9HTM – Ch216

Chapter 216 – Seven Stars Align

This was a very long chasm and there was no end in sight. With Lei Yu’s current weak body, he may not be able to hold out walking that far, but there seemed to be a force summoning him. As if his legs simply weren’t listening to him, they kept desperately walking forward on their own.

The powerful energy didn’t appear to be concentrated at the end, but somewhere in the center of this place!

There was a significant depression in the ground here, and Lei Yu could feel waves of aura rise up from here and wrap around his entire body. This powerful aura made him have difficulty breathing so he quickly exhaled heavily. Lei Yu then closed his eyes, sat down cross-legged with both palms facing up and placed on his knees. In the center of his palms, a faint spark of lightning was dancing in the air. The heaving of Lei Yu’s chest also started growing steadier as time went on.

Shortly after Lei Yu closed his eyes, the surrounding no long stayed calm. Similar to a strong wind disturbing the ground and blowing dust around, the whole area started to change. Strands of yellow energy visible to the naked eye started seeping out of the ground around Lei Yu. After it swirled around a few times, it then broke apart into thousands of energy strands before plunging into every part of Lei Yu’s body in a crazy manner.

Lei Yu’s body was startled by this, and beads of sweat suddenly covered his whole forehead. Lei Yu’s breathing once again accelerated. Once these strands of yellow energy entered Lei Yu’s body through different meridians, it started circulating around trying to find a place it liked. But after a full cycle, it seemed like it hadn’t found anything to its taste. While close to Lei Yu’s nose area, it followed his breath and rushed out in frustration.

Lei Yu didn’t know what this meant, but continued dedicating his effort into absorbing the energy that was unable to escape out of his body. This energy was just too pure and too powerful!

After Lei Yu absorbed a large amount of those strands of yellow energy, gradually less and less were able to escape. According to the flowing paths of his cultivation method, this yellow energy was eventually merged into his own. Finally, the green energy residing in Lei Yu’s heart vessel couldn’t stay calm anymore and came out looking for its own share.

The moment this green energy made its appearance, those strands of yellow energy that had just escaped from Lei Yu’s body suddenly stopped. It then crazily dove back into Lei Yu’s body. Lei Yu suddenly clenched his hands and the faint dancing lightning disappeared.

“Aggghhh!” Lei Yu roared out, as red blood vessels started popping out in his eyes.

More and more energy in the surrounding gathered and entered into Lei Yu’s body. Along with the sudden changes of Lei Yu, the ground also started shaking and rocking around. At the same time, the large amount of yellow energy seeping out of the ground knocked Lei Yu into the air.

The yellow energy started as strands and became thin lines. The thin lines then changed to streams of energy the thickness of a finger. From all over, this energy stream then entered into Lei Yu’s body in a frenzy before fusing with the green energy within the heart vessel. Out of all this energy, Lei Yu was only able to absorb about one tenth of it.

Lei Yu, who was now suspended in midair, could no longer remain calm and maintain his cross-legged posture. The pain coming from his chest had started to make him curl up into a ball while he spasmed non-stop. Lei Yu had already reached an unbearable point from being tortured by the pain. Gasping for air was unable to relieve any pain, so he was now screaming hysterically. If one could see the pain in Lei Yu’s face right now, they would definitely be extremely worried for him. The pain had already surpassed his limit. The pain Lei Yu was experiencing right now was similar to having the meat on his body sliced off one piece at a time. It won’t allow you die, but it will make you beg for a quick death.

After a long time, Lei Yu looked like he was dead. Both his arms and legs were hanging lifelessly to the side while he was still suspended in midair by the energy rushing out of the ground.

It was at this time that the lightning brand on Lei Yu’s right arm suddenly flashed brilliantly. The pain from this once again made Lei Yu roar out loudly.

Three meters below Lei Yu’s floating body, an enormous column of energy the same thickness as a human surged out of the depression in the ground.

“Boom!” Similar to a dragon, the column of energy burst out of the ground with a loud noise. It coursed through Lei Yu and continued up into the sky, making Lei Yu’s mind go blank. Lei Yu could only sense that he was wrapped up by this powerful yellow energy and couldn’t move at all.

The energy column kept surging up straight into the sky, and the blue sky suddenly became dark. After this column of energy went past several layers of clouds, it actually formed an image of a dragon entirely made from energy. The dragon then reversed itself and started diving downwards, its target being Lei Yu.

“Agghh! Just kill me now!” Lei Yu was now completely nuts. He could no longer bear this type of pain since it was thousands time worst than being sliced apart.

Lightning started streaking through the dark skies as rain clouds started gathering in the area. Lastly, a streak of lightning fell down slightly faster than the energy dragon, into the chasm and straight for the brand on Lei Yu’s arm. Lei Yu’s whole body suddenly started shaking violently. His eyes almost popped out of the sockets while all the veins and blood vessels bulged out of his muscles like a pattern on a slab of granite. All his clothes were already shredded into pieces at this point. Once the energy dragon touched upon Lei Yu, all the shreds of clothing turned into ashes, leaving Lei Yu’s naked body in place. Lei Yu was unable to move at all, he didn’t even have the strength to twitch his fingers.


In the skies, heavy rain started falling and splashed onto Lei Yu’s robust body. Lei Yu was already unconscious from being paralyzed by the pain. Everything inside his body was transforming like mad, as if it was the previous scene of the blue skies suddenly turning dark.

Seven bright stars appeared in the sky, the Big Dipper?!

The seven stars slowly moved together and one of them flashed brilliantly, setting off the other six stars. Like meteors, they shot off and started extending at both sides and arranging themselves into a familiar pattern.

“The seven stars have aligned, and the Dragon Vein has recognized its owner! This… how is this possible?!” A chorus of voices sounded throughout millions of miles away.

There was a large “BOOM” inside Lei Yu’s dantian. Everything started calming down and the dark clouds dispersed. Lei Yu dropped heavily onto the fall and a mouthful of blood sprayed out. The ground had stopped shaking and the previous yellow energy had disappeared. The heavy rain had also stopped at the sky had become sunny once again.

Power! His whole body was filled with an explosive power! Lei Yu suddenly sat up and ignored his naked body and all the dirt he was covered in. He only felt his body possessed an inexhaustible amount of power.

Lei Yu concentrated his spiritual energy to look at the internal changes of his body. All his meridians looked like they were scrubbed. Lei Yu was most concerned with the changes to his dantian because the previous sound of explosion came from there.

In the center surrounded by layers of mist, was a spherical object. Lei Yu’s heart then skipped a beat, “Could it be a Gold Core?!”

Only when Lei Yu carefully examined it did he discover that it wasn’t a Gold Core but a round purple bead. But the power this bead contained made it difficult for Lei Yu to believe what was happening. This type of power was greater than his previous dantian by a hundred, a thousand, or even tens thousands times.

Lei Yu went completely nuts!

“Is this really a power within my body? How could it be so powerful? Then again, what’s really going on? Why is it purple? Is this actually a Gold Core I’ve condensed or is it not?”

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