9HTM – Ch220

Chapter 220 – Big Changes In Appearance

This was Lei Yu’s first attempt at flying long-distance by himself. He originally had a heavy heart, but after the happy conclusion with Ai Er’s matter, his mood seemed to have taken a load off.

His flying speed was not considered slow, so the people on the ground were unable to clearly see what flew by in the air. By the time they tried to look closely, Lei Yu’s figure had already disappeared.

In another area.

“Senior brother, are you able to sense this so-called extraordinary person?”

“I don’t sense his whereabouts in this place, but fortunately I have something give by master which should be able to detect his position.” An ancient looking ruby appeared on this person’s hand. The person then placed the ruby on his chest and felt the fluctuation of the energy. He then felt his spiritual power instantly spread out and cover the entire vast lands.

“He’s flying towards the East, quickly come with me!” Two figures disappeared off into the horizon.

Feeling the blowing of the wind against his face, Lei Yu naturally closed his eyes and enjoyed this feeling of freedom. But before he had enough of this feeling, he already flew across the waters of Tenglong country to this tiny island. In this place was a country that had a lot of stories and a lot of history – the Kou country.

Lei Yu did not hurry down but looked at this spectacular overwater city at the edge of the Kou country.

“Ying Ying is really capable. She was able to complete such a large project in just a few years; it looks like the title of ‘alpha woman’ perfectly fits her.” Lei Yu couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.

At both ends of this overwater city were two bridges. One end was connected to the Kou country while the other end was connected to an island that once belonged to the organization that dominated a whole country – Yamaguchi-gumi. But now this island had underwent a big change in its appearance.

Ever since breaking through the Sixth Order and reaching the Gold Core stage, Lei Yu felt that his perception had become much more powerful. He was able to pinpoint a person’s location within a few kilometers from him.

At the top floor of a skyscraper at the central region of the overwater city.

“What sort of business plan is this? Is this just a perfunctory proposal? Take this away and revise it!” A young woman sitting on top of a luxurious looking chair was reprimanding a youth.

But this youth didn’t hear a single word from the young woman. His eyes were wide open and his jaw was about to hit the floor from staring out the large floor-to-ceiling window behind the young woman.

“Did you hear what I just said?!” The young woman was clearly even angrier now, but the youth just stood there motionless.

This youth stood there for a long time before he raised his trembling hand and pointed out the window. “S… super… superman!”

The young woman immediately swiveled her chair around. Once she saw a smiling face outside waving to her, she also froze in her chair. Because she was wearing a dress skirt and her legs were slightly spread open, the smile on the person outside the window floating in midair suddenly froze, almost causing blood to spray from his nose.

“Holy cow! This meeting present is really too grand! *Cough, cough*” Lei Yu looked away and knocked on the glass. Only then did the young woman recover her senses and pointed down and shook her head. Her meaning was the window cannot be opened so Lei Yu had to come in from the ground floor.

That’s right, the person outside was exactly Lei Yu. And the young woman inside the large office was none other than Cui Ying Ying who had parted ways from Lei Yu not too long ago.

“Immediately make preparations and notify the others, the young master has arrived!”

“Ah! Okay! I… I will immediately notify everyone!”

Cui Ying Ying smoothed out her own clothes about to go downstairs. She then suddenly started blushing when she thought of Lei Yu’s expression and her previous appearance.

“Roaring, and rumbling!”

Everyone was rushing downstairs. The elevators couldn’t fit any more people so most of them started running down the stairs from the thirty something floors. Some were in such a panic that they ignored it when their shoe fell off from running. Everyone wanted to see what the rumored miraculous person looked like who had once stirred up a storm in the Kou country.

There were some customers on the ground floor who were surprised at what was going on. All the customer service staff had rushed to the main entrance and neatly arranged themselves in an orderly fashion. Everyone was busy smoothing out their clothes and trying to look presentable.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes… a full ten minutes later and Lei Yu still hadn’t emerged. Cui Ying Ying walked out of the main entrance and looked up into the sky, but still didn’t see any traces of Lei Yu. Everyone thought this was weird; could it be the young master didn’t come?

Just when everyone was getting restless, a “ding” sound came from the elevators and a light lighted up. The hundreds of people turned their heads around at the same time to look.

A young man in his twenties came out. He was wearing a tight black T-shirt that highlighted his strong physique, and the lines on the exposed part of his arm showed how muscular he was, while the lower part of his body was wearing normal black pants.

His mouth hung a slight smile while his eyes will filled with mysteriousness.

“What are you guys doing here?” Asked Lei Yu while he blinked a few times.

Cui Ying Ying turned around and looked at him. “You… why are you coming out from the inside?”

“Uh… I was afraid I would scare everyone if I directly descended down.” Lei Yu smiled with a shrug.

“This is the young master?”

“Wow! He’s so handsome!”

“Is it really the young master?” The crowd became noisy with chatter as everyone started guessing who this man was that got out from the elevators.

“Hello everyone, I am Lei Yu.” Lei Yu smiled with a slight bow.

“Ahh! It’s really the young master!”

“Young master! Young master!”

The men called out his name in shock while the women shrieked. This scene was almost too much for Lei Yu to digest. Was he really that popular?

Lei Yu also quickly noticed one thing, which was everyone present was speaking the Tenglong language. Whether it be the little dwarves, a tall beauty or a tall guy, they were all speaking the same language.

Lei Yu couldn’t help but hope that the Tenglong language would become the universal language of the world. And regards to this, it looks like it’s heading in that direction here.

Before the crowd would get out of control, Lei Yu grasped Cui Ying Ying’s hand and pulled her into the elevator and quickly closed the elevator doors.

“Why did you cause such a huge scene? It’s not like they’re welcoming some big country’s official or anything.” Said Lei Yu with a slight frustration.

Cui Ying Ying happily said: “The current you in the Kou country is even more famous than other people. Being able to work for the young master is everyone’s dream come true! But of course our corporation has strict standards; we won’t hire them unless they are talented.”

“How many people downstairs were Tenglong citizens?” Lei Yu asked.

“The tall ones are, while the shorter ones are Kou citizens.”

Lei Yu’s eyebrows jumped, “That’s such a stark contrast.”

The two arrived at Cui Ying Ying’s office. About five to six minutes later, they heard the sound of knocking. “Come in!”

A super beauty comparable to an angel was dressed in business attire and a white shirt came in. Lei Yu’s eyeballs almost popped out. The beauty’s shirt was open at the top, and her long slender legs started walking towards the two. Lei Yu noticed her hands holding two cups, so naturally she was here to serve them refreshments.

The beauty bent down to place the cups while she shot Lei Yu a seductive gaze. Because her body was arched, her two voluptuous white and soft looking mounds were revealed in front of Lei Yu’s face.

“You may leave now.” Cui Ying Ying looked like she wasn’t too happy.

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