9HTM – Ch214

Chapter 214 – Flying Into The Air

Once Lei Yu said that, Xiao Zhang hesitated a bit and didn’t have time to look up. One could only see a huge copper pillar descending from the sky. “Bam!”

Ai Er was immediately filled with joy, “Great!”

Nuo Hu’s jaws dropped to the ground while everyone raised their head to look up. Even the Martial Sect members running towards Lei Yu unconsciously stopped to look.

Lei Yun Tian, Nuo Yi Long siblings, Shangguan Xi Hong, Celestial Court’s Leader and Elder, all stared intently in the sky.

No one cared what happened to Xiao Zhang after the huge pillar dropped on top of him. There was no doubt he had already been squashed into a meat patty.

Looking up into the sky, everyone watched as a man descended and landed on top of the huge pillar stabbed into the ground. This man then squatted and looked down at Lei Yu with a smile: “Benefactor, that treasure of yours is really powerful. Even I got a good scare from it!”

“Come on, how can it be compared to your perverse powers?” Lei Yu endured the weakness he felt and sat up with the support of his trembling arms. After sighing heavily, “If it weren’t for your arrival, I’m afraid I would really be finished today. That Xiao Zhang is quite the sinister guy.”

This scene looked like it was a joke for the audience. A huge pillar with a full thirty feet in height would suddenly fall from the sky for no reason, and somehow accurately land on top of Xiao Zhang who was about to attack Lei Yu? Moreover, who was this youth? No matter how they looked, this youth wasn’t a Tenglong citizen but seemed to have a rather close relationship with Lei Yu.

“We can only say benefactor’s fate is blessed!”

That’s right! The person that came was none other than Minotaur Linos’s son – Romon!

“You came looking for me?”

“Right, there was something important that I forgot to tell you but it seems like it’s no longer necessary.” Romon jumped off the pillar and arrived in front of Lei Yu. He then pulled out a small white bottle and poured out a black pill. “This was given by Kalchas. The results aren’t bad so give it a try.”

Without any hesitation, Lei Yu popped the pill into his mouth and swallowed since he would never worry if Romon was trying to harm him or not.

“Who is that person?”

“How could he suddenly descend from the skies?”

“Right, and look, he looks to be Lei Yu’s friend!”

The crowd in the audience was in an uproar again. Everyone was surprised with this person showing up and was shocked by the strength he possessed.

Ai Er pulled Nuo Hu along as they reached Lei Yu. Tear stains still showed on her face but her previous fear had been replaced with a smile. “Romon! Thank you!”

“I was just passing through, there’s no need to be so polite.” Romon replied politely.

All the top figures of Tenglong country present naturally heard the conversation between Lei Yu and the newly arrived mysterious figure. It was also obvious that Ai Er knew this figure as well.

Romon had decided to use English for everyone to understand. If he had chosen to use ancient Greek, perhaps Lei Yu would be the only one here to understand him.

Shangguan Xi Hong and the other two major forces’ leaders came over as well. When it came to foreign language skills, then the master of the Lei family, Lei Yun Tian would stand out the most since he had businesses all over the world.

“Thank you for saving my child, I am extremely grateful for your actions!” Said Lei Yun Tian.

Romon waved his hand followed with a surprised look, “He’s your father?” Lei Yu nodded as a reply. Romon then smiled and respectfully greeted Lei Yun Tian, “My Lord!”

Lei Yun Tian was almost lost his footing, “I dare not, I dare not accept that!”

Everyone was very curious towards Romon’s style; both his shoulder bones were locked by hoops and he possessed such a huge copper staff. Anyone would be surprised by his strange appearance.

“Okay, enough of this for now.” Lei Yu used his strength to gasp for a few more breath of air. “Ai Er, I need to heal and recover so wait for my return. Big brother, please take good care of Ai Er.” Pausing for a bit, Lei Yu turned his attention to Lei Yun Tian. “Master of the Lei family, don’t forget my words. I hope that when I return, you will be able to tell me everything I want to know.”

There were some slight changes to Lei Yun Tian’s expression, but he still heavily nodded.

A smile appeared on Lei Yu, “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for supporting my duel today. And Uncle Shangguan, please don’t blame me. I only wanted to support my big brother, that’s why I came up with that rotten idea. The treasure you gifted will not be known by a second person, so you can be rest assured!”

Shangguan Xi Hong smiled, “No need to be so courteous, no worries!” Since Lei Yu possessed such great powers, staying on friendly terms with him would be considered Martial Sect’s blessings. Why would he be angry at Lei Yu over something like this?

“Romon, help me leave this place.”

Romon nodded. His left hand supported Lei Yu while he shook his right hand. Similar to an obedient pet, the huge pillar flew out of the ground and floated beside him. This was when everyone noticed on the other end of the pillar was the residue of a meat paste.

They only saw Romon suddenly slap at the pillar and the flesh and blood stuck to it fell down from the vibration. The huge pillar was now completely clean without any signs of blood on it.

The two of them then jumped on top of the pillar. Just as everyone was surprised by their actions, they felt a huge momentum strike their bodies. The audience couldn’t help but use their arm to shield their eyes. The next moment, two of them rose up into the sky and disappeared into the horizon.

“Who was that person?! Who was he?!” Celestial Court’s Qing Feng couldn’t bear the curiosity anymore and asked.

“Lei Yu is truly not a simple kid! His friend had actually surpassed the strength of a Sixth Order, this is really too unbelievable! Too incredible!” The words of Celestial Court’s Leader caused everyone’s attention to be focused on him. Apparently, they couldn’t understand the previous scene at all. How did those two just fly into the air like that?

“Court Leader, what did you mean by those words? Are you implying…” Qing Feng’s eyes were now round and wide.

“Correct, it’s an ability that only those that have surpassed the Sixth Order are capable of – flight!”



“No way!”

The eyes of the crowd grew larger by the minute, as if their brains didn’t have the capacity to comprehend those words. This was the first time they’ve ever heard of such a thing. Surpassing the Sixth Order? Are they still considered human then?

Nuo Hu suddenly remembered something and turned around in a hurry. “Ai Er! Do you know this Romon person?” Everyone’s ears perked up, hoping to glean some information from Ai Er. This was especially true for Lei Yun Tian because Lei Yu had shocked him too much today, making him regret his past actions over a million times now!

Ai Er felt very smug as if she had forgotten her previous fear and panic. She then replied: “Yes, of course I know him. I think brother Yu saved him before, that’s why he calls brother Yu ‘benefactor.’ But I don’t know the details of the story.”

“So has this Romon person really attained what the Celestial Court’s Leader mentioned, the strength that surpasses a Sixth Order?” Nuo Hu hurriedly asked again.

Ai Er thought for a bit before answering: “I’m not too clear on the matters for you cultivators, but according to brother Yu’s words, this should be the case. Romon also mentioned that about ten plus years later, brother Yu should reach that level as well.”

Everyone gasped. Lei Yu will actually achieve such a strength in the future? This was too unbelievable!”

“Oh yeah!” Ai Er thought of something and continued: “Back then, it was Romon who helped out by killing that Dark something Council’s Blood Emperor. Also, everyone remembers the devastation when brother Yu killed Du Chang Hai right? The damage you all saw was less than one percent of Romon’s attack power!”



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