9HTM – Ch217

Chapter 217 – The Immortal World’s Void Sect

“Unexpected! This is truly unexpected!” Romon’s voice was heard a short distance away. Because Lei Yu had been too excited, he didn’t realize Romon had returned.

“How come you’re back?” Lei Yu turned around to look.

“Little Yu, you actually absorbed the Dragon Vein! This is too incredible, too unbelievable!” Romon slowly walked towards Lei Yu, his face filled with shock.

“Absorbing the Dragon Vein? Are you talking about that huge dragon that flew into the air and then rushed back down into me?” Lei Yu asked.

“Correct! No one has ever been able to completely absorb the Dragon Vein. At most, they would be in the vicinity absorbing the rich spiritual energy. Ever since this Dragon Vein emerged, I didn’t expect you to be the first person to ever fully absorb it!”

Lei Yu wasn’t concerned about the Dragon Vein for now, he was more concerned on the changes in his body. He wanted to know if he had successfully condensed a Gold Core or not.

“Do you know why I don’t have a golden bead inside me but instead, I have a purple one? Is it even a Gold Core?” Lei Yu asked.

Romon trembled as he exhaled, “I’m also not too clear on that. Perhaps it’s due to your uniqueness that caused your Gold Core to be different from others, since you are the first person in history to completely absorb a Dragon Vein.”

With Romon repeating the absorption of the Dragon Vein, Lei Yu felt that this was indeed something to be noted. After observing his internal body again, Lei Yu then said: “The appearance of that heavenly lightning was quite sudden as well. I didn’t even have time to take out the Sky Devouring Sword and was already struck. I almost didn’t make it.”

“That shouldn’t be the heavenly lightning because they ones I’ve experienced should be a total of nine of them. Since I only saw one lightning strike, perhaps you… you may not have yet reached the Gold Core stage.”

Romon’s words made Lei Yu somewhat disappointed, but Romon then continued: “I’m also not positive, so the only way is to test it out.”

“How do we test it?” Lei Yu asked.

“Take out your Sky Devouring Sword, then inject the internal energy from your dantian into it. We’ll see if you can use your internal energy to make the Sky Devouring Sword float by itself.”

After hearing Romon’s words, Lei Yu quickly took out the Sky Devouring Sword from his storage ring. His heart was very excited, but he was also worried that he celebrated for no reason. But it shouldn’t matter anyways since according to Romon’s original estimates, he would’ve needed at least ten plus years in order to breakthrough. Even though he hadn’t broken through now, he shouldn’t be too disappointed.

There’s one thing that was without a doubt, and that’s Lei Yu had become very powerful. Much more powerful to unimaginable proportions compared to before.

Gently exhaling, Lei Yu slowly closed his eyes and transferred out a portion of energy from the purple bead inside his dantian. Everything went smoothly and no signs of rejection appeared. It looks like this energy was indeed his own. Lei Yu’s lips curved into a slight smile before injecting his internal energy into the Sky Devouring Sword in his hand. By utilizing the slight link he had with the internal energy, Lei Yu slowly released the Sky Devouring Sword.

“It’s really floating!” Lei Yu was so excited that he felt like he was about to cry. But this was followed by a “bang” sound when the Sky Devouring Sword fell to the ground.

“You need to concentrate!” Romon reminded Lei Yu.

Lei Yu nodded and calmed his elated mood. He once again made contact with the internal energy left inside the Sky Devouring Sword, and watched the sword tremble a bit before floating into the air.

“Great! This is great! It looks like you have really broken through! The power of this Dragon Vein really deserves its reputation!” Romon was also beyond excited.

Lei Yu suppressed his excitement and asked: “Does that mean that I can inject my internal energy into any item and make it float?”

Romon shook his head, “Only items full of spiritual power can be freely controlled by you, but a lesser form of telekinesis is an easy thing for you to accomplish. It’s like how I can call forth my Heaven Supporting Pillar at any time.”

Lei Yu flipped his palm making it face down. He then made a grasping motion and the Sky Devouring Sword acted like a trained pet by flying into his hand, hilt first.

“Does this mean I am able to fly now?” Lei Yu looked very eager as if he couldn’t wait anymore.

“It takes a lot of practice. First you need to find your core to balance because your weapon isn’t as big as mine. Also, you need to practice how to follow up on injecting new internal energy into the weapon by the time the previous energy inside it disappears. Otherwise, you’ll directly fall down when the internal energy inside the weapon depletes itself before you have time to put more in.” Romon then smiled before continuing: “Let’s practice your attacks first.”

Lei Yu never imagined that he hadn’t even finished in training the other half of the Heavenly Thunder Manual yet had already broken through to the Gold Core stage. Now training in the future would be much easier.

Just to experiment, Lei Yu condensed his internal energy onto his palm and a ball of lightning the size of his palm started rapidly spinning there. Lei Yu then threw out this ball of lightning that had only been condensed with a tiny bit of his internal energy.

A hundred meters away, a loud “BANG” was heard and a huge pit with a diameter of about five meters appeared on the ground.

Lei Yu couldn’t believe what he saw. He only condensed a tiny bit of internal energy and it resulted in such a strong power. “I’m too awesome!”

Romon smiled, “It looks like we can leave this place now and meet up with my father and them! Five hundred years… I’ve been separated from my father for five hundred years!”

Three days later, one could see a figure standing on top of a sword. The sword was floating three meters off the ground and the figure was wobbling all over the place.


In another place millions of miles away, surrounded by mist of fog was a towering mountain. Water was endlessly cascading down a waterfall while smaller mountain peaks and ridges stretched hundreds of miles away. At the foot of these mountains was a dense jungle, making the scenery of this place look like something you would see in a painting.

In a particular area of the mountain, a wall made of bluestones was found. Ancient looking buildings were found behind this bluestone wall, the tallest one of them broke through the clouds where one could not see the top.

And it was inside this tallest ancient building was three people talking about something.

“This in unprecedented. The Dragon Vein has recognized its owner and the seven stars have aligned. A heaven sent genius has arrived!” Said an old man with all white hair, beard down to his chest, and wearing ancient clothing with a sigh.

“Senior brother, what should we do? Several other Sects including the Evil Cults have begun to make their move. Shouldn’t we rush to the front ahead of them all?” Sitting across from the old man were two others. They were dressed similar to the old man, one was fat and one was thin. Both had black hair tied up and both were middle-aged. The one that spoke up was the fat one.

“Send two of our disciples forth and tell them to be careful. And no matter what, we must get this extraordinary person to join our Void Sect!”

“Understood!” The fat one got up and left, leaving the old man and the thin man to discuss other matters.

As time flowed on, it was now a full month later. Lei Yu could easily control his flying skills now and did a few loops in the air while beaming with happiness.

“Not bad, not bad! It initially took me half a year in order to master my flying skills.” Romon clapped with a smile on his face.

“Nonsense, of course it took you longer since your copper pillar is so big.” Lei Yu descended next to Romon and patted his huge pillar as he made fun of him.¹

“Can we leave now?”

Lei Yu nodded and said: “I first need to make a trip back to the Lei family and find out what happened twenty something years ago. Also, Ai Er, my big brother, and those in the Kou country such as Liu Hao and Ying Ying; I have to explain everything to them. Because this matter has been so sudden, I really need to have a long talk with them.” As for Nami, Lei Yu hadn’t seen her at all ever since he returned to Tenglong country. In fact, his heart somewhat missed her but due to certain reasons, Lei Yu didn’t know how to deal with it. Yet the time has come to a point where no matter what, he had to face this once and for all.


¹ – No sexual innuendos there…

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