9HTM – Ch218

Chapter 218 – Many Years Ago

Lei Yu carelessly shoved Romon’s copper pillar to the ground and jumped on top of it.

“Can’t you fly by yourself now?” Romon asked in confusion.

Lei Yu had a grin on his face, “It’s not like there’s not enough room, why are you being so stingy?”


(Their flying speed was extremely fast. Even though they were heading for the borders of Tenglong country, it wasn’t considered long for them to reach their destination. It’s just that the millions of miles would still take this group of people nearly two months to get there.)

The first place Lei Yu headed for was the Lei family. He didn’t look for Ai Er first wasn’t because she wasn’t important; it was just that her mother’s issue had been stored inside Lei Yu’s heart for too long now. This was something Lei Yu wanted to know the most, so he couldn’t wait any longer.

The two of them didn’t bother to enter through the main gate and directly went to the main courtyard of the Lei family. Lei Yu jumped off, a distance of nearly a hundred meters from the ground. If this was the past, there’s no way Lei Yu would dare to do this. But now that his body felt as light as a Swallow, he wasn’t worried about destroying the ground from his landing.

As dexterous and light as a feather, Lei Yu landed on top of a stone tablet of the main courtyard without making a bit of sound.

“You guys look!” Some youths of the Lei family were completely shocked when they saw Lei Yu descend from the sky.

Lei Yu didn’t bother with them and lifted his head up, “Romon, aren’t you coming down?”

“There’s no use in me hanging around. Once you’re done with your matters, we’ll meet up again!” A golden light flashed, and Romon had already disappeared into the horizon.

“Waaa! What sort of person can fly?!”

“Is that still a human? Isn’t that considered an Immortal?”

The clamor outside was naturally heard by Lei Yun Tian with his strength of a Sixth Order Warrior. He sprinted out and was about punish those youths for making a fuss over nothing when he noticed Lei Yu; his face suddenly becoming stiff.

“Little… little Yu!”

Lei Yu jumped down with a light smile. “Master of the Lei family, there’s some matters I wish to discuss with you.”

“Okay, come with me!” Lei Yun Tian woke up from his trance and led Lei Yu back to his office.

Lei Yu didn’t see any changes in his father; he only didn’t see the Elder who usually shadowed everywhere his father went. Lei Yu also didn’t bother asking since this had nothing to do with him.

A servant of the family brought them tea, and the two symbolically sampled it. Lei Yu then went straight to the main subject: “Master of the Lei family, I really want to know what happened between you, my mother, and Du Chang Hai twenty something years ago. Also, how did uncle Nuo’s wife get involved in this?”

Lei Yun Tian wasn’t in a hurry to answer Lei Yu’s questions. His face twitched a little as his heart felt emotionless to the extreme. “Little Yu, could it be that you still aren’t willing to address me as your father?”

Lei Yu merely smiled, “I’m sorry. That day when I returned to the Lei family, that was the second time that I was forced to jump off the cliff. Ever since then, I had vowed to completely cut off all relations with the Lei family.”

“But that wasn’t my fault!”

“I know, but you didn’t open your mouth and say a single word to defend me right? Could you not understand what that day was all about?” Lei Yu sighed heavily. “This was the same seven years ago; you didn’t say a single word when I left. Therefore, can we please not talk about this anymore? Let’s get back down to the main topic.”

Lei Yun Tian clenched his fists. Seven years ago, Lei Yu getting kicked out was instigated by the Elder. Since Lei Yu indeed did not have the family’s brand, he could only abandon him. As for now, because the Elder’s position was highly esteemed, Lei Yun Tian had once again lost the chance of having Lei Yu return. Perhaps everything was destined by fate and cannot be changed.

After being silent for a while, Lei Yu Tian then slowly started: “Your mother’s name was Liu Xiao Yue. She was an ordinary girl from one of the ancient martial clans, and was close like sisters to another girl called Du Ling Er. One day, I had a business dealing with that family and at first sight… I was attracted to your mother. We started meeting each other more frequently and slowly, she developed feelings for me. But I was already a married man then; your big brother Lei Long’s mother was my main wife. Reluctantly, we could only see each other in secret.” Lei Yun Tian sighed before continuing with a trembling voice: “It was during this time when everything seemed peaceful; Du Chang Hai’s appearance completely disrupted everything. He took Xiao Yue away, and she didn’t have the powers to escape from his grasp. Back then, I was the successor in being the Patriarch of the Lei family, so it was impossible for me to publicly go rescue her. I secretly sent my most trusted people there but I never heard back from them ever again. Ultimately, I had to give up on it.”

“Give up? You actually gave up on the woman you loved?!” Lei Yu almost couldn’t tolerate his father’s love of his future status; such a cruel and heartless bastard!

“I know, back then I was too unfaithful, but… but this wasn’t out of my own free will! Did you think I didn’t suffer?” Lei Yun Tian’s chest was already heaving up and down, appearing as if his emotions were extremely agitated. “When I thought everything had concluded, a year later on a certain day, Xiao Yue arrived at the Lei family’s main gate, and an old man was following by her side. Only after questioning them did I find out about you.” As he said this, tears were already coming down Lei Yun Tian’s face. “She told me that Du Chang Hai was using you as a threat. If Xiao Yue didn’t stay at his side, then that animal was going to kill you. Your mother didn’t know what to do and could only request that you be placed in the Lei family. I told them back then that as long as you stayed here, Du Chang Hai wouldn’t dare to do a thing. But your maternal grandfather back then had already been injected with a Devilish Poison Chip. If your mother didn’t quickly return, Du Chang Hai was going to activate the Devilish Poison stored inside the chip. Helpless to do anything, Xiao Yue could only leave you and your grandfather with the Lei family.”

“You’re talking about this?” Lei Yu flipped his palms and retrieved a black chip that had been taken out of his grandfather’s head in the past.

“That’s right, it’s exactly this. This Devilish Poison cannot be normally taken out or else it will accelerate the death of the victim, that’s why I had never dared to touch it.” Pausing for a bit, Lei Yun Tian continued: “Within the next decade, Xiao Yue’s junior sister Du Ling Er focused all her efforts in cultivating and had finally reached the strength of a Fifth Order. She wanted to go rescue your mother but couldn’t defeat Du Chang Hai. She eventually died under that same Devilish Poison. Your mother went completely insane and tried to desperately escape, but still did not succeed. That year when you became twenty years old, you were originally able to see your mother again. But after she found out that you had left the Lei family, and your grandfather had also left, this made her completely fall apart. Du Chang Hai couldn’t control your mother anymore and could only activate the Devilish Poison in your grandfather as a punishment. It was at this time your mother became disheartened, so she gave up her will to live and left this world. After hearing this news, I was in so much pain over it but unfortunately there was nothing I could… sigh!”

“To maintain your status, you gave up my mother. For your reputation, you gave up my existence!” Lei Yu said this one word at a time, his voice filled with hate and his face filled with tears.

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