9HTM – Ch221

Chapter 221 – Someone’s Following

Lei Yu pretended to disapprovingly drink the tea that the beauty brought in.

“How come you’re here?” Also, just then…” Cui Ying Ying pointed at Lei Yu and then pointed at the window before asking in confusion: “Even though I know that you have many amazing facets, yet I still can’t figure out what happened outside there.”

Lei Yu smiled, “The reason why I’m here is to tell you about some matters. Oh yeah, where’s Liu Hao? What’s his current whereabouts?”

Cui Ying Ying wrinkled her nose and humphed, “Him? Apart from entwining himself with a little starlet, what else could he be doing?”

Lei Yu helplessly laughed. “I was wondering why he wanted to go back to the Kou country with you. Turns out that he couldn’t let go of the life of being surrounded by beauties, what a useless brat!”

“Should I call someone to send over a car to pick him up?”

“It’s easier if we go pick him up ourselves.”

“That’s fine as well.”

The Meng Yu Talent Agency that used to be in the Kou country’s mainland had been moved to this overwater city. And it alone occupied a building over a dozen stories high which was considered quite impressive. It began developing with twenty something A-listers, and because the backing was too impressive, some celebrities and artists from abroad also defected their original companies and joined Lei Yu’s company. Of course with all those big celebrity names, it was natural for the company to maintain a steady stream of income. Each and every star under their company had so many requests for work that they couldn’t fit it all into their schedules.

Lei Yu was sitting in a car as he watched the scenery of this place go by. It appeared as if this overwater city was more prosperous than the large cities in the Kou mainland by several times. Everyone was rushing about on the main streets as if they had endless tasks to run. In this organized chaotic city, probably the only two people who had so much free time was the master and disciple pair – Lei Yu and Liu Hao.

In fact, Liu Hao was not as bad as Cui Ying Ying made him out to be. He did hang out with a bunch of those celebrities but he also helped the Talent Agency deal with a lot of their affairs. Liu Hao had learned quite a bit of business knowledge from following Cui Ying Ying around all these years.

“Liu Hao!”

“Who’s so rude to actually address me by my full name?” Liu Hao put down the paperwork in his hand and raised his head. A beaming smile suddenly appeared on his face.

“You little bastard, what else do you want me to call you?” Lei Yu jokingly cursed.

“Nothing! Nothing! Master, why are you here?” Liu Hao quickly rushed over to Lei Yu.

Because this was an open office area, all the employees and customers who were discussing business proposals were startled. When they looked at the new arrivals, they noticed a man and a woman. The man was handsome while the woman was extremely seductive looking, pretty much giving all the people present here a feast for their eyes.

“Are you done with your work? If you’re done, come with us.” Said Lei Yu as he patted Liu Hao’s shoulder.

“Done. Would I dare to not listen to my master’s words? Go, let’s go now!”

The three of them were chatting and laughing loudly as they left the company. Once they left, everyone erupted into a commotion.

“Who was that? How could he dare to speak with Chief Liu like that?”

“Didn’t you hear their words? Chief Liu called him master!”

“There’s also that girl, she’s so beautiful. If she and I could…”

At this time, a thirty something year old woman angrily came out of her office. Because Lei Yu and Cui Ying Ying announced they were coming by too abruptly, she didn’t have time to prepare for their arrival. She had planned on immediately heading out to greet them but due to an important phone call, she didn’t have to leave the office and meet with them.

“Do you even know what nonsense you guys are blabbing on about?!”

The chaos from the commotion immediately settled down as everyone went back to their own work.

The middle-aged woman walked in front of the office and said: “Do you know who was it that just came? Those words you guys were saying were enough for you to be kicked out of the company!”

“Manager, who was that? That guy was way too handsome!” A young girl couldn’t bear it anymore and asked.

“Handsome? Don’t you feel using the word handsome is underrating the young master?”

“Young master!”

“Young master!”

“Good heavens! It was actually the young master! Damn me, why didn’t I at least go up and shake his hands?!”

Inside a Cafe.

“What?! Master, what you’ve just said is too unbelievable!” Liu Hao exclaimed aloud. Cui Ying Ying’s face was filled with shock as she couldn’t really comprehend Lei Yu’s fairy tale like story.

“The reason I’m here is to pick you two up and return to Tenglong country so that we can all hang out one last time. If there aren’t any changes, I believe this will be the last time all of us will spend time together.” As Lei Yu said this, he deliberately looked at the two. Just as he thought, Liu Hao was taking it fine but Cui Ying Ying looked like she was about to cry.

Lei Yu didn’t know what words he could say to comfort her and only remained silent. After a short time, Liu Hao was the first one to speak up: “Master, don’t worry and just go. I will work hard on cultivating in order to surpass the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior, then we’ll meet up again in the something world!”

Lei Yu had a pleased smile on his face, “Cultivation is not such a simple subject. If all you know how to do is entwine yourself with women, I estimate that you will never see me again in your entire lifetime.”

“Don’t worry master; I won’t deal with such matters in the future. I will have sister Ying Ying to get a new person to replace my position. From today onwards, I will work hard on cultivating and not be a lazy bum!” Liu Hao was filled with confidence, and was completely different from the carefree clown he used to be.

“Do you really have to leave? What about me? What should I do? How did things happen so suddenly? I’m not prepared for all of this!” Cui Ying Ying couldn’t hold back her sadness and started crying.

“Ying Ying…” Lei Yu paused a bit before continuing: “Some things cannot be changed, and I don’t know what else I should say. But I’m really unable to change the outcome of these plans.” Lei Yu didn’t want to say those pretentious words like you’ll eventually find a man better than me etc.

After being comforted for a while later, Cui Ying Ying finally felt a bit better. In accordance with his original plans, Lei Yu brought them two into his storage ring. In an alley without anyone around, he stepped onto his sword and flew up into the air.

In the opposite direction.

“Junior brother, caution, he’s coming back this way!”

“What should we do?”

“There’s no need to rush. We’ll first stay hidden and then follow him.”

They rapidly descended. Amidst a forest, the two hid themselves there. At this time in the sky, a white light flew by. The two then followed behind by maintaining a certain distance, afraid their target would notice.

These two people were trailing someone that was none other than Lei Yu who was quickly returning to Tenglong country.

With Lei Yu’s powerful spiritual perception, he naturally felt there were two powerful auras following behind him. Lei Yu didn’t immediately stop but actually increased his power to the maximum. In the air, one could only see a white figure disappear without a trace.

“Not good, quickly catch up!” The two became anxious and increased their speed to catch up.

Lei Yu concealed his aura. This was an ability he grasped before breaking through the Sixth Order level when he reached the [Energy Suppression] stage. As long as his opponent’s strength wasn’t too much higher than his, there’s no way they will be able to detect his presence.

Lei Yu quickly stored his Sky Devouring Sword and angled his body towards the ground. He then landed gently with the wind and hid beneath a boulder. He then looked up – they’re humans!

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