9HTM – Ch222

Chapter 222 – Branch With The Same Roots

“That’s weird; could it be this world has many other supreme experts that Romon and I don’t know about?” Lei Yu felt this was too strange, and apparently they were targeting him.

“Not good, his aura has disappeared!”

“Are there any reactions from the thing master gave you?”

This person shook his head. These two people just floated in midair for a long time and still couldn’t think of a solution.

“It looks like he found out about us. Senior brother, how about this: We’ll go to that place that’s a branch with the same roots as our Void Sect in the Mortal World called Celestial Court and ask about there. We’ll see if they know of this extraordinary person’s existence?”

“It looks like that’s the only thing we can do now. It’s clear that he’s deliberately avoiding us. It’ll be useless if we just wait around so let’s go over there and see what happens!”

As their voices trailed off, the two had already disappeared into the distance.

Lei Yu waited for half an hour before he once again flew back into the air.

Since Lei Yu couldn’t figure some things out, he may as well not dwell on it. He will probably figure everything out in the future. Moreover, those two were obviously targeting him so they will eventually cross paths. Those two should be the anxious ones instead of Lei Yu.

Around this time, a dozen or so people with unfamiliar faces appeared one after another on the piece of land known as Tenglong country. Their target was the same person, which was the extraordinary person that the Dragon Vein recognized as its owner!

Back at Dragon Group headquarters, they met up with Ai Er and others. According to plans, this group of people drove several cars towards Long Hua’s Barbeque that they’ve frequented many times. They had a great time eating large amounts of meats and drinking a lot of beer. From start to finish, Lei Yu had hidden his aura in case anything should happen while he was enjoying his time. One should know these two people were capable of flight, so it’s possible they did not belong to this world. Since he had no idea why they have suddenly shown up here, it was best for Lei Yu to act cautiously.

Lei Yu had no clue that these people came looking for him solely because of his miraculous event at the Dragon Vein. This event was simply too shockingly astounding.

The usual quiet and peaceful Celestial Court had been broken because two supreme experts from the Immortal World millions of miles away had arrived. This was an event that neither the Celestial Court Leader nor the Elder Qing Feng had encountered before. They of course were extremely respectful to these two. In the ancient records, they have known that the Void Sect and Celestial Court came from the same branch. But what they have never imagined was that the Void Sect still existed, and their sudden reappearance would bring along two unmatched experts with them.

In fact, experts don’t really need to make a move. Just the momentum they release would already make others feel pressured.

“You two… Immortals sudden visit to my Celestial Court has made me feel some trepidation!” The Court Leader was very polite. From seeing their appearance, he felt like addressing them as immortals was the most appropriate.

The two of them nodded and smiled like a celestial, “Pardon our surprise visit but there’s something we would like ask.”

The two of them narrated on where they came from and why they were here, except for the part where the Dragon Vein had recognized its owner. They only asked if the Court Leader had noticed any strange phenomenon’s related to lightning or the stars appearing.

The Court Leader and Qing Feng were both beyond shocked. This was their first time hearing about an Immortal World, but how could they know about such an ethereal and distant place to begin with? As for these two visiting guests, they continued treating them with extraordinary respect.

That day when daytime and nighttime exchanged places and the seven stars aligned, even someone nearsighted would have seen a fuzzy version of it. Not to mention these two were super cultivators with amazing vision.

“This indeed happened. About a little more than a month ago, I witnessed a strange phenomenon in the sky. I had originally intended to rush over there to observe it closely but it disappeared too fast.” The Court Leader respectfully replied.

The two Void Sect members glanced at each other, and one of them continued asking: “In the Mortal World, is there a person related to either lightning or the stars?”

“Lightning? Stars? Could it be…!” The Court Leader and Qing Feng’s face became pale.

“What? You know of such an extraordinary person? Quickly tell us, who is it?!”

“If we insisted on creating a relationship between those two things, I believe Lei Yu is the only one. I remember when he was dueling with Ming Sect’s Du Chang Hai, we heard him recite the words ‘Thirty-six Lunar Stars’ something something. And he also specializes in lightning attacks!” The Court Leader replied.

The two of them were immediately overjoyed. “Senior brother, it has to be him!”

“Do you know his current location?” Asked one of them as he calmed down a bit.

“He is a descendant of the Lei family, but due to some reasons, he was kicked of the family years ago. He later joined one of the army branches of Tenglong country’s Martial Sect, called Dragon Group. Also… through various channels, I’ve found out that he seems to have surpassed the Sixth Order Warrior stage and have attained the power beyond the Sixth Order.” The Court Leader slowly said this with narrowed eyes.

The other person was apparently easily irritated and had a temper. “Stop blabbing nonsense! My senior brother asked his location, not his origins!”

“Yes! Yes!” Even after being reprimanded, the Court Leader didn’t dare to make a noise. This was the first time in his life to be spoken like so yet it was still enough to make him frightened out of his wits. What status did these two people in front of him have? What abilities did they have? Why would he dare offend them? He then quickly responded: “We only know that he often appears in Dragon Group because he has a sworn brother called Nuo Hu, who happens to be the son of Dragon Group’s Commander. There’s also this Commander Nuo’s daughter called Nuo Ai Er, who happens to be Lei Yu’s girlfriend. If my guess is accurate, Lei Yu should be together with them right now.”

“Have someone take us there so that we can meet this so called Lei Yu!”

“Yes! Understood!”

Qing Feng personally brought the two foreign visitors over and arrived outside the main gates of Dragon Group. They had flown here which gave Qing Feng an addictive thrill in the process.

“This is the place.” Said Qing Feng.

“Senior brother, try it again. Let’s see if it can sense his presence.”

After making another attempt, the senior brother shook his head. “It looks like he’s really vigilant, which means there’s no doubt he has found out about us. There aren’t any people flying around in the Mortal World so it’s no wonder why he’s so cautious.”

“Respectfully asking the two immortals, what should we do now?” Asked Qing Feng.

“We will wait somewhere nearby. If it’s really him, he will eventually show up and at that time, you only have to point him out.”

It was currently late at night so it was impossible for Lei Yu and company to return to Dragon Group headquarters. And on a sudden whim, the group wanted to go sing karaoke. This was perhaps the last chance Lei Yu was going to be able to enjoy these types of things here. Except, this screwed with the three people struggling to wait nearby the military grounds of Dragon Group. We can say that this group bitterly struggled for an entire night.

However, they all possessed extraordinary powers so even when it came to Qing Feng, he didn’t mind too much about such things. The three of them sat down with their eyes closed and waited patiently.

The following morning inside Lei Yu’s house.

“That Romon, who knows where he went off to.” Lei Yu stretched before fully waking up from cultivation. Even though he has reached such a high level, he still hasn’t stopped or become complacent.

“How about we go back to Dragon Group since it’s only appropriate that I say goodbye to my father and my aunt first.” Ai Er came into Lei Yu’s room and snuggled into his arms. Since it was too late last night, she stayed at Lei Yu’s house for the night.

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