9HTM – Ch219

Chapter 219 – Lei Yu Flew Off

“Little Yu, listen to my explanation!”

“There’s no need to explain anything! Isn’t this already a fact?”

After understanding the entire matter, Lei Yu didn’t want to hear any excuses Lei Yun Tian had and sprinted out of the office. Since he had already killed his worst enemy, Lei Yu was somewhat satisfied. Lei Yun Tian rushed out after him but only saw a light on Lei Yu’s finger flash, and a white light streamed out. A sword had appeared, it was the Sky Devouring Sword!

A purple light entered into the Sky Devouring Sword before Lei Yu leaped on top of it. Both sword and person then started flying into the air!

Lei Yun Tian’s heart was beating like crazy as he stood there watching Lei Yu’s figure disappear into the horizon. A long time later, he disregarded his status and image and screamed into the air: “I really regret it! I regret it so much!’

While flying through the air, Lei Yu wasn’t as excited as before when he had first mastered flying. His face still had tear stains on them while he drifted downwards with the flow of the wind, then disappearing without a trace.

Lei Yu actually still cared about his father Lei Yun Tian, but because of these matters, he now couldn’t make up his mind anymore when before he was intending on forgiving him. Everything could be blamed on the heinous Du Chang Hai and shouldn’t be blamed on others. After all, Lei Yun Tian shouldered the entire Lei family so he had to be cautious with every single act he makes.

As for the present situation of the Ming Sect, Du Chang Hai was dead and the rest of the members were inadequate and aren’t able to create any big waves. Lei Yu could just ignore them since it would be too difficult for them to further develop themselves.

In just a brief moment of time, Lei Yu had arrived at the Dragon Group headquarters. Around this time, Nuo Hu should be here so Lei Yu didn’t bother going anywhere else to look for him.

Lei Yu came out amongst a grove of trees in a more secluded area of Dragon Group before he started walking towards the villa.

“Little Yu!”

Lei Yu’s sudden appearance made Fan Hong Chang, who was just finishing up some paperwork, jump in fright.

“Little Yu, you’re back! How is your recovery going?” Nuo Yi Feng was the second person to notice Lei Yu had returned.

Very quickly; Nuo Yi Long, Nuo Hu, and Ai Er who rarely hangs out in Dragon Group, all rushed out of their respective places.

After being bombarded with questions, Lei Yu slowly revealed everything that had happened to him. He also put all his cards on the table and explained that he would be leaving this place soon. The story Lei Yu iterated made everyone present feel like they were hearing a fairy tale. But no one doubted his words because Lei Yu had created too many miracles in their eyes.

The Nuo family was never going to forget the name of Lei Yu. Not only did Lei Yu kill their common enemy Du Chang Hai, the most important point was that the Nuo family may have the first descendant to breakthrough out of the peak of the Fifth Order Warrior stage. This chance was given by Lei Yu, a key that could revitalize the entire Nuo family!

They eyes of everyone present was filled with happiness except for one single person. Lei Yu knew that this matter had to be explained to Ai Er in full detail.

Lei Yu gently grasped Ai Er’s hand, and everyone immediately took the hint and turned around to leave.

“Brother Yu, you’re going to leave this place? You don’t want Ai Er anymore?” Tears had already filled Ai Er’s eyes, and her pitiful face had already made Lei Yu’s heart ache painfully.

“You silly girl, what are you talking about? How could I not want you?” Lei Yu gently stroked Ai Er’s hair and led her out to the outside garden of the villa.

“But you definitely have to leave here right? Then how are we going to see each other in the future?” Ai Er bit her lips as she suppressed her tears from dripping down. She wanted to show how strong she was in front of Lei Yu, but no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to fight the reluctance in her heart.

Lei Yu exhaled heavily, “I want to take you away with me, but there’s one thing I’m not sure if it’s possible.”

“Really?!” Ai Er was shocked and almost couldn’t believe her ears.

Lei Yu nodded, “If I’m allowed to, bringing you along isn’t a difficult task. But If I cannot, then…”

“What methods do you have? Let’s quickly try it out!” Ai Er didn’t want to hear the rest of the words and only wanted to know what method Lei Yu was going to use to take her away. As long as she can stay with Lei Yu, she was willing to do whatever it took.

“It’s all up to this thing.” Lei Yu slowly raised his hand and revealed the ancient ring on his finger. “I have never tried putting a living creature inside this thing. If it really works, I’m hoping to put you inside it. Once I enter the Immortal World, then I can take you out again.”

“This ring?” Ai Er stared with big round eyes, not understanding what Lei Yu had just said. She looked at the ring on his finger a bit longer yet still couldn’t figure out what Lei Yu was talking about.

Lei Yu nodded, “Let’s try it out now!” Not waiting to see if Ai Er was prepared or not, Lei Yu focused his will on both Ai Er and the ring. Lei Yu’s spiritual energy trembled a bit before Ai Er instantly disappeared from the spot!

Lei Yu was overjoyed. “It worked! It really works!” At this time, he understood why Romon never mentioned about taking him away to the Immortal World before his time. This was because Romon did not have such a storage treasure and probably didn’t know much about it. If he had one and had the knowledge, there’s no way he would be wasting his time flying around on his copper pillar waiting for Lei Yu.

There was another flash and Ai Er appeared in front of Lei Yu with a shocked expression. “Just then… where was I? What place did I go to?”

Already grinning from ear to ear, Lei Yu smiled before saying: “What you saw was the space inside of my ring. Ai Er, did you feel anything wrong with your body after entering that space?”

Ai Er shook her head, “There was nothing uncomfortable about it, I just felt very curious, that’s all.”

“That’s good then! Very good!” Lei Yu had an additional thought: Couldn’t he bring whomever he wanted along and just put them all inside the storage ring? But after thinking further, he gave up on that idea. Everyone had their own family and matters they couldn’t just walk away from. Lei Yu shouldn’t be so selfish!

“Does that mean I can leave this place with you?” Ai Er asked.

Lei Yu was nodding like a chicken pecking at food on the ground. “You can, of course you can. But I want to tell Liu Hao and Ying Ying about my matters first. Wait for me here and I’ll go pick them up. I should be able to return within an hour with them.”

Ai Er hurriedly put her hand on Lei Yu’s forehead, “Brother Yu, do you have a fever? You want to make a roundtrip to the Kou country within an hour? Is that even possible?”

“You will understand in a bit.” Lei Yu grabbed Ai Er’s hand and gently planted a kiss on it. It was at this time Nuo Hu came out and saw this scene. He immediately stopped, “Uh… I came out at the wrong time. I was about to comfort Ai Er but it looks like there’s no need.”

“Big brother.” Lei Yu laughed. “I’m going to go out for a bit but don’t leave, I’m going to pick-up Liu Hao and them and we’ll get together at Long Hua’s Barbeque! Oh yeah, I can have Romon come along as well.”

Nuo Hu could only blink while questions marks filled his head.

Lei Yu took a step back before the Sky Devouring Sword appeared. With a purple flash, his figure had already flew off and disappeared into the horizon.

Ai Er and Nuo Hu had their mouths agape as they stared at the sky, their heads still in a blur. Lei Yu had never explained clearly why Romon could fly, so they never expected Lei Yu to disappear into the sky with a flash as well. Was this a fairy tale they were in?

“Eh? Where’s little Yu? Wasn’t he just here?” Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng both came out asking.

Nuo Hu looked at them, and then looked back at the sky. He swallowed hard before pointing at the sky, “He flew off!”


(T/N: I don’t understand why the author doesn’t have Lei Yu try storing a live animal in his ring first instead of toying with Ai Er’s life…)

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