power that someone as young as Lei Yu was capable of releasing?




These three different sounds had made everyone mute as they stared at Du Chang Hai in surprise.

Before Lei Yu’s attack was released, Du Chang Hai already knew he wouldn’t be able to reach him on time. Therefore, him rushing forward had been changed to retreating backwards like crazy. While it was impossible for him to avoid the attack, at felt he could at least mitigate the damage by creating distance from Lei Yu.

“Agghh…!” Du Chang Hai hysterically roared out. His upper and lower jaws were clenched tightly together while blood started flowing out of his mouth. One could see his single hand could no longer resist the attack, so the other hand holding the Crescent-moon Blade was reinforced behind the Scorching Sun Shield as both hands tried to resist. This time, Du Chang Hai wasn’t like last time where he was pushed back because it was no longer impact force, but a terrifying cutting force!



A heart-wrenching and piercing cry was heard. The Scorching Sun Shield in Du Chang Hai’s hand could no longer handle Lei Yu’s attack; it actually split into two halves before falling to the ground. As for Lei Yu’s attack, it didn’t stop and kept penetrating forward as if it was a tiger that had just broken out of its cage.


It was merely a faint sound before Du Chang Hai’s left arm was directly cut off at the shoulder area. Just like the two halves of the Scorching Sun Shield, his arm then fell to the ground.

Silence, not even a crow or a sparrow was heard!

There were over a thousand people in the audience yet everyone’s mouth was agape. Some even forgot to breathe as if they had forgotten they were still alive.

The only people here that was capable of moving was perhaps them two. One of them had a face filled with pain and was almost driven to the point of insanity – Du Chang Hai. He quickly gathered his internal energy at the wound on the shoulder before sealing some acupuncture points to prevent more blood from flowing out.

As for the other person, he was standing at a distance over 100 meters away. His mouth was gasping for air, his body swaying as if about to fall, and his legs look like they wouldn’t be able to support the body any longer – Lei Yu.

Lei Yu had released his most powerful attack twice now, but Du Chang Hai had only lost an arm while still retaining the ability to continue fighting. On the other hand, Lei Yu was done since he had no more strength and his internal energy was almost exhausted.

“You must die! You must die!” Du Chang Hai’s eyes were now bloodshot. Combined with his menacing looks and his blood covered mouth, he truly looked like a devil incarnate at this moment.

“You should’ve died twenty something years ago. It was all because of that woman! It was that woman! I’m going to kill you! I’m going to hack you into meat paste!” Du Chang Hai had completely lost control as he took one step at a time towards Lei Yu.

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