9HTM – Ch223

Chapter 223 – Acquainted With Them

“That’s definitely necessary. Let’s have them all gather up together.” Lei Yu nodded in agreement.

Affected by Lei Yu’s words yesterday, Liu Hao completely transformed into a different person and was now diligently cultivating. Lei Yu showed a gratified smile, “Keep at it! There’s nothing in this world that cannot be overcome when you have faith, and are persistent at it!”

When Lei Yu was cultivating, he kept his internal energy enclosed inside his body and did not release it in the slightest. The energy was constantly circulating inside his body so the two people from the Void Sect would not be able to detect it. And now, Lei Yu once again activated his [Energy Suppression] state, so there’s no way they could detect his existence. There is a downside to this though, which is Lei Yu cannot release his spiritual perception outwards. Once he uses that ability, then he would definitely expose himself. Even though Lei Yu doesn’t know whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing for those two people looking for him, his thoughts are “the less trouble the better.” Especially when who knows where Romon went off to, so it’s best to wait for him to appear before they figure out what to do.

In front of the Dragon Group main entrance, a car was slowly entering the compound. Qing Feng pointed at the car and said: “Lei Yu should be inside that!”

The two nodded. “You can leave now, and don’t mention to anyone of our existence. Otherwise, I doubt anyone will come help save you guys from the future troubles you may encounter. Do you get what I’m saying?”

Qing Feng nodded in a panic. Even though he doesn’t know what future troubles these two men were inferring about, he doubts these guys are making irresponsible remarks so there’s definitely a reason behind it.

A scene where a white haired old man was being reprimanded by two youngsters was quite strange and awkward to watch, but Qing Feng didn’t stay and immediately left. He didn’t want to stir up any troubles for himself since these two men might be hunting down Lei Yu for vengeance or something.

Without a care, these two walked straight towards the main entrance of the Dragon Group headquarters and went straight in, completely ignoring the guards on duty.

However you say it, Dragon Group was still a military force so how could they let any random people enter? Two guards stepped out and stopped the two uninvited guests.

“What are you guys here for?”

The two frowned, “Move aside.”

“This is a restricted area of Dragon Group; unauthorized people are not allowed entry!” The guard did not show any signs of backing away.

“Humph! You don’t know what you’re messing with!” One of the two raised his hands and lightly tapped on the chest of the two guards. The two guards suddenly felt their chest tighten, shortness of breath, and suddenly could no longer breathe.

“Junior brother, what are you doing?!” The senior brother angrily asked.

“Senior brother, no one dares to block the path of our Void Sect. Doesn’t that mean they deserve death?”

“Damn bastard! Do you think the Mortal World is a place you can walk sideways in? Grand Master has always said that killing is a taboo, so does that mean you don’t want to achieve enlightenment?”

“Will I really sin that much from killing a few ordinary people?”

“Do you even understand what the wrath of heavens is? How can ordinary human beings be something you can freely kill? If it’s really free from repercussions, do you think these humans would still exist here?”

While these two were talking, it was unknown when that Lei Yu had appeared standing twenty something meters away from them.

“Is this considered your greeting gift? Do you really think our Dragon Group members can be easily bullied like this?” On Lei Yu’s last word, a hundred plus military personnel rushed out from the surrounding. Nuo Yi Long and others stood next to Lei Yu while the other hundred plus soldiers were divided into two companies.

Lei Yu wasn’t expecting these hundred plus soldiers to help much, but after carefully listening to those two people converse, he figured there’s no need to worry since they consider killing ordinary people somewhat of a taboo.

The two of them couldn’t detect a single trace of aura coming from Lei Yu, but they would never suspect Lei Yu as an ordinary person. Even ordinary people would have a faint aura about them, yet Lei Yu seems to have confined it all inside himself without the slightest leakage.

For someone that’s capable of escaping their detection, and even escaping the detection of the treasure their master gave them, he may be much stronger than the two of them. One of the two showed a steady smile, “This sir must be Lei Yu? I am the Void Sect’s Yuan Xiu and that is my junior brother Yuan Li.”

“Void Sect?” Lei Yu racked his brains but couldn’t remember there being such a place.

Yuan Xiu smiled, “Can we step to the side and talk?”

Lei Yu nodded. Although their arrival resulted in two guards being killed, they were acting quite polite and speaking reasonably. It didn’t look like they were deliberately causing trouble here. “Uncle Nuo, I’m going to go chat with them.”

“Be careful.” Said Nuo Yi Long.

For someone that’s at Lei Yu’s level of strength, he was no longer someone Nuo Yi Long could figure out. There were simply too many incredible occurrences surrounding Lei Yu so there’s no way he could understand or have the capacity to understand these matters. Nuo Yi Long felt it was best to not involve himself at all.

Lei Yu had no intention in chatting with these two inside Dragon Group because he was still wary of them. Even though for these two experts to ruin this military compound is as easy as flipping their palms, it’s still better to be cautious since the members of Dragon Group were all people important to Lei Yu.

It was only when they were at least a kilometer away from Dragon Group did Lei Yu stop and look at the two. “There’s no one around us here, so can you tell me the reason why you guys are looking for me? Also, you two should be the ones trailing me yesterday right?” Lei Yu’s mouth was speaking but he was already preparing to act in case something hostile occurred.

Yuan Xiu and Yuan Li glanced at each other and smiled. Lei Yu’s words had without a doubt told them that the youth in front of them was the person they were looking for.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Lei Yu asked with a frown when he saw those two smile at each other.

“The two of us are from the Immortal World’s Swallow Mountain; we’re the fourth generation disciples of the Void Sect. We have been specially commissioned by the Sect to invite you to join our Void Sect; we hope that you will not refuse our request.” Yuan Xiu answered.

“You’re inviting me? Why? Wait a minute…! You guys are from the Immortal World?” Lei Yu was shocked.

“That’s right!” The two nodded and replied.

Lei Yu was a bit doubtful. “Can the people of the Immortal World freely enter the Mortal World?”

“Nope!” Yuan Xiu shook his head. “The Immortal World has an unwritten rule that it’s easy to enter, but difficult to exit. It is very difficult for someone to leave the Immortal World to go to the Mortal World.”

“Then what about you two…?” If this was the case, then Lei Yu couldn’t understand why these two were here. Lei Yu was also very clear that in this world, there are only four people that have surpassed the sixth Order Warrior and reached the Gold Core stage. Primus Hogue who had already died, Romon and himself, and the last being the old ancestor in the forbidden grounds of the Lei family mountain – Lei Rong Kun.

Yuan Li proudly smiled, “The path from the Immortal World to the Mortal World lies at the edge of the Chaotic Star Sea, and it’s guarded by several unsurpassable experts. Since our Void Sect is acquainted with them, they made some concession and allowed us two to pass through.”

“Oh?” Lei Yu smiled, “I’m afraid it’s not as simple as it looks right?”

“Could you be doubting my words?” Yuan Li frowned, apparently starting to get angry with Lei Yu doubting him.

Lei Yu pointed up into the distant at a black shadow and asked: “If what you’ve said was true, then that person must also have a close relationship with the guards at the Chaotic Star Sea?”

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