9HTM – Ch215

Chapter 215 – The Dragon Vein’s Location

Everyone present felt their scalps go numb. Was Ai Er really telling the truth?

“Ai Er, please stop joking with us. How can there be such a strong existence in this world?” Nuo Hu’s voice was actually trembling a bit.

“Didn’t you watch the news? It previously mentioned a town in Idaho had disappeared and turned into cliffs and canyons. This wasn’t some geological change, it was all caused by Romon, but of course no one would suspect this was man-made.”

Another outcry was heard in the crowds…


“Where are you taking me? Just find me any quiet place so I can recover.” Asked Lei Yu.

“When I was coming to Tenglong country, I noticed a strange place that was filled with a strong momentum. Perhaps this place would be good for your recovery and for cultivating; I’ll take you there to have a look.”

Perhaps they would reach that place before long because Romon’s flight speed was simply too fast, so fast that it was hard for ordinary people to conceive.

While soaring through the air, Lei Yu even forgot that he was seriously injured. The wound on his chest and the lack of internal energy made Lei Yu feel exhausted while under unbearable pain. But once he ate the pill that Romon gave him, it seemed to really make a difference. Although his recovery was considered tiny, yet compared to before, his physical condition was much better now.

While enjoying the feeling of flying, Lei Yu fantasized and wondered when he will be just like Romon. How would it feel to be so powerful? Although in the eyes of ordinary people, Lei Yu was regarded as one of the most powerful existences, yet he himself couldn’t imagine how much hidden power the human body was capable of holding. Romon was the perfect example: The copper pillar was certainly very hard, but it still required Romon’s power in order for it to display its Armageddon-like destructive force. Where is the source of all this power?

Perhaps it will take Lei Yu ten to twenty something years before he will be able to experience this. However, something he would never have dreamed of happened very quickly.

The distance to their destination was still about ten plus minutes out. Romon suddenly remembered the reason why he came to Tenglong country. “Benefactor…”

“You should really call me by my name or even little Yu if you want. I’m not used to being called ‘benefactor’ constantly.”

“Then… fine then. Little Yu, the reason why I came was to tell you something. Before an Immortal Cultivator condenses their Gold Core, they must experience a tribulation. This is a tribulation that descends from the heavens and cannot be avoided. One can only fight with their life on the line. I was originally worried that you didn’t have a weapon to help you resist this tribulation, but after I saw your sword, it seems like me worrying was unnecessary.”

“A tribulation from the heavens? What is that?” Lei Yu asked.

“I don’t quite understand it myself but I’ve seen this happen four times now. The first time was with my father, the second time with Her Majesty the Queen; the third was with Kalchas, and the last being myself. There’s a total of nine lightning’s that descend from the heavens. My father used the Ares Armor and Ares Axe and successfully resisted it. Her Majesty the Queen used the Jade Maiden Staff to successfully resist it. As for Kalchas, he almost didn’t make it but fortunately for him, the last lightning wasn’t that powerful and he passed the test in the end. I have the Heaven Supporting Pillar so it was naturally very easy for me. I wanted to come to tell you that the Ares boots have no resistant effects. I didn’t expect you to already have such a powerful weapon so it looks like resisting those heavenly lightning’s won’t be a difficult task for you.”

Lei Yu understood some but not everything. But since Romon said it wasn’t a difficult task, then there shouldn’t be any problems in the future. Moreover, Lei Yu had always been fond of lightning so experiencing a few of them would not be a bad thing.

Lei Yu suddenly felt his body tremble as a large momentum pressure rush out at him from the ground.

“We’ve arrived!” Romon notified Lei Yu before slowly descending.

The closer they got, the more powerful Lei Yu felt this energy was. It was something he had never experienced before!

“What kind of place is this? How could such a tyrannical momentum pressure exist here?” Lei Yu asked in surprise.

Romon smiled, “According to ancient records, there exists three types of veins in this world: The first a Heaven Vein, second a Earth Vein, and the third a Dragon Vein. If I’m not mistaken, this place should have a Dragon Vein. Anyone who cultivates here should quickly improve, except for people who have already condensed their Gold Core, it shouldn’t have too much of an improvement for them.”

“A Dragon Vein! This place actually had a Dragon Vein!” Lei Yu had heard that term before but he had always thought it was just old legend, the stuff of dreams. He never thought it would really exist!

Carefully observing the terrain around here, Lei Yu only knew Romon kept flying in an Easterly direction but to where they were currently at, he had no clue.

But one thing was for certain, this place was to the East of Tenglong country. Since the earth is round, Romon should have started flying from the United States. Tenglong country was to the West of the Pacific Ocean and the U.S. to its East. Based on the same semi-circle flight path from East to West, then they should naturally hit this undiscovered wonderful place.

This place was desolate and filled with mountain ranges. One could say that even birds wouldn’t want to lay eggs here. The two of them then flew down into a gap between two mountains.

“Such a powerful momentum pressure! Such a great amount of Spiritual Energy!” Lei Yu was extremely excited because this place was a cultivator’s dream. He didn’t expect Romon to find this wonderful place in Tenglong country.

“Take care of your recovery, and only cultivate when your body has regained its peak condition.” Said Romon.

“What about you?”

“I have to leave and cannot stay here; otherwise I won’t be able to seal my own powers. When that time comes, there’s no way for me to wait for you here to condense your Gold Core.

“What… what do you mean?” Lei Yu asked in confusion.

Romon glanced around the place before saying: “There’s too much Spiritual Energy here. Even though it doesn’t benefit me that much, it’s still able to increase the strength of my body faster than other places. I have suppressed my powers to the peak of the Gold Core stage and cannot make anymore progression. If I surpass the Gold Core stage and don’t enter the Immortal World, danger may befall me. As for what danger I may encounter, I’m not too sure on that since my father only parted those words to me.”

“Then… it’s fine then. So when will we meet again?” Lei Yu asked.

“The day you condense your Gold Core will be the day I make my appearance again!” After saying that, Romon had already stepped onto the copper pillar and rapidly flew off into the sky.

Lei Yu watched as Romon disappeared before looking around again. “That Romon is really careless. He didn’t even ask whether I’ll starve to death in this place or not. Fortunately, I have some food inside the storage ring that can only last me for two to three months of time.”

Both sides were extremely high cliffs. Lei Yu looked up and could only see the sky like it was a crack in the air, while he was tucked away in-between two mountains. Even if he wanted to leave, he’ll have to spend a good amount of energy climbing up. At this time, he suddenly felt the momentum in front of him was stronger than his current position. Filled with curiosity, Lei Yu started walking forward in a cautious manner.

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