9HTM – Ch213

Chapter 213 – Xiao Zhang Explodes

The sky shook and the ground trembled! A dense flood of lightning was bombarding the central area of the stadium!

Even for the surrounding people in the spectating area, all their hair stood on its end.

The furious and terrifying power made the audience feel suffocated; the light of the lightning was even brighter than daylight making them unable to fully open their eyes. Even those experts at the Sixth Order were in a similar situation, the energy of the impact had even caused them to feel a hint of fear welling up in their hearts. This was a power of Armageddon proportions!

Lei Yu’s worst fear didn’t happen. Even though this Heavenly Thunder Bead contained an unimaginable amount of power, the surface area of its attack didn’t extend too far out. Otherwise, everyone here today would not have a chance of surviving.

At the edge of the area where the lightning was bombarding, Lei Yu sat on the ground attempting to absorb this powerful energy currently being released. But however hard he tried, he wasn’t able to extract the energy into his own body. He then reluctantly said: “What a pity!”

Presently, the only one able to see what exactly was happening at the center of the field was Lei Yu. He could clearly see that Du Chang Hai was being wrapped up by a powerful lightning energy. From time to time, a stream of lightning would whip his body and no matter how much Du Chang Hai tried, he wasn’t able to free himself from the powerful lightning induced suction force that kept him at the center of the field.

“Swish!” Du Chang Hai’s hair started burning from the lightning bombardment.

“Bzzzt!” The lightning had now struck him in the eyes creating two black holes rendering him unable to see anything.

“Bzzzt, bang, bzzzt!” After these three loud strikes, the lightning bombardment had already mutilated Du Chang Hai’s body to the point where blood no longer flowed out. One could only smell something similar to meat being cooked.

No matter how painfully he screamed, the overwhelming sounds of lightning striking had completely covered his voice.

The surrounding area of the stadium was already under Martial Law, yet cars a few miles away had stopped and turned off their engines, while pedestrians stopped walking and looked over. Like a huge firework display, the white lightning net stayed suspended in the air as it continuously struck the ground. This scene was too incredible and made the people think that this world was coming to an end!

At the edge of the lightning net, it was almost unbearable for Lei Yu to continue watching. But since this was his enemy; the villain that forced the death of his mother; the beast who killed his grandfather; Lei Yu forced himself to go on watching. He watched as each lightning struck Du Chang Hai, and each part of his flesh becoming charred.

This stream of attack lasted for a full two minutes before the lightning gradually dispersed. Fortunately, there was no rain or any electric conductors around or else Du Chang Hai wouldn’t be the only person suffering today.

Once the lightning dissipated, everyone opened their eyes wide. The landscape of the huge stadium had been completely changed. The green grass no longer existed, even the soil underneath went missing at a depth of a meter. The outcome of this massive attack made the scalp of the audience go numb. Was this the power a human was capable of having?

Nope! No one would dare believe this was possible!

There were only two people on scene that remained calm. The first being the person who caused such a large amount of lightning power – Lei Yu. The second would be Ai Er, who witnessed the catastrophical powers of the ascetic cultivator Romon in the United States. The damage Romon inflicted was a hundred to a thousand times more powerful compared to the current scene.

Many in the audience was trying to look for Du Chang Hai’s figure, but realized they couldn’t find anything.

Lei Yu clenched his teeth before shakily standing up. Using his last bit of strength, he yelled out: “Ming Sect, it’s time to get a new leader!”

“Heavens! Did he… did he really die?!”

“Is he human? Is he even still human?”

Everyone present couldn’t believe their eyes, and couldn’t believe what they saw had actually happened. Yet this indeed happened, and the most powerful proof of it was the devastation of the stadium’s field.

“Branch Leader Zhao, what should we do now?” In the area where the Ming Sect sat, a large middle-aged male asked a youth in front of him.

The youth narrowed his eyes and coldly said: “Use this chance to kill him!”


Like ghosts, the large guy and another middle-aged man rushed down into the field. Under the eyes of everyone, these two were both holding fearsome looking daggers. It appears their intention was to take Lei Yu’s life in the shortest amount of time possible.

Would Lei Yun Tian, Shangguan Xi Hong, and Celestial Court’s two Sixth Grade Celestials turn a blind eye?

One could see several sword auras descend from the sky and trap the two men rushing at Lei Yu. A raging fire in Lei Yun Tian’s hand flew out like a cannon while at the same time, Shangguan Xi Hong utilized their Shangguan family’s secret move to create a weapon out of air pressure. The pressure then compressed the two burning men of the Fifth Demonic Realm into meat patties.

The three forces merely took a second to make their move, and once again showed how powerful a Sixth Order Warrior was. Terrifying, way too terrifying!

Lei Yu nodded, “Thank you.”

His butt plopped onto the ground since he no longer had the strength to remain standing. The Lei family glared at the remnants of the Ming Sect. If they dared to make another move, they will inevitably suffer the attacks from all three forces.

Shangguan Xi Hong waved his hand, “Quick, go see how Lei Yu is doing!”

The members of Martial Sect all rushed over, and among them was a person. His eyes were filled with evil intention as a sharp nail started extending from his finger. Like everyone else, he was rapidly rushing towards where Lei Yu was.

Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng weren’t prepared for this. Nuo Hu brought Ai Er along so his speed was relatively slower than the others.

Mixed amongst everyone was the Eagle Group’s Commander, Xiao Zhang!

His speed became faster and faster, already exceeding everyone else! Once everyone witnessed the changes on his hand, their faces became pale!

“Lei Yu! I’ve told you before that I will pay you back a hundred times for what you did to my son!” Xiao Zhang already distanced himself from everyone. Even if Shangguan Xi Hong or others wanted to make a move, it was already impossible now because the distance between the two were too close!

“Nooo!” Ai Er’s eyes were filled with tears and she screamed hysterically. Of course Xiao Zhang wouldn’t bother with her scream since there was only Lei Yu in his eyes. Even if he was to die here today, he still had to avenge his son.

Perhaps others cannot understand why he chose to do this. His son Xiao Fei merely had his arm broken, so why would he put his life on the line? The price he is paying right now seems a little too much.

One needs to know that Xiao Zhang had put all his efforts onto his son. Studying abroad, an indoctrination of their family’s martial cultivation, all so that his son could replace his position in the future, or maybe even replace the first chair of Martial Sect, the Chief Leader position. But with Lei Yu’s appearance, his dreams and fantasies were all for naught which made him completely lose his mind.

Seeing that Lei Yu was now seriously injured, how could he still remain calm? It was impossible for him to encounter another chance like this!

Lei Yu weakly lay there before shouting out: “If you don’t make your move now, I’m afraid I’m really going to die here!”

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