9HTM – Ch212

Chapter 212 – The Last Ace

Lei Yu’s body suddenly trembled as he widened his eyes. “What woman? What woman are you referring to?”

Du Chang Hai’s words were very strange which made Lei Yu feel like he remembered something. Twenty something years ago? Should’ve died? It was that woman?

“Humph!” Take your stupid question to hell along with you!” Du Chang Hai obviously ignored Lei Yu’s question.

Everyone watched as Du Chang Hai got closer and closer towards Lei Yu. The distance was less than ten meters and everyone’s heart felt like it had risen to their throat. It was obvious that Du Chang Hai was not going to let Lei Yu off. Lei Yu was indeed very powerful, but because Du Chang Hai was able to narrowly avoid death, the person about to face a disaster had changed to Lei Yu.

Lei Yun Tian could no longer stay silent and suddenly stood up. He wanted to rush out within that second but it was at this moment, someone made a move from the seats of Celestial Court. Before Lei Yu Tian had rushed out, Celestial Court’s Leader had already arrived in front and blocked his path. “Brother Lei, doing this doesn’t seem appropriate right? Before the duel, it was already announced that life or death was up to fate, so you have no right to intervene!”

“But he’s my son!” Lei Yun Tian sharply retorted.

“According to my knowledge, Lei Yu was kicked out of the family seven years ago. Up until now, he still hasn’t returned to the Lei family right?”

The two hadn’t finished conversing yet when they heard Lei Yu say in a voice that everyone could hear: “Even if I die…!” After gasping for air a bit, “I only want to know the whereabouts of my mother. Also, why did you have to kill my grandfather?!”

Lei Yu’s words caught everyone by surprise as they held their breath. At this time, it was clear that Lei Yun Tian started trembling while Du Chang Hai’s accelerating body became startled.

“You know about the matters of your grandfather?” Du Chang Hai was angry but didn’t lose his ability to reason. One could see this by him previously sealing his acupuncture points to stem the flow of blood before making other moves. And he was now surprised at the questions Lei Yu had asked.

“That’s right! He knows about it!” Under the eyes of everyone, Nuo Yi Long stood up.

“Nuo Yi Long?” Du Chang Hai looked at him in disdain, “I don’t know how you found out, but I can tell you for certain that his grandfather was killed by me, in addition to that b*tch! What a cheap piece of life, she actually committed suicide because of a bastard like you!” After saying that, Du Chang Hai flipped his hand and a jade pendant appeared. Lei Yu’s eyes were suddenly round and wide.

“Shut your mouth!” Lei Yu was completely enraged. Once he heard his grandfather was definitely killed by Du Chang Hai, and he also mentioned a b*tch, Lei Yu was able to determine he was speaking about his mother.

“Take it, this is your b*itch of a mother’s property. Now it can accompany you together to see your mother in hell.”

Lei Yu’s eyes started getting misty while he wanted to burst into tears. But this wasn’t the time because he hadn’t taken care of this true enemy in front of him yet. He mustn’t look weak, especially in front of his enemy!

“What I hate is that I don’t have the ability, or else I would personally cut your into thousands of pieces!” Nuo Yi Long said this through clenched teeth.

“Uncle Nuo? What is going on?” Lei Yu stabbed his sword into the ground to support his balance, before asking in a very calm voice.

“You will understand very soon.” Nuo Yi Long then looked at Du Chang Hai, “Twenty something years ago, do you remember that you killed Liu Xiao Yue’s junior sister Du Ling Er?”

“You are her…?!” Du Chang Hai was suddenly surprised.

“That’s right! Ling Er is my wife!”

“Humph! With her abilities, she wanted to save Liu Xiao Yue? Simply dreaming!”

“Because you were coveting for a beauty twenty something years ago, you made Ling Er’s senior sister, whom is little Yu’s mother Liu Xiao Yue, go through hellish torment by your despicable extortion. Do you acknowledge this?” Nuo Yi Long asked in anger.

“That’s right, so what? Can you kill me?” Du Chang Hai’s face was still filled with disdain.

“In order to safeguard little Yu’s life, she had to bow down to your demands and be under house arrest. While Ling Er was trying to save her senior sister, she was then killed by you. Everything is still fresh in my memory… I’m too weak… I’m too weak! I’ve already been a coward for two decades, if I can’t kill you today, I would rather die together with little Yu than to drag out this ignoble existence!” After saying this, Nuo Yi Long was prepared to rush out into the field.

“Uncle Nuo, don’t come over!” Lei Yu cried out. After hearing Nuo Yi Long’s words, things had become very clear and the reason for his grandfather’s death was apparent.

Nuo Yi Long had given Lei Yun Tian a lot of face today by not mentioning his name at all under everyone’s gaze.

“I cannot allow you to die alone!” Said Nuo Yi Long as his voice trembled.

Ai Er, Nuo Hu, and Nuo Yi Feng standing to the side couldn’t accept what was about to happen, but they didn’t know what they could say. Ai Er could only cry since Lei Yu was now in a very dangerous situation and it seemed like he had no hope of staying alive.

“If you want to die, how easy would that be? I’ll just slash you once to end your life!” Du Chang Hai coldly laughed.

Lei Yu once again gasped for breath before coldly saying: “I’m afraid the person that will be dying today… will be you!”

“What did you say?!” Du Chang Hai was now cautious.

“What?! Could Lei Yu still…” Shangguan Xi Hong couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

“No, that’s impossible. It’s impossible for him to make any more moves at this point.” Qing Feng shook his head as he sighed. He was thinking Lei Yu was merely bluffing right now.

“Master of the Lei family, if I’m lucky enough to survive, I hope that you tell me in full detail of what happened twenty something years ago!” This was the issue Lei Yu was most concerned about.

Lei Yun Tian’s face twitched a bit, but agreed to the request. Did Lei Yu really have some means he hadn’t revealed yet?

During the time when he was conversing, Lei Yu was quickly restoring his internal energy. Even if it was a tiny bit, it was still capable of activating the Ares boots allowing Lei Yu to retreat over a hundred meters away. This was already enough! Lei Yu decided to use the last insurance he had, Lei Sect’s third generation Sect Leader’s treasure – Heavenly Thunder Bead!

“Did you think you still had hope of surviving? Truly too funny!” Right after saying that, Du Chang Hai had already rushed forward. He didn’t want to give Lei Yu enough time to really bring out whatever fearsome thing he had.

In an instant, Lei Yu mustered whatever left of his internal energy and the Heaven Devouring Sword disappeared. His figure had already disappeared from the spot! Too fast, it was simply too fast! Once Lei Yu reappeared, he was already another hundred meters away from Du Chang Hai.

Lei Yu with his usual good habit of leaving a trace amount of internal energy had now drained everything. That last slither of internal energy he hid inside a meridian was also completely used up as he injected it into a transparent bead filled with explosive power that had suddenly appeared in his hand.

“Everyone look! What’s that in his hand?”

“I don’t know! Could it be Lei Yu’s real hidden ace?”

That’s right; Lei Yu had no more strength to fight on. He was now using his last chance by struggling to throw out the Heavenly Thunder Bead. When that last slither of internal energy injected into the bead was about to break its connection with him, Lei Yu detonated the bead.

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